5 Must-Have Accessories for Glasses to Keep them Safe

Other than allowing you to see correctly, glasses can protect your eyes from harsh light. You can also wear glasses as a fashion statement. On the other hand, glasses can also be quite fragile. Just as our glasses protect our eyes, we can do the same with accessories for glasses.

List of Best Accessories for glasses

If you’re looking for the best, must-have accessories for glasses, we’ve put together a list to guide you. Here are some accessories on Amazon with great reviews and good value for money.

1. Sunglasses and Glasses Cases

Sunglasses and Glasses Cases

One of the essential accessories for glasses is a case. A good protective case should have a hard-shell exterior that guarantees protection from any impact that may damage your glasses.

On the inside, however, you should find a soft-lining that absorbs and cushions any shock. This kind of lining also ensures that your glasses are unscratched if it happens to rattle around the case.

Now, you should also consider buying a case that fits your glasses perfectly. That way, you won’t have to worry too much about your glasses sliding around inside.

You might be wondering: will a hard case be too bulky?

If your concern is that a case will be too heavy, you can opt for a semi-hard glasses case. It will still provide the protection your glasses need while remaining lightweight and easy to carry.

2. Car Clips for Sunglasses and Glasses

Car Clips for Sunglasses and Glasses

If you tend to lose your glasses in your car or simply want to keep your car organized, car clips are perfect accessories for glasses. We’ve found that car clips are no-fuss yet versatile, as we all have our preferences for how we organize our spaces.

So what is a sunglasses car clip?

A car clip securely holds one pair of glasses and prevents them from slipping and sliding. Sometimes, you’ll find a foam padding in the clip that keeps it from falling off, especially when you’re driving on bumpy roads.

The great thing about most car clips is that they are versatile. You can mount it either to the sun visors or to the air vents. A good car clip lets you slide your glasses in and out with ease.

The best part about a car clip is that you don’t have to worry about misplacing or losing your frames in the car. After every drive, your glasses should be easier to find and access, right where they should be.

3. Eyeglasses Repair Kit Replacement parts

Eyeglasses Repair Kit Replacement parts

A repair kit is a must-have for any glasses owner. Some of us may have experienced our pair of glasses coming apart. Maybe a screw came off, or the frames are a bit loose.

Whatever the case may be, one of the most practical accessories for glasses to have on-hand is a repair kit.

It is essential to get this since a repair shop trip is not always the most convenient. Purchasing a good repair kit allows you to do the repairs yourself at your own time.

Now, a good eyeglass repair kit should have several sizes for screws. Having the proper screw size will ensure no damage is done, for example, to the screws of your frames. You should look for one that’s portable, with a container to keep all the parts.

Most of all, invest in a repair kit that’s comfortable, straightforward, and easy to use. You don’t want to be fumbling around

4. Micro fiber Cleaning Cloth for Glasses

Micro fiber Cleaning Cloth for Glasses

Some accessories for glasses you can’t do without—one of which is a microfiber cleaning cloth. Microfiber cloths are excellent for any surface that requires gentle yet effective cleaning, including the lenses of your glasses.

Think about it: your glasses should help your vision, not hinder it.

To avoid getting any marks, scratches, or smudges on the lens, invest in a quality microfiber cleaning cloth. A good microfiber cleaning cloth can wipe away dirt, fingerprint, smudges, or stains on your lenses while keeping the glass free from abrasions on the glass. 

What should you look for in a microfiber cleaning cloth?

The best microfiber cloth for glasses should be dense and thick but still of quality. Look for brands that specify fiber density and filament size. Having a storage container or airtight pouch to keep the cloth is a plus. Keeping the cloth contained will ensure that it doesn’t pick up any unnecessary dirt and prolong its use.

5. Anti-Slip Straps and Ear Hooks

Anti-Slip Straps and Ear Hooks

One of the most useful accessories for glasses is the anti-slip strap, especially if you move around a lot. Many of us need to keep our glasses in place, whether we’re living an active lifestyle or just moving about a lot.

When choosing a strap, make sure that it is not only versatile but also adjustable. If that’s the case, you won’t have to worry about your glasses slipping off anymore because you have complete control over how snugly fit the straps are around your head.

Now, you might be worried about how they look.

Here’s the thing: 

If you’re concerned about the straps not looking great aesthetics-wise, unsightly straps are no longer an issue. These days, a lot of brands design anti-slip straps to be both functional and aesthetic.

What can I use to keep my glasses from slipping?

Glasses tend to slip down the nose due to different reasons like the size of your glasses, your ears’ position, oily skin, or even the shape and size of your nose. It can be an annoying thing to happen, especially if you are in the middle of a task like working, cooking, or reading a book.  

If you dislike slipping glasses, an anti-slip glass might work for you. Anti-slip glasses can have nose pads that stop your glasses from slipping down the bridge of your nose. There are different types of nose pads, but most are silicone. Some anti-slip glasses also come with straps that keep them in place.

What is the best type of cloth to clean my glasses?

A cleaning cloth is one of the essential accessories for your glasses clean at all times. Throughout the day, your glasses will likely need some wiping to remove dirt, dust, and other particles. If you are always on the go, the best way to clean your glasses is to use a microfiber cloth.

Microfiber cloth is the best type of cloth for glasses. Microfiber cleaners effectively trap any oil or residue. It is also an excellent investment as it lasts quite a long time.

Can I use hand sanitizer on my glasses?

Aside from only using a microfiber cloth, using a hand sanitizer can help in effectively cleaning the glasses. It is a great way to disinfect and clean your lenses from oil, viruses, and bacteria. 

To clean your glasses with a sanitizer, all you need to do is apply one or two drops of sanitizer on both sides. Then you can use a microfiber cloth to wipe the lenses carefully.

Accessories For Glasses

How do I keep my glasses safe?

The frames of your glasses can bend or break when you put enough pressure on them. The lenses, too, are prone to scratches and cracks. With this in mind, you can invest in a hard glasses case to protect your eyewear.

Whenever you are not wearing your glasses, it is essential to keep it in a safe place. A hard glasses case can secure your glasses wherever you are, whether at home or out and about.

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