5 Accessories Every Glasses Wearer Must Have

5 Accessories Every Glasses Wearer Must Have

There is countless greatness a glasses can give to their wearer. It helps you improve your vision, protects you from the harsh light environment, and gives you an additional fashion statement. However, there are accessories that we need to have to provide care and protection to our eyewear, and also accessories that can improve the usability of our eyewear.

Here are the accessories every glasses wearer must have:

1. Hard case shell

Glasses case should be durable or else it would just be a waste and if the cases has the potential to damage the lenses. It is also important to know which glasses case to choose, as this is one of the primary solutions in preventing damage to your eyewear.

EVA glasses case
EVA glasses case

We all know that there are various types of eyewear cases but among those, the hard case shell for glasses are the best in giving durable protection for your eyewear. The exterior is built with a hard outer shell and the interior is layered with foams to insulate and protect the glasses on impacts.

If you still do not have a hard case shell for your glasses, BLUPOND offers durable hard case shell. The EVA glasses case offers the utmost protection for your eyewear wherever you go.

2. Clip-on holder for car visor

Clip-on holder for your car visor helps a lot in preventing from losing your glasses around your car. It will prevent your glasses from falling or being buried in the console space. The clip-on holder has enough grip to hold your glasses on the car visor, yet its grip will not cause any damage to your glasses. You do not have to worry about the clip-on holder, it will not block your view when driving.

Blupond Case Bundle
Blupond Case Bundle

Are you wondering where you can have a clip-on holder? Our favorite brand BLUPOND offer those, too! However, it is not sold separately. The eyewear and sunglasses cases in BLUPOND offer a great bundle, it comes with a set of accessories that you need to make sure that your eyewear is safe. Included in its bundle bargain is a universal car clip holder.

3. Anti-Slip Sleeves or Glasses Holders

We do not want our glasses always slipping off when we are doing our activities, don’t we? These anti-slip sleeves or glasses holders provides more comfort and productivity by improving your activity performance.

Anti Slip Glasses
Anti Slip Glasses

BLUPOND offers an anti-slip system that provides you comfort and ease whenever you drive, do sports, read, tend your garden, and other activities that you enjoy most. The BLUPOND anti-slip system is perfectly engineered to enhance your performance which is also made with 100% medical grade silicone that perfectly fits for everyone.

4. Glasses Toolkit

Toolkits is a must-have accessory for your glasses. It is used to adjust loosen screws and replace lost screws. When you have a glasses toolkit you can actually save some money, you do not have to go to the repair shop to make any adjustments to your glasses.

5. Cleaning Kit for Glasses

Our glasses becomes smudgy and blur because of unavoidable contaminants that go into our lenses. Thus, it is a must-have for glasses wearers to have a cleaning kit. A cleaning kit for glasses must have the following items:

  • Lens cleaner
  • Microfiber towel

You can purchase a lens cleaner or make your own. Also, do not use brushes or other types of clothes in wiping your glasses it might damage your lenses.

For every Blupond Product that you purchase, it comes with these inclusive tools.

Blupond Chopper Polarized Driving Sunglasses
Blupond Chopper Polarized Driving Sunglasses

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best cloth to clean my eyeglasses?

A microfiber cloth is the best cloth that can be recommended to clean your glasses. It does not leave any lint when you wipe it on your glasses. Use one side of the microfiber cloth at a time. Moreover, microfiber cloth is long-lasting.

Can I use hand sanitizer on my glasses?

Yes. We all know hand sanitizers are used to prevent spread of germs but don’t you know it is also effective in cleaning your glasses? In a lens, apply only one or two drops of sanitizer and use a microfiber cloth to wipe the lenses.

Is vinegar fine to clean my glasses?

No. You only need warm water and a soap to clean your glasses. Vinegar, bleach, or any liquid that contains ammonia can damage your glasses. It will strip away the coatings of your glasses.


When we purchase our glasses, there might be accessories that were not included in the bundle. Just like the anti-slip system, it is a must-have accessory that helps your glasses improve your performance with the activities you do.

These must-have accessories are important for us to provide our glasses with the appropriate protection, the sunglasses case and cleaning kit are the primary accessories that you should have. Moreover, we have to be on-the-go, it is a must to have a toolkit for easy adjustments.

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