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Are contact lenses COVID 19 Safe Against infection?

Are contact lenses safe against COVID 19 infection_
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    Eye transmission increase the risk the doubts if are Contact Lenses COVID 19 safe against infection without practicing proper good hygiene. The use of a Contact lens represents an effective form of sight correction for an estimated of almost 150 million people globally. Although there has been a scientific observation that wearing contact lenses, and particularly overnight contact lens wear, increases the risk of bacterial or viral infection. Hence, the eye, ocular surface and tear still produce a variety of host-defense mechanisms. Examples such as physical barriers from eyelids and tears. Additionally, good immune system strategies that help reduce the chance of infection in the cornea and conjunctiva.

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    Are contact lenses safe against COVID 19 infection_

    Evidence: Are contact lenses safe against COVID 19 infection

    It could be known that the 2019 Novel Corona Virus is so new that there is insufficient data about it. However, the lack of evidence up to this date from previous outbreaks of coronavirus disease. Consequently including SARS and MERS do suggest that the risk of developing COVID-19 airborne from contact lens wear is low. But this is not the case from hand infection then touching your contacts. It is important to consider viral diseases that are transmitted via direct contact. Surrogate evaluation for the risks of COVID-19 in contact lens wearers is still ongoing. Viruses that are associated with human infections have been found on ocular surface tissues or in the tear film. That said, these viruses are typically found at low levels. Additionally, it is generally believed that viruses like COVID 19 are abundant from air and hand contamination.

    Evidence Are Contact Lenses Safe Against COVID 19 Infection

    Another known virus for which there has been a concern and related cases for contact lens infection is the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Which causes and leads to acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS). As of the records with an estimated number of about more than 1 million in the US alone. It is recognized by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that viral infections like AIDS and Corona Virus are associated with possible infections. A situation that can put an individual at risk for ocular infection. On March 20, 2020, the CDC released data relating to patients with AIDS. On which studies relate to viral infection from COVID 19. Of course, there are many differences among viruses in terms of their structural biology like Corona virus. However, with insufficient current data comparing contact lens wearers versus non-lens wearers in patients with COVID-19.

    “This remains the present evidence available so far regarding viral contaminants that are highly infectious’.

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    Preventive Measures from Contact Lenses COVID 19 Contamination

    Those who continue wearing contact lenses should wash their hands properly for 20 seconds every time. This should be done before and after putting in or taking out your contacts. Those who wear contact lenses may want to switch to glasses. Only for now until the COVID 19 pandemic situation is under control. This year on March 10, the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) released safety measures for eye protection. As evidence suggests that the 2019 Novel Corona Virus may be transmissible through eye contamination. Such examples through lenses and improper hand hygiene. Authorities and government instruct people to avoid or refrain from rubbing their eyes. Consequently touching surfaces that may have been exposed from Corona Virus carriers.

    Preventive Measures From Contact Lenses COVID 19 Contamination

    Based on record people who wear contact lenses and touch their eyes often when putting on and removing contacts are at risk. They also tend to touch their eyes and faces more frequently than those people who do not wear contact lenses. While experts have said there is still no certified proof that the coronavirus can abundantly infect through contact lenses. Hence, wearing glasses is considerably a preventive measure to help avoid such disease. Eyewear or sunglasses can serve as additional barriers to protect yourself from the virus. Although they are not as effective as safety goggles worn by health workers or military personnel. But still, they can provide additional protection apart from wearing a face mask.

    An alternative solution for contacts to prevent Corona Transmission

    For those who continue wearing and in doubt if contact lenses COVID 19 safe against infection should avoid contact with water while wearing the contact lenses. This is in line with following orders from professionals. Regarding cleaning or replacing contact lenses and containers routinely. Also, the use of daily disposable contact lenses substantially reduces the risks of many bacterial or viral infections like the Corona Virus. Contacts should always either be dispose every night or regularly disinfect their monthly or yearly lenses according to the manufacturer and eye care professional instructions.

    Opinion if Contact Lenses COVID 19 Safe Against Infection

    In conclusion, to date, no clinical trial evidence if are contact lenses COVID 19 safe against infection. Especially to those who are asymptomatic should decide to wear glasses instead to reduce the risk of developing COVID-19. Additionally, wearing prescription glasses provides protection against SARS-CoV-2 or that any one form of a contact lens material. On which is more likely to enhance or reduce the risk of future COVID-19 infection. However, information concerning this novel coronavirus is evolving at a rapid rate around the world. And eye care professionals must remain attentive to new findings as they emerge.