Research Say: 10 Best Seller Night Vision Glasses

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the best night driving glasses is, then we recommend the Knight Visor – BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses as the best one. We have listed the 10 Best Seller Night Vision Glasses in the market today.

Night Vision Glasses to aid Nighttime Driving

Are you traveling at night? So, whether you are going to drive, commute or walk. But, if your eyes are sensitive even to low lights, a little glare is disorienting. Of course, you do not want to wear sunglasses at night to keep your eyes from being blinded by lights. Also, to keep you and your eyes safe at night, all you need is a pair of night vision glasses!

Night Driving

List of Night Vision Sunglasses

In this article, we’re going to review the following night driving sunglasses:

1. BLUPOND Night Driving Glasses – Knight Visor
2. Eagle Eyes Classic Aviator – Night Lite
3. Duco – Yellow Night Vision Glasses
4. BLUPOND – Rally Night Driving Glasses
5. Soxick – Night Polarized Glasses
6. BLUPOND – Oversized Wraparound Fitover
7. Soxick – Polarized Night Driving Glasses
8. BLUPOND – Chopper Polarized Driving Glasses
9. Soxick – Vision Glasses
10. Soxick – Anti Glare HD Clarity

What to look for on Night Vision Glasses?

Below are some of the qualities you should check before purchasing night vision sunglasses. Make sure you are satisfied with these qualities before purchasing an eyewear for your night time activity.

High-Quality Lenses

First, you have to consider the quality of the lens of the night vision glasses you are going to buy. Durable glasses will save you more bucks in the long run and will last for long term use. But, authentic night vision glasses only use two kinds of lens materials: Polycarbonate and Tivex.  

Tivex provides the best night-time driving experience. It is lighter and more durable than polycarbonate. Although, this material is rare. Polycarbonate, on the other hand, is the most common material. It is cheaper compared to Tivex but offers a high level of durability.

Polarized Lenses

A polarized lens is the essential feature of night vision glasses. Also, it reduces the glare by letting the vertical light to enter the lens while blocking the brighter horizontal light. We have a great tool to test the polarization of your lenses.

Polarized lenses have three different types:
  • The first one is the naturally-polarized lens is the most reliable lens as it never fades. However, these lenses may block the LED and LCD lights that make it difficult to read your dash instruments.
  • Secondly, is the polarized film-coated lens is the cheapest among the lens types. It is the most common in the market. However, the film fades over time due to scratching, cleaning, and general use.
  • Finally, the lens that is internally polarized. The process of creating this lens is so complex that it has to be done in specialized laboratories. This lens is very reliable and does not fade.

Night Vision Glasses One Tint Color

Unlike sunglasses, night vision glasses do not have any other tint color aside from yellow. Hence, different colors have different reactions to light.  But, yellow reacts to light by reducing blue and white lights while intensifying less glaring light from vehicles’ yellow headlights. Although, yellow lenses are likely to distort low-light settings colors. Hence, it helps you to see more clearly by improving the silhouette of the objects on the road

Consider the Size and Fit

But, this is something that you should not forget. Moreover, you have to make sure that the night vision glasses you are going to buy is a perfect fit and the size is just right. A loose pair of glasses can easily fall into small head movements. Meanwhile, if it is too tight, it will stay in place and resists movements. But, it is uncomfortable for long periods. So, it is crucial that you are wearing a pair of glasses that have enough amount of grip and comfort.

10 Best Seller Night Vision Glasses

10 Best Seller Night Vision Glasses

So, even if your eyes are not sensitive, isn’t it good to travel at night. Also, can you comfortably see everything around you? Read below to get some idea on how to choose the best night vision glasses. Choose from the list of Best Seller Night Vision Glasses. But, before that, we take a look at some checklist.

1. BLUPOND Knight Visor Night Driving Glasses

These night vision glasses feature a semi-rimless metal frame that allows you to have a wider field of sight. Therefore, it’s polycarbonate lenses are shatterproof and have a protective coating. Also, it uses a seven-layer composite system tint that can block Ultra Violet rays up to 400 nanometers in wavelength. It comes in different frame colors.

Knight Visor Blupond Night Driving Glasses


  • Shatterproof frame
  • Over 200,000 units sold
  • 1 year warranty
  • Comes with freebies

2. Eagles Eyes Classic Aviator Night Lite

These night vision glasses have gold stainless steel frames. It features special non-polarized lenses infused with anti-reflective coating that can absorb blue light and harmful UV rays. Therefore, it also filters out high-intensity glares. Its lenses have scratch guards on both sides that keep the glasses in excellent condition for years.

Eagles Eyes Classic Aviator Night Lite


  • Aviator frame
  • Scratchproof lenses

3. Duco Yellow Night Vision Glasses

Boasting an aluminum-magnesium alloy frame. Hence, this pair of night vision glass is stronger, yet lighter from glasses with regular metal frame.  It’s TAC polarized lens has 100 percent UV protection and can resist scratch and impacts. Also, the frame’s arms are flexible and fit various face sizes.

Duco Yellow Night Vision Glasses


  • Italian frame design
  • Flexible arms

4. Rally Night Driving Glasses

The design of these glasses is made for comfort. So, its metal frame has a rubberized support system and integrated nose pads. The lenses are shatterproof, ultra-thin, and semi polarized with UV protection and anti-glare HD vision. Also, it doubles as sunglasses.

Blupond Rally Night Driving Glasses


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable nose pads
  • 1 year warranty
  • Comes with freebies

5. Soxick Night Polarized Glasses

This unisex pair of night glasses have an adjustable aluminum-magnesium alloy frame. Therefore, it’s high-quality polarized lenses have an anti-reflective coating, offer full UV400 protection from sun rays. It can also eliminate glare and minimize fatigue.

Soxick Night Polarized Glasses


  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Flexible nose pads

6. oversized Wraparound Fitover

This is an oversized night vision glasses that you can wear on top of your prescription eyewear. Also, it has durable wraparound frames with reinforced hinges. Oversized Wraparound Fitover Glasses has shatterproof polycarbonate lenses that are polarized with UV400 protection. Hence, it boasts a flip-up lens system that fits all situations.

Blupond Knight Visor Wraparound Fitover


  • Wear over eyeglasses
  • Flip up and down lenses
  • 1 year warranty
  • comes with freebies

7. Soxick Polarized Night Driving Glasses

So, these driving glasses have an aluminum-magnesium frame that is lightweight and durable. Its flexible arms offer comfortable wear and are skin-friendly. Also, the lenses have 100 percent UV400 eye protection that entirely blocks glare.

Soxick Polarized Night Driving Glasses


  • Hypoallergenic on skin
  • Flexible arms

8. Chopper Polarized Driving Sunglasses

These glasses have the lightest and the thinnest lenses of all BLUPOND’ s designs. But, the lenses are made from polycarbonate and boast and advance Anti-glare technology that offers Personal Safety and HD Clarity. It has a durable wraparound frame with solid anti-gap hinges and a rubberized support system.

Blupond Chopper Polarized Driving Sunglasses


  • Rubber nose pads
  • Polycarbonate material
  • 1 year warranty
  • Comes with freebies

9. Soxick Vision Glasses for Rain Day Driving

These glasses are suitable for any weather condition. It had a lightweight and durable frame with flexible arms and made from aluminum-magnesium alloy.  Hence, its lenses are polarized with anti-reflective coating.

Soxick Vision Glasses for Rain Day Driving


  • Aluminum Alloy
  • Rubber grip on arms

10. Soxick Anti Glare HD Clarity Polarized Lenses

These night driving glasses feature a heavy-duty frame. Its polarized lenses have HD clarity, anti-reflective coating and block UVB and UVA. It is also suitable for outdoor activities during day time.

Soxick Night Driving Glasses Anti Glare HD Clarity Polarized Lenses


  • Heavy duty construction
  • Metal frame

Conclusion for Best Seller Night Vision Glasses

For us, one of our favorite night-time driving sunglasses we ever reviewed, and the winner of this lineup is BLUPOND Knight Visor. We considered not only the features but with over 200,000 units sold worldwide and an average rating of 4.6 stars. Most road accidents happen at night due to limited visibility. So, it is better to take advantage of wearing a pair of night vision glasses.

But, if you are wondering if night driving glasses works, check our article about this. Also, to avoid this kind of unfortunate incident. Finally, with this simple guide, you are now able to select and buy the quality night vision glasses. Which is best for you and your activities. We hope that you were able to select from our list of Best Seller Night Vision Glasses.

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