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    Founded by 2 doctors, 39 Dollar Glasses established by eye specialists to offer a cheap way for individuals to buy high caliber eyewear of prescription glasses.

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    How did the company started?

    From 39 Dollar Glasses involvement in both private workplaces and retail establishments. 39 Dollar Glasses and the organizers chose they could give this administration to individuals modestly, bypassing costly retail prices. They utilize similar great materials, yet they offer them at a high quality in view of their high standards.

    Since they don’t have the extra overhead limitations. For example, retail lease space, behind-the-counter representatives, and costly maintenance are some of the factors. They can offer fewer product costs for their customers.

    Review on 39 Dollar Glasses

    Since working the 39 Dollar Glasses site is significantly less costly than a run of the mill retail stores. They can pass these reserve funds on to the overall production and cutting the product price.

    1. QUALITY PRESCRIPTION EYEWEAR – Top-notch Glasses and Sunglasses at Great Low Prices.
    2. Uniquely CRAFTED IN THE USA – All their Eyewear are Custom Crafted in their Lab Located in Long Island, New York.
    3. Profoundly RATED CUSTOMER SERVICE – Quick response, hight trained representatives, and straightforward assurance.

    Company Collaboration

    Thus, 39 Dollar Glasses have work with different associations that commits to giving eyeglasses to kids. This incorporates working with the New York City state-funded schools and the Kress Vision Program. Another association they have faith in is Helen Keller International, a brilliant association that has helped them to give 500 sets of new eyeglasses to youngsters out of luck.

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    Society Contribution

    Throughout the years helping those in need has turned into a need for 39DollarGlasses. Through their work with the Lions Club International association, they have given over $600,000.00 worth of eyeglasses to individuals who can’t bear the cost of eyewear. In spite of the fact that everybody ought to approach eye care, the absence of vision revision is particularly significant for youngsters. Without legitimate eye care, youngsters are in danger of hindering their scholarly and social achievement.

    Charity Cause

    Foundation Charity works

    The eyeglasses that 39 Dollar Glasses give are the extremely same glasses that they sell. Each given pair of eyeglasses is produced using premium lenses and great materials. With regards to youngsters’ eyeglasses, they use polycarbonate; the main lenses that are specially prescribed for children under 18 years old. 39DollarGlasses lenses are swayed safe, ultra-light, and 30% more slender than run of the mill lenses. They additionally know the significance of a sturdy pair of glasses so they incorporate scratch safe covering and 100% UV security so they are worked to last.

    Shop Selection of 39 Dollar Glasses

    There are several categories of selection with 39 Dollar Glasses prescription. Let’s sort them out.


    Stop spending over a hundred dollars and purchase high caliber, discounted solution glasses. 39DollarGlasses modest costs on eyewear are top-notch. Budget friendly yet good quality products are what these type from 39 Dollar Glasses is all about.

    Discounted Eyeglasses


    PC glasses are a mix of lens coatings and solution adjustments. This enables the clients of 39DollarGlasses to have a clear and agreeable vision when utilizing a computerized gadget. The principal thing you need to ask yourself is, do I ever have any issues with eye fatigue, migraines, or different distresses when using a phone, computer or gaming console? Then go for this 39 Dollar Glasses.

    39 Dollar Glasses computer frames


    Remain sharp in the driver’s seat with glasses for night driving. Equipped with Rx lenses from 39 Dollar Glasses with anti-glare lenses, shields the eyes from daytime UV beams and evening time brilliance. They are somewhat similar to photochromic lenses. But, it has RX prescription integration from 39DollarGlasses.

    39 Dollar Glasses for driving


    Shop and choose, limited frames beginning from just $39! Get shoddy eyeglasses from 39 Dollar Glasses that are exceptionally made in the USA by a specialist group organization.

    39 Dollar Glasses Narrow Frames


    Looking for solid round casings beginning from just $39! Get shabby eyeglasses or shades that are custom-made in the USA by a specialist individual organization.

    39 Dollar glasses Round Shape frame


    Check some outlines for teens beginning from just $39! Get modest eyeglasses from 39DollarGlasses that are specially created in the USA by a specialist expert organization.

    39 Dollar Glasses for teens


    In the event that your little one needs glasses, look nowhere than 39DollarGlasses. Their choice of glasses for little children incorporates quality metal and plastic casings made with the absolute most secure materials accessible.

    39 Dollar Glasses toddler kids

    Frames Selection

    Customers are particular with materials. So, having several selections is offered by 39 Dollar Glasses.


    Still, the most well-known edge type sold. They needed to incorporate something for everybody; from the preservationist to the ultra-hip, and everybody in the middle. They all have a triple-enamel covering and completely flexible nose cushions. Also, since metal casings of 39DollarGlasses normally can curve flabby unquestionably more effectively than plastic. So, they were mindful so as to choose just metal edges that have monoblock spring-pivoted sanctuaries.


    Their plastic edges are probably the most popular trend structures for frames. They are amazingly solid, yet light in weight and comfortable. 39 Dollar Glasses plastic frames are made utilizing premium quality polymers to give them an unblemished completion.


    The majority of their lovable children’s frames are amazingly solid and worked to last. They didn’t need that sturdiness to come to the detriment of appearance. Guardians and Parents rave about how their kids love the manner in which they look. Furthermore, at $39, you won’t need to change your family unit spending plan on the off chance that they get lost.

    kids wearing eyeglasses

    Furthermore, since metal frames regularly can curve rusty definitely more effectively than plastic. So. they were mindful so as to choose just metal children’s edges that have monoblock spring-pivoted sanctuaries. Hence, for children who are especially hard on their glasses, look at their bendable titanium outlines.


    Semi-rimless styles have a casing just at the highest point of the Lenses. With the rimless styles, your lenses are “frameless,” to supplement your facial highlights. Also, their rimless and semi-rimless edges are extraordinarily intended to have concealed screws so your glasses seem continuous by the equipment.


    39 Dollar Glasses bendable titanium outlines genuinely are a development: outlines that can get twisted like a pretzel and in a split second spring back to their unique shape. But, solid as these frames seem to be, they weigh not exactly a paper cup! The lightest, sturdiest edges you’ve at any point had, at a small amount of their retail cost.


    The majority of 39 Dollar Glasses are handcrafted for your essential needs. Before delivery, your request is specially designed in their Long Island, NY lab to your definite remedy and PD estimation. Over 95% of all requests dispatch within 2-7 business days. For some higher solutions and multifocal (progressives and bifocals), it might take up to an extra 1-4 business days to process your request.

    Shipment delivery timeframes

    But, a little level of requests doesn’t at first pass the last inspection. So, they may need to re-try all or part of the procedure. On the off chance that this happens, it will be noted by tapping the mechanized Order Tracking join in the page footer. It can be found at 39DollarGlasses website.

    Shipping MethodHow Long Does Shipping Take?Regular PriceOrders over $99
    USPS First Class1-5 days(Monday-Saturday delivery in most areas)$4.95Free!
    USPS Priority Mail1-3 days(Monday-Saturday delivery in most areas) $5.95$1.00
    FedEx 2-Day Express2 business days(Monday-Saturday delivery)$9.95$5.00
    FedEx Next Day1 business day (Monday-Friday delivery only)$17.90$12.95
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    Order Tracking

    How to track my order from 39 Dollar Glasses?

    Tracking information can be done through their website. Their track tool will provide your shipment information. Just enter your order number, delivery address zip code and email address used. Also, take note of your warranty period for the claim if not satisfied.

    Return Policy

    At 39dollarglasses, they offer a 100% Worry-Free Guarantee! So, their goal is basic: to ensure each client has a superb experience buying from them. Also, to help you choose to read our article for factors to consider when shopping for eyewear products. On the off chance that you worry or not happy with the product under any circumstances.

    So, you may return your 39 Dollar Glasses for a one-time trade at no expense or full store credit for as long as 90 days after conveyance! They even give FREE return shipping! On the other hand, you may demand a full refund* on your unique request on the off chance that you reach them inside 30 days after conveyance; shipping charges are non-refundable.

    Reason to buy 39 Dollar Glasses

    They are an American organization that trusts in offering back to their locale. Hence, 39 Dollar Glasses are continually searching out the general population in the United States that are being deprived of eyewear simply in light of the fact that it is unreasonably expensive. Through their work with incredible associations and schools. They are glad to state that they can help those out of luck.