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With Arnette sunglasses aside from protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. Also, the products are stylish, sensational and unique. Arnette is the name to find for the latest trends and the hottest collections in sunglasses and optical wear. Whether you’re looking for sunglasses or opticals, Arnette will up your style.

Where To Buy Arnette Sunglasses?

Sad to say, the original Arnette Sunglasses discontinued the production way back in the year of 1996. Because, Greg Arnette sold his business in 1996 to Bausch & Lomb in Rochester, New York, for close to $100 million. But, stayed on to help assist in the transition. Consequently then, Bausch & Lomb, which also owned the Ray-Ban and Revo brands, sold its sunglass businesses for $640 million in April to Luxottica.

As an alternative. Nowadays, people are going after polarized sunglasses that combine purpose and style into one eyewear. Because what is the sense of wearing stylish sunglasses if they can’t protect our eyes from harsh sunlight. These polarized sunglasses are effective during daytime and summer season. To give you some insight into what polarized lenses look like, please watch this video.

Review Of Arnette Sunglasses

Arnette started in 1992. The brand appealed to young sunglass-wearing consumers and to people who had a laid-back lifestyle. Arnette was acquired in 1999 by Italian company Luxottica. This led to improvements with their products offering unique glasses designs.

Rather than the usual limited skate and surf designs. Arnette continues to impress consumers with sunglasses and optics made from the best materials and the most updated styles. It aims to become a globally-known street style brand that appeals to Millennials and Gen-X consumers.

List of Arnette Sunglasses And Eyewear

Arnette has a wide variety of products for its young and hip customers as well as the young at heart. The company currently has two types of products namely their sunglasses collection and an optical collection. We still recommend getting polarized sunglasses and testing them like this video below.

1. Sunglasses Collection

In selecting the ideal sunglasses for daily use, you need to consider a few factors. The most important one is the shape of your face. A sunglass has to match the shape of your face to provide complete protection for your eyes. The perfect sunglass will also help you highlight facial features or hide certain flaws.

Arnette has an extensive collection of sunglasses with varying shapes, sizes, frames and colors. Their ACES or Arnette Creative Exchange System lets you mix and match different frames and arms to complement your mood and personal style. Arnette sunglasses are available in nylon and metal frames. You can also choose from lens treatment facets in mirror, classic and solid color varieties.                     

2. Optical Collection

Arnette brings you more choices when it comes to optical glasses. No longer are you limited with a small selection of frame styles and materials? Because you’ll be wearing your glasses on a regular basis, you need something that’s comfortable and functional. Arnette has optical wear that’s stylish, fun and comfortable. From cool frame shapes to different frame materials like nylon, metal, and acetate.

3. Arnette Optical Frames

You will surely find the best pair for your daily needs. Arnette’s flagship ACES collection also covers its optical collection. Now you can mix and match or swap arms according to your mood, style, and preference. If you’re tired of wearing traditional prescription glasses with boring shapes and frames, try Arnette. Your style, your rules when it comes to optical wear.

4. Post Malone Sustainable Collection

The latest trend from Arnette Sunglasses Products. Post Malone Sustainable by Arnette Sunglasses. Product Model – Swindle, Box Car, Lost Boy and Borrow.

Arnette Shipping Information And Policy

Arnette is an international brand that ships to countries like Australia, Brazil, Canada, Spain, Mexico, and the United States. It also ships to other international countries so wherever you are, you’ll be able to purchase top quality eyewear from Arnette. To find out the price of any Arnette sunglass or optic wear.

You need to sign up from their official site Arnette will provide updated information about their Full Campaign so you can discover the ideal sunglass or eyeglass that will fit your needs. Arnette products are also available from affiliate sites such as Sunglass Hut and You may also check out the latest

Arnette Sunglasses packaging gift box

Arnette sunglasses and optical wear trends from or eBay. From these outlets, you can readily check out the price of each product. Prices vary from site to site but rest assured that quality remains at its best no matter where you purchase Arnette eyewear.

How Much Does Arnette Glasses Cost?

Arnette eyewear prices range from affordable to moderately expensive. Their most affordable sun collection eyewear is a full rimmed sunglass with non-glass lens material and a black frame. This sleek pair is available for less than $100.

What Is The Price Of Arnette Sunglasses?

Their most expensive pair is full-rimmed with a non-glass lens material available in either grey or black. This gorgeous pair is ready to call your own for less than $360. Meanwhile, the Arnette eyeglass collection is very affordable. You can get a cool and stylish pair for less than $60 while the most expensive is one is for less than $90.

Luxottica Model

Luxottica’s limited warranty covers Arnette sunglasses and eyeglasses. This is a two-year or 24 months limited warranty from the date of purchase. The limited warranty is covered against any defects in manufacturing including material and workmanship.

Luxottica warranties, replacement parts, warranties, and repair are available online. If you wish to avail of Luxottica’s limited warranty, start a service request for your eyewear at their official sale service site

You may call Luxottica to inquire about Arnette sunglasses or optic wear warranties, parts, and services directly at 1-800-343-5594 if you live in the United States. There are separate contact numbers for Canada and international customers.

Reasons To Buy Arnette Sunglasses

There’s an excellent quality in every Arnette eyewear. You can tell from just holding an eyeglass or sunglass that there are fantastic quality and value. Wear one and find out why many look for Arnette to upgrade their style. Every pair is uniquely designed and crafted to suit your needs and your personal style and preference.

Arnette’s sunglass collection stands out from the rest while their optic wear designs are up to par with the latest trends in eyewear around the world. Ordering of Arnette Sunglasses also accessible from Arnette’s affiliate sites. This brand makes it very easy to enjoy a young, hip lifestyle no matter what age you may be.

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