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    We’re thrilled to welcome Bajio Sunglasses from the Denver store. In the community of sunglasses, there’s a newcomer. A new arrival with a wide range of proven eyewear. Well, Bajio is the slang word for the shallows, which are the areas of the ocean in between land and the sea depth.

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    BAJIO has BAH-HEE-OH as pronunciation.

    There’s a lot to like about these new fishing sunglasses. Popular as water sports performance sunglasses. Bajio Sunglasses provide a visual, on-the-water encounter that is second to none. Having six custom-developed lens color schemes tailored for individual light environment conditions.

    Review for Bajio Sunglasses

    We recently had the opportunity to try on new sunglasses from a new company. Bajio has created quite a stir in the angling community in a relatively short period of time. A sharp-looking, well-branded company rollout featuring an appealing line of sunglasses immediately drew attention. And with Al Perkinson, a long-time pioneer and designer, as the founder, people understood something big was in the works.

    So every pair of Bajio sunglasses is made with sustainability in mind, with lightweight bio-based nylon frames and blue light blocking polarized lenses. They’re designed to block out the bad and enhance the good light, making it easier to spot fish and structure and reducing eye strain after a long day on the water!



    It’s impossible to predict what the day may bring. Stay concentrated when the fish are biting; if there isn’t any action, take a nap. Bales Beach, named after an iconic flat in Islamorada that attracts huge tarpon and square groupers, is ready for whatever the day brings, whether it’s the excitement of a morning fishing excursion or a relaxed afternoon grilling. The Bales Beach is a wrap-around design with built-in side protection. It’s made of our unique, bio-based nylon for a lightweight, more durable frame.



    Will you bemoan the one who got away, or will you tie on another and get back on the field? Leave the past in the past, move forward, and you never know what will happen next. The Casuarina is named after the Abaco flat, which is bordered by Casuarina pines and in which you can hear the wind whistling through the trees while casting to an endless stream of bonefish down the coast. The cat eye-style sunglass design is popular because it effectively increases lens area and reduces glare while also looking stylish.



    Getting up before the sun rises and remaining out until the last light. You don’t even have to wonder—your Nippers’ companion in crime is up for it. Whatever appointment or event gets in the way of a day on the boat with you or any other excursion, it’s perfect. The  secret weapon, is the sunglasses named after the legendary bonefish flat off the coast of Abaco (famous for holding the big ones), will quickly win you over and become a staple in your toolset. The Nippers’ wide casual look hides a long range of technical characteristics.



    Some guides have a laid-back demeanor that conceals a depth of hard-won expertise and experience. They’ve been there, done that, and thoroughly enjoyed themselves. They aren’t trying to impress anyone; it’s just the way they are. The Calda is a timeless frame that doesn’t try too much; it just looks good. Caldas are named for a vast flat near Key West Harbor where permit and barracuda can be found in considerable quantities. The Bajio improvement to a traditional sunglass style includes stronger and lighter bio-based nylon frames with soft-yet-grippy rubber contact areas.



    Soldado, the Spanish term for soldier, is named after a prolific seawater flat in Guanaja, Honduras, beneath which stands a monument honoring Columbus’ landing in the 1500s. Soldado is like a traditional watch: it communicates to the wearer’s admiration for classic style and time-tested utility, and it looks great on both men and women. The Soldado is your ace whether you’re celebrating the day’s activities on the water or watching a serene sunset from shore. The aviator frame is the biggest and most popular frame style, and it’s still going strong even after so many years.

    The Features of Bajio Sunglasses

    Bajo is approaching light management in a very different way. Others have technology that decreases yellow light; we have technology that reduces blue light. Having 12 frame styles to pick from (plus two lens materials and six lens color/tint options) with more on the way, there’s something for everyone.

    Some glasses are designed to be more flexible, while others are designed to be more trendy. They know what has worked in the past because of their extensive industry experience. Bajio creates any challenges that arise from their product. They are always looking for ways to grow and evolve.

    Bajio are so dedicated to what they do that they will not sleep until it is perfect. As a result, the most lightweight and comfortable shades for aquatic activities have been created.


    The cost of each sunglasses is within 199 up to 249 US dollars depending on the lenses. With the total price estimate, free shipping fee is included for addresses in the United States..It is relatively average for top high quality eyewear like Oakley, Ray-Ban and Maui Jim.


    The lenses are oleophobic (oil and water repellent), whereas most aged fishing sunglasses were only hydrophobic (water repellant). That is, if you inadvertently touch your lenses, the smudge from your greasy fingers will be easier to remove. To put it another way, if you tried to write on these with a Sharpie, the ink would simply wipe away.

    Polarized film is also enveloped within these lenses. Water cannot penetrate the polarized film in this manner. Furthermore, the mirror portion of mirrored lenses is located beneath the actual glass, so minor bumps or scratches will not degrade it.

    Bajio’s LAPIS technology – Blue light blocking

    Blue-blocking sunglasses are a personal favorite of mine. Why would you want to keep any glare from coming into your eyes? Many research shows that certain wavelengths of blue light can disrupt circadian rhythms, raise cortisol levels, and have other negative effects.

    I’ve tried other shades with similar blue-blocking technology and really like them. I wish more sunglasses companies provided this option. Because of their LAPIS lens, advanced technologies can block blue light when you’re out in the sun, keeping your eyes sharp and your vision clear. Fresh eyes for a great experience.


    Bajo is devoting different innovations to manufacturing sunglasses right away. Bajio is replacing petroleum-based plastics in their frames with plant-based materials. Let’s face it: there’s a shocking amount of plastic used in fly fishing.

    Bajio is already taking steps to reduce plastic in a traditionally plastic-based product. Furthermore, the company uses bamboo and recycled materials whenever possible, and they are committed to donating money to social and ecological causes.


    The labeling and leather case for the Bajio sunglasses impressed us. They pay close attention to detail, and it shows. Aside from the packaging and cases, the shades really enthralled me. We put a lot of their sunglasses through their paces here at Sunglassky.

    Just read through the posts to get a sense of what I’m talking about. So, I believe we can speak honestly when we are pleased by a good pair of sunglasses.

    Bajio Sunglasses for Fishing

    Why Should I Choose to Buy Bajio Sunglasses?

    Simple truth: The Bajio sunglasses are high-end eyewear for people who enjoy water activities and the great outdoors. The price relates to the quality, and we would put these up against any other high-end sunglasses on the market.