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Barton Perreira

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    Design without Compromise, Barton Perreira.

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    Barton Perreira Sunglasses are not just a beautiful accessory they are very helpful items. They protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays of the sun. But, the technology of sunglasses and glasses, in general, have improved in many ways over time if you want quality glasses that also look great check out the brand.

    Review on Barton Perreira

    Innovative eyewear made with craftsmanship and designed with no compromise; that is Barton Perreira. Founded by Bill Barton and designer Patty Perreira they combine process and aesthetics with 30 years in the eyewear industry to create great pieces of eyewear. Like any perfect pair of glasses, Barton Perreira puts together the skill and dedication needed to make quality glasses, with great taste in design taking inspiration from all over the world. If you have one of their polarized sunglasses collection, check the video below to test it.

    Just one look at any one of their products and you can see that they are on another level. These are not your convenience store level glasses. They said it themselves, any ordinary piece of eyewear takes about a week to make. It takes 6 to 8. It takes that amount of time to get a truly high-quality product.

    Selection for Barton Perreira collection

    At the Barton Perreira site, they have the description of the eyewear. Let’s look at a couple of distinct pieces from their Autumn / Winter Collection.

    It may not seem much, but those descriptors give you the buyer a better idea about the piece and if it fits you.

    Prescription Glasses

    First, we have a more formal yet eye-catching look with Lenox. At first glance, it has that modern feel to it with the rims at the top of the frame. But, it still has that playfulness with the combination of Zylonite and titanium in the frame.

    That the first look though. By reading the descriptor in the website, you will see that the metal grill placed at the temple add a touch of edge to what is a refined looking pair of glasses.


    Then we have the Wahine. If the Lenox is more classy and refined, the Wahine is chic and retro. First impressions of it are fun, mysterious and carefree. The mostly rounded frame has soft edges at the corners to help add a touch of mystery to the piece.

    But, again these are all just first impressions. The descriptor tells us more about the glasses. These are designed to have a cat’s eye silhouette for a touch of feminine mystique. Inside it has a core wiring structure.

    This feature allows the wearer to have a tailored fit feel when wearing this pair of glasses. Both the Wahine and Lenox come in a variety of colors which you can sample through the website as well as the rest of the other pieces.

    Going back to why wear Barton Perreira glasses, it is simple they look great. Plus with how the site is designed, you as a buyer can make an informed choice with your glasses. You are not just basing it on how the piece looks but also on an accurate description based on its makers.

    Why Wear Barton Perreira?

    That is an excellent question that will be answered in two parts. Let us talk about the first; design. Eyewear has evolved. It used to just be about fixing eyesight. But, these days eyewear has turned into a fashion statement. That is one of the reasons to go with a pair of Barton Perreira glasses; they look good.

    But, if you visit their site, you might feel intimidated by all the looks and styles that they have. Don’t worry, just relax and navigate through their selection and click on something you like. It doesn’t end there. Most eyewear websites only show you an enlarged picture of what you are looking at, and that doesn’t really help much. Also, check this next video to better guide you how polarized sunglasses are effective.

    Where to buy Barton Perreira?

    Which website to shop for Barton Perreira?

    Their online store comes a great selection for Barton Perreira sunglasses and prescription glasses. It comes with a reasonable price.
    Barton Perreira couple wear

    Quality You Cannot Question

    They like to say “Design without compromise” on the site, and they are transparent with that. Going back to what was said earlier; an average piece of eyewear takes a week to make, While, it takes 6-8 weeks. That is a testament to their dedication to craftsmanship. Any craft maker knows that a good product is pointless if it only looks good; especially with eyewear. How can you protect your eyes if the glasses are broke?

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    Final Thoughts on Barton Perreira Sunglasses

    Your eyes are very important. They are not just there to help you see the world, in reality, they help maximize your experience of life. Take care of those eyes whether you are at work or walking along a beach. Do yourself a favor and look great while seeing great with Barton Perreira.

    Also, they use top-notch materials. For lenses, Barton Perreira Sunglasses has a wide range which includes optical grade CR-39m premium polarization. Therefore, using the finest mineral glass. But, since the brand is the meeting of craftsmanship and design co-founder Patty Perreira designs an exclusive range of tints that are hand dipped in small batches.