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Today, shop Blenders eyewear next-level sunglasses. Performance to match and wear for slope-scorching ski goggles. The comfortable style and look you need to live life in forward motion.

All of Blenders sunglasses colored lenses feature mirror-coated layers. Also, the brand complies fully with the mandatory requirements of the US government for all their eyewear products. So, the result is that it limits the light entering your eyes, so you’ll feel more comfortable on sunny days.

Review On Blenders Eyewear Next-Level Sunglasses

All of the shades of Blenders sunglasses are made from an exceptionally lightweight and durable polycarbonate composite. So, the material used in every product ensures that your frames won’t lose shape in either very cold or hot environments. These comfortable sunglasses lenses are impact-resistant, polycarbonate, and feature 100% UV400 protection. Furthermore, the lenses are also FDA Approved impact resistant. All of the sunglasses on their website meet the FDA recommendation to block 100% of UV-A and UV-B rays. 

List of Blenders Sunglasses and Goggles Collection

So, with lots of types to choose from let’s discuss the offers of each series of sunglasses for men and women. All of their products at Blenders Eyewear come with UV400 protection, the highest level of protection sunglasses can have. They block 99-100% of the sun’s harmful rays to keep your eyes safe. Eyewear with polarized lenses features an additional anti-reflective coating of film that helps give you a clear vision as the reflected light is reduced such as glares and harmful rays you get from the sun. 

1. L-Series Blenders Sunglasses

The “L-Series” frame features sturdy ball joint hinges with no screws or any moving parts. The L Series is pretty durable. If you happen to step on them, they won’t break. Even if they fell to a hard surface, the ball joints can detach. Consequently, it can be quickly snapped back into place with no repairs or need to replace anything. This model is available in both 100% anti uvb polarized.

2. A-Series Blenders Eyewear

The “A-Series’ ‘ is a frame of a classic aviator. The frame is made of UV400 protected lenses, rubber arm tips, and high grade tempered metal composite. The glasses feature an FDA approved polycarbonate composite which is scratch resistant. Blenders logo is engraved on the right lens.

3. H-Series Blenders Sunglasses

The “H-Series” feature a rounded frame that is reminiscent of West Coast trendsetters of the 60s. Of course, it has a feature of a Blenders shades21st century spin with vibrant mirror UV400 lenses. The H-Series frame also features spring hinges, which give the ability to adjust comfortably to any head size.

4. M-Series Blenders Eyewear

The “M-Class” is your next preference when it comes to durability and style. M-Class is the most durable and thickest frame the Blenders glasses have. The structure is more considerable than those of the L and H Series frame. It also comes with a small gold Blenders logo charm embedded on the side of each arm.

List of Blenders Eyewear Best Seller

The Blenders Eyewear will not stop on letting you know of a few of the best sellers that are currently available in their eyewear collection. The seven eyewear products listed below will make your online shopping of sunglasses just a lot easier.

1. Uptown Penthouse

Fresh from Westbrook Spring collection, Uptown Penthouse pops with Superflash Metallic Pink lenses and pink accents. It features a big splash of colors that stand out amazingly against the black frames, making you the center of attraction no matter where you’re holed up.

2. Polarized Tipsy Goat

This eyewear is slick, and its semi-transparent citrus gray frames are combined by white detailing and weak polarized smoke lenses. Its spring-loaded hinges enhance this offering even more – plus, the name “Tipsy Goat,” which is a bonus to every buyer.

3. Sunshine Wild

This one is something a little – well, entirely different – the Sunshine Wild shades. When you can go patterned, why settle for one or two colors? This eyewear which features green and yellow floral frames is accentuated with gold. While, on the next level, it is furnished with superbly striking Red Revo lenses.

4. Beachcat Polarized

This eyewear features polarized amber lenses that blend perfectly with the timeless gloss brown tortoise frames on it, creating a classic look. As you wear this Beachcat Polarized, you’ll be more than comfortable enough to show some welcome and inviting gesture whenever a special someone catches your eye.

5. Midnight Vixen Remix

It’s incredible negligence if Midnight Fixen Remix which features gloss black frames. And Sky Blue is not present on our list of the standouts of Blenders shades. A perfect shade, and of course, it has the Blenders’ patented “Maximum Comfortability.”

6. Lucky Folie

If you need to leave in haste and head somewhere but still want to look great, the shade Lucky Folies has got you fully protected. The Green Revo Lenses of this shade are positively electric.

7. Black Cherry Polarized

As one of the favorites, the shade Black Cherry Polarized looks stunningly good. The beautiful features of black/red/clear Fade frames are a perfect match to smoke polarized lenses. If you think you are not comfortable in wearing this shade, you may have some issues that we can’t help.

Where to Buy Blenders Sunglasses?

There are many online shop today like retailers that sell Blenders sunglasses, such as Amazon. Their online storefront products are designed to be both fashionable and functional, with features such as polarized lenses and UV protection. Blenders sunglasses is a California-based company that offers a range of sunglasses for both men and women.

How Did Blenders Eyewear Started?

The company of Blenders glasses was founded by first-time entrepreneur Chase Fisher with a vision of creating stylish, high-quality, and affordable eyeglasses. As this new signature eyewear business is based in San Diego, CA, Fisher knows, “There were no brands that were affordable enough that fit the San Diego style.” Additionally, Fisher wasted no time and grabbed the opportunity to build a direct-to-consumer business, custom-tailored for Californians like him.

Are Blenders Sunglasses and Goggles Worth It?

Our lives can be exciting but sometimes it can be unpredictable. So, we need Blenders Eyewear sunglasses to protect our eyes. Shades are meant for pleasure-seekers, the ones who love adventure. Get a pair of shades meant for people who always want to enjoy life at its fullest.

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