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All Bolle Sunglasses come in an array of colors and are produced with the highest quality materials for style, comfort, and protection.

Review On Bolle Sunglasses

It was in 1936 when Bolle had begun its business line of eyewear in France. At the brink of WWII, the brand used nylon in creating its sunglass frames. Through the years, Bolle added safety glasses and protective goggles for several industries including construction and automotive. Big hits like Marilyn Monroe wore George Bolle’s famous cat-eye nylon sunglasses – framed upsweep outer edges.

Bolle Sunglasses Features

For over 130 years, Bolle has been the top manufacturer of premium eyewear in the world. No eyewear is as flexible and broad as Bolle because its products, produce for professional and casual uses. Not only would you appear sharp and appealing, but you would also feel as if you are not wearing your sunglasses at all – top of the line comfort and quality.

  • Nylon Frame – Bolle uses B-88 grade nylon that is durable, lightweight, and flexible. No metal parts to cause unnecessary scratches or discomfort to your face.
  • Adjustable Nosepiece – Bolle manufactures sunglasses that should snuggly fit on you. The nosepiece can be adjusted to the shape and angle of your nose bridge, or even tailored, for a custom fit.
  • Thermogrip – Made of hydrophilic material, Thermogrip absorbs moisture which keeps the frame in place. The tips of the temples, adjustable nosepiece, and nose pads are all made of this material.
  • Adjustable Temples – The temples are made to accommodate different sizes that match and fit well.
  • Interchangeable Lenses – Bolle sunglasses provide users with the opportunity to remain flexible for any condition. You may need lenses that work in warmer atmospheres or colder weather.
Bolle Sunglasses

List of Bolle Sunglasses Collection

Bolle sunglasses has a popular reputation within the sports industry, with winter sports being its most active market. It recently opened its line of cycling goggles and helmets.


The model above is colored matte green and comes with HD polarized brown lenses. Graphite is designed for sunny conditions and outdoor activities such as trekking and mountaineering.

Made with HD polarized lenses, Graphite enables you to see a clear view of what’s ahead. An HD polarized lens is also a contrast-enhancing filter that reduces highlights, boosts color and blocks glare by 98%.

The lenses of this model are treated with oleophobic and hydrophobic coatings that help prevent foreign objects, such as dirt and water, from staining your sunglasses. Along with the Cobalt model, the glasses have removable side shields that offer extra protection from the sunlight or during extreme conditions.

Aside from your typical or all-around sunglasses for lifestyle and outdoor uses, Bolle also manufactures safety glasses that protect the eyes of construction workers and the like. Bolle Safety, a subsidiary brand of Bolle, specifically produces safety eyewear and services for markets including the mining industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, and many more.

Lens Coating

Here are the range of lenses and coatings under its line of protective glasses and goggles:

  • Platinum – A scratch and anti-fog coating for reliability and safety.
  • Polarized – A lens that filters glare and reflection by 99%.
  • Twilight – Designed for low-light conditions, this lens has anti-fogging properties and improves contrast; filters blue light by 76%.
  • ESP – Abbreviated for Extra Sensory Perception, ESP is a coating that reduces blinding and blue light by 57% and sunlight by 99%.
  • HD – This is a coating that renders clarity and allows for a clear light transmission by 96%; resists water and dirt or hydrophobic properties.
  • Other lenses include Clear Lens, Yellow Comfort Lens, Smoke Lens, Blue Flash Lens, Red Flash Lens, Welding Shade 1.7, Welding Shade 3, and Welding Shade 5.


This product is a safety glasses which features a panoramic field of vision, wraparound frame, and non-slip nose bridge. Ness PSI guarantees safety from things such as low energy impact, light exposure aging, and heat corrosion.

Its lenses provide UV light protection and meet European standards. It weighs 28g and is suitable for indoor use. If you are working inside a warehouse or factory or doing carpentry work, you should consider the NESS PSI in your toolbox.

Bolle products are also assembled for sports. It mostly manufactures and houses the world’s best sports goggles. Here are some of its features:

  • Equalizer – This feature minimizes optical distortion on high altitudes which regulates atmospheric pressure.
  • Double Lens – A unique design featuring a dual-pane thermal barrier that prevents condensation build-up between the external cold air and internal body moisture.
  • Flow-Tech Venting – This feature acts as an air ventilation system that helps in reducing moisture.
  • Goggle / Helmet Integration – Bolle provides goggles and helmets that partner for the best performance and comfort.
  • Silicon Strap – A secure and stretchable strap for helmets.
  • Other features of the goggles are Forestay System, Sport Optical System, UV Protection, Anti-Fog, and Carbo Glass Anti-Scratch.


The model above is a phantom vermillion blue color with Phantom NXT lenses. Phantom lens is an intricate and innovative built by NXT material with properties that offer optical clarity, high impact resistance, lightweight, and UV resistance.

Its lens tints adjust to the light for visual sharpness, as well as contrast filter boosts. DUCHESS is packed with all the features of Bolle goggles that make it superior to most ski masks in the industry.


Apart from their famous sports sunglasses. They also have safety glasses for different industries. Protection for your eyes while doing your day to day task.

Why Choose Bolle Sunglasses?

We should be thanking Bolle for his genius. Without the pioneer of remarkable eyewear, you may have settled for less. Bolle is an inspiration to other players of the industry, and it should rightfully claim the throne as “King of glasses.”

Are Bolle Sunglasses worth it?

It’s about time to reward yourself with a pair of Bolle Sunglasses. After all, you may consider it as a piece of jewelry that is worn by royalty. As you wear a pair of its sunglasses, you should feel a greater sense of security and comfort while taking a stroll outside. You should be thankful for the protection that shields your eyes from irritation that may result in unfavorable injuries.

Also, you may even buy a pair of sports goggles for your cycling laps and feel the air rushing against you without losing sight of your direction. You may also feel encouraged to climb the top of the Alps and witness the breathtaking view above using Bolle sunglasses.

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