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Crap Eyewear

Get one of Crap Eyewear Sunglasses Luxury-Grade Products. Rock your casual attire with their sunglasses.

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About the brand

Crap Eyewear is an independent brand that designs stylish premium quality eyewear. Which are undergo a test along the beachside of Los Angeles, California. It is one of their goals not to join the bandwagon of overly price sunglasses in the market. They make sure that their sunglasses have premium quality and iconic designs out on the market. Glasses from Crap Eyewear are design with the finest craftsmanship.

Review on Crap Eyewear Sunglasses

If you want to be stylish, Crap Sunglasses offers several luxury-grade sunglasses to suffice your fascination with beautiful sunglasses. Most importantly our review for Crap Eyewear is that the brand wants you to pass the trend. So, everything’s better when you look timeless with the style!

review on crap eyewear sunglasses

Selection for Crap Eyewear Sunglasses

Match with high-quality optical grade materials. So, to ensure their consumers the 100% protection from the harmful UV rays, and wearing with comfort and durability.

Tuff Safari

Out in the WIld.

Tuff Safari

This sunglasses is perfect for outdoor due to it’s gray lenses that balances the brightnes and contrast of the surroundings.

Tuff Patrol

Road Patrol around the city.

Crap Eyewear Sunglasses Tuff Patrol

The brown lenses are excellent for driving especially when sun is too bright.

Shake Appeal

The round classic fit gives you a modern pop look!

Round shape frame Shake Appeal

Round glasses are best for people who have medium fit faces. The round frame has a distinctive attribute of a stainless steel wire construction.

Paradise Machine

This sunglasses will definitely give you a timeless look!

Paradise Machine

Its thin square that is made with premium acetate frame gives you the late 70s look with a little light of the 90s.

Road Crue

Road Crue is a classic aviator sunglasses that would make you feel like you are still in the 70s. It is the casual sunglasses that will perfectly fit for your daily activities.

Crap Eyewear Sunglasses Aviator Road Crue

The oversized wireframe of Road Crue is stainless steel that would give you a crisp look. Moreover, the acetate brow bar will definitely add more of your looks during the summer!

Riddim Safari

Animal Print Sunglasses to unleash the wilderness in you.

Crap Eyewear Sunglasses Riddim Safari

If you want a unique style when it comes to frames. This selection is right for you.

Proto Riddim

This is actually a stripped version of Crap Sunglasses popular metal frame. It has a thin oval frame made with stainless steel wire brow bar.

Proto Riddim

You do not have to worry! It is sturdy. Its hinges are custom engineered and have clamshell rim locks. Every sunglasses of Crap Eyewear is made with premium quality hardware.

Love Tempo

The Love Tempo looks similarly with the Velvet Mirror, their only difference is the thickness and shape of the frame.

Love Tempo

You do not have to worry about its size, it is comfortably wearable!

Funk Punk

Classic Hip looking style.

Crap Eyewear Sunglasses Funk Punk

The thickness of the frames brings out the myterious side in you. Complimented by the gray lenses which is also suitable for it’s design.

Sweet Leaf

We are all looking for sunglasses with maximum durability, right? Well, this Sweet Leaf sunglasses may be small, but it is made of premium acetate frame.

Sweet Leaf

It is perfectly matched with zero-based or flat lenses and durable hardware. Who would not love this small oval sunglasses that features the silhouette of the ’90s? It is the runways favorite!

Velvet Mirror

Do you want an oversized sunglasses to protect your beautiful eyes from the harmful UV rays? Well, Crap Sunglasses updated a unisex pair of sunglasses that will escalate your chic psychedelic feeling!

Crap Eyewear Sunglasses Velvet Mirror

Velvet Mirror is an oversized classic sunglasses that would rock your getup with its thick, square frame!

Doctor Love

Just like the rest of Crap Eyewear, it gives you a cool shade with their Venice HQ.

Doctor Love Heart shape frame

The Doctor Love Crap Eyewear does not have an oversized heart-shaped frame. It gives you a psychedelic feeling wearing this style!

Cosmic Highway

Set the highway on fire.

Crap Eyewear Sunglasses Cosmic Highway

The flame design on it’s frame would make you look feisty. The orange red frame compliments light colored outfits.

Cosmic Freeway

The Cosmic collection is another flagship, its oversized frame gives you a badass look.

Cosmic Freeway

It is perfect to go to the beach for its high-quality lenses that provide the perfect protection for the harmful UV rays.

Bikini Version

This masterpiece is the signature frame of Jared Mell, a Crap surf fam. The squared oval sunglasses give you a unique look when you are out on the beach.

Crap Eyewear Sunglasses Bikini Version

More so, it has a signature detailing by Jared. The color and design looks a woody kind of material.

Price Range of Crap Eyewear Sunglasses

How much does Crap Eyewear cost?

As they have promised, they will not join the bandwagon of high retail sunglasses. Crap Eyewear offers their iconic eyeglasses within the price range of $79 to $99! Where can you look for sunglasses with premium quality and style yet offered at an affordable price? Well, at Crap Eyewear!

Return Product Condition

There are several reasons why we want to return the product we have just purchased, or exchange it with something you wanted most. Domestic orders are FREE for return and exchange, and you will still get a full refund. If you placed an international order, you have to cover the return shipping cost. You just have to ship it to Crap Eyewear.

However, you can do in-person returns at their Happy Returns. You will just bring the purchased product to a Happy Returns location near you. So, you do not have to pack it up, you will be immediately issued a refund or store credit.

Exchange Policy

Hence, you can even exchange an item for another product at their shop. So, they will give you a refund of your payment once they have received the item. However, you have to take note that these returns and exchange policy is only valid for fully paid items of products. The item should be in its original packaging, unused, and should be sent back within 30 days of delivery.

Why Buy Crap Eyewear Sunglasses?

Also, it’s a good thing that Crap Eyewear Sunglasses has a warranty, the Bummer-Free Guarantee. So, it guarantees the consumers that any defect found that’s proven to be the manufacturer’s fault are subjected to the warranty. Amazing, isn’t it? However, deterioration or alteration of the sunglasses voids the warranty. But, if you are to buy sunglasses. It is recommendable to choose the ones with polarized lenses.

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