Delirious Eyewear Sunglasses

The company of Delirious Eyewear was established to embrace the no-brand concept. So, the buyer can personalize the product with names, dates, initials, to make it a very personal and unique item. The creation of handcrafted eyewear with an Italian design is proof that they share the same need. Also, look back to the origins.

What are the materials made with Delirious Eyewear?

Japanese Beta Aluminum and Titanium frames and handcrafted in Italy. The company uses a wide variety of quality materials to produce the most excellent quality sunglasses. From natural-based acetate to more refined materials.DE collage.

List of Review for Delirious Eyewear and Sunglasses

The company got inspiration by simple lines to make sunglasses without screws or hinges. Also, by using Japanese beta titanium and aluminum. While the company waits to participate in the Spring Summer collection 2019 at Altaroma.

But, don’t miss to check out all the styles of Delirious eyewear in the gallery. Delirious Eyewear designs are usually a fashionable trend. Delirious eyewear strives to establish itself in the eyewear industry apart from the rest.

The company wants to accomplish their business concept in every aspect; design, quality materials, and manufacturing. The company has the ultimate goal to create a one-of-a-kind undertaking through unique and in-demand products.

Delirious Eyewear Sunglasses

1. Delirious Eyewear Sunglasses

Delirious Eyewear has a business goal to revolutionize fashions and dreams of a world. Where the value of a label has a small significance in a world. Hence, where quality craftsmanship and superior materials combine perfectly with the genuineness of the product.

2. Delirious Eyewear Eyeglasses

As a young company, Delirious Eyewear was able to develop a product of high quality. But, with the most exquisite craftsmanship and significantly recognized in the eyewear business. Shortly after the product launch, the company’s eyewear products were introduced easily in many areas.

One of the company’s early collaborations was a well-known brand Stella Jean, an Italian fashion designer known for being connected to Giorgio Armani.

Process Of Handicraft Production

The initial production of the Delirious eyewear products took place in Cadore, home of many Italian eyewear makers. Craftsmen and artisans are responsible for the output of the entire hand-craft products. These talented workers skillfully hand-craft each item and oversee the manufacturing process.

The method of manufacturing is closely monitored to adapt to the top quality material used; so they use Japanese beta titanium, Indian water buffalo horn, or Natural-based Italian acetate, so they get a stunning product.

How are Delirious Sunglasses and Glasses Made?

With the use of the horn in processing the product, it begins by milling two small boards; one is the body of the glasses, and the other is the arms of the eyeglass. When it is complete, the craftsmen manually clean all the remaining flakes. The only label you will find in the product is “handcrafted in Italy.”

Delirious Eyewear Materials

With the manufacturing process of sunglasses in titanium and beta-titanium. Crafters generally start the process by laser-cutting a sheet of metal. So, to complete the process and then weld the pieces together.

They have experimented with the usage of the product for a much longer time. So, they get a good idea to produce the eyewear with durability before finalizing the manufacturing process. But, using the top quality materials for the production of eyewear products is the goal of the company. On making high quality and durable eyeglasses.

The Users Are Inspired By The Products

Stylistically, the Delirious Sunglasses company gives inspiration to the users of eyeglasses. Because of the high quality of the products that they greatly appreciate. The company advises craftsmen and artisans to work closely with free and unadulterated minds. So that they can create a top quality eyewear product.

Delirious eyewear is continuously searching for a style that’s simple and has a minimalist approach. Moreover, to produce a quality product that is passively influenced by the company’s in-depth knowledge in manufacturing eyeglasses.

Men who are highly confident and more concerned by wearing a top quality pair of sunglasses. Hence, always make sure that the eyewear perfectly suits their style and personality. But, more than just by only wanting to show the label or the brand.

Women who want to prove something to the world. Feeling comfortable with their character, have a strong desire also for an eye product that suits their modern lifestyle.

How Delirious Eyewear Started?

Designer Marco Lanero founded Delirious Eyewear following his passion in eyewear. A sunglasses collaborator ever since, Marco started to find an artisan in 2012 in the Cadore region. Consequently, where he could have a pair of sunglasses be custom made. From that particular purpose, Marco has arrived at the idea of creating a no-brand sunglasses.

Hence, basing on the elements of Italian craftsmanship, top quality materials and a design inspired by simplicity and minimalism.

When Marco returned to the university, his no-brand sunglasses began to catch the attention of many friends. He soon realized that labels have little significance in the face of highly-refined, high-quality products. After a lengthy study,

Marco knew that most people long for products that provide quality. That time, he invested in an industrial engraver and started to customize sunglasses for friends. Soon afterward, he decided to design and set up the company and launched Delirious Eyewear.

Are Delirious Sunglasses and Eyewear Worth It?

The attention given to the making of top quality eyewear products adds a value that leads Delirious Eyewear. In achieving extraordinary results. Delirious Eyewear strives hard in producing high-quality products from the rest of the eyewear industry.

Moreover, I want to accomplish the highest standard in every aspect of design, materials, and manufacturing.

Given that the eyeglasses of Delirious eyewear and sunglasses are not labeled with a brand but “Handcrafted in Italy,”. Shows that artisans make the eyewear products manually using top quality materials.

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