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    All Dubery Sunglasses offers interesting product designs with the average price for people who shop for affordable eyewear with polarized lenses. In this article, we will help you distinguish and to know which are fake ones. Additionally, we gathered a list of the best seller polarized glasses from Dubery. In addition, highlighting the average price and reviews from customers.

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    Review on Dubery Sunglasses

    To begin our review, let us take talk about a brief history of the company. It started with a collaboration between enthusiastic entrepreneurs and developers. Their dream of launching Dubery was brought to life as they decided to convert common experience in building an online store to a shop of their own. Their ultimate goal is to establish a shop that is convenient to use. As well as making it easy to buy products for which items that their customers might be interested in.

    Just imagine polarized lenses as some tools that would help fine-tune your vision, while you’re wearing a pair of fashionable sunglasses. This is precisely what the owners of Dubery Sunglass company offer in the greater market. Eyewear can be very useful for an athlete, outdoorsman, or even anyone who may find themselves in high-glare situations. Check out this quick video if your Dubery Sunglasses are authentic. They should be polarized and could easily pass this test.

    Who Makes this Polarized Sunglasses?

    The team is composed of a group of friends from Brighton Colorado whose names remain anonymous to the public. One paved the way for the idea who then decided to convert their common experience for sunglasses into a web store. They started offering Dubery eyewear products which are all polarized into the local market. Consequently, as the demand increases, they decided to make their sunglasses available for worldwide deliveries.

    Selection for Dubery Sunglasses & Eyewear

    There are 10 best seller products from Dubery Sunglasses based on their popularity and sales. Each design is mainly used for the purpose to block harmful lights and sun UV rays that would usually pass through the eyes. Wherein the glares are a burden for our sight after reflecting off surfaces. All Dubery sunglass models for both men and women come in various styles such as the following.

    Oversize Sunglasses

    This type of sunglasses is perfect for winter sports. It protects and covers your eye area. So, you can just focus on your training or leisure having fun in the snow. Additionally, it provides wide-angle protection for your eyes making it the best choice for the cold weather season.

    Classic Sunglasses

    Each pair of Dubery sunglass is typically equipped with UV400 lenses. For those who would like to improve eye comfort and safety further, Dubery also has a lot of polarized sunglasses available. Wearing a pair can help you take in a view without even squinting.

    Night Driving Vision Sunglasses

    If you are having difficulty driving at night. Try this night vision glasses to balance the brightness and protection from excessive light at night. This is quite popular for night drivers who are having difficulty with headlight glare and halos which could lead to accidents.

    Rider Sunglasses Photochromic Lenses for Bikers

    The lightweight and extended lens designs are conceptualized for cyclist and bikers. It is built for long road trips for riders because based on customers feedback it has a weightless pressure nose pads. Additionally, the temple arms are flexible which could fit all face shape and sizes.

    Sports Sunglasses

    Outdoor enthusiasts will love Dubery’s polarized sports sunglasses. As they now have the green lenses which are popular with various outdoor activities. Especially helpful when the sun is high and dry. Other lens colors are also available together with the semi-transparent frame.

    Aviator Sunglasses

    So, the brand created its own aviator style sunglasses. As aviators remain classic and timeless, still most customers sought for this style and shape when it comes to their sunnies. The ear hooks are much wider in width comparing with typical aviator sunglasses which have a slimmer frame.

    Apart from the commonly available designs mentioned above, there are limited and rare edition products which were released on special occasions and promotional events. Some of which have been stopped for production. While others are for pre-order stocks.

    Rare Editions

    The following model types may not be bought in bulk or made to be widely available in the market. Only a few resellers have enough stocks on their inventory due to limited production. These are known to be stylish at a cheap price for any polarized sunglasses by Dubery. Some collectors would even be willing to pay higher compared to their regular market price.

    Vintage Retro Square

    If you are a fan or in love with all pink-colored items. Therefore, unleash the feminine side in you with the vintage round sunglasses. The metal frame adds on to its simplicity. Particularly the gold finishing is what makes it look stunning which is a compliment for the rounded lenses.

    Retro Round

    Ever imagine how Harry Potter looks like while wearing a good pair of sunglasses? Therefore, try this Retro Round Model type from Dubery. It fits most faces and perfect for the Spring season. Furthermore, wearing one may bring you the feeling of nostalgia to the magical world!

    Semi-Rimless Frame

    The semi-rimless frame is an eye-catcher. Because it gives more emphasis to the lens color. The animal print on the frame adds on to the stylish look. Because this is a browline type of sunglasses with an excess accent on the edges gives an optical illusion for the resemblance of cats eye sunglasses.

    Rhinestones Frame

    Sophistication is the theme of the Rhinestones Frame Sunglasses. The purple lens color gives a mysterious yet fierce look. So, if you are into sparkle fashion, it will give a good match for your pieces of jewelry. Wearing these sunglasses would make you look like one of Victoria Secret’s runway models.

    How to know fake Dubery Sunglasses?

    The features of an original Dubery Sunglasses are the following which can be observed in the next picture below. Take note of the product details carefully and check the supplier’s credibility too. Finding out the difference can be hard at a quick glance. But, significant differences can be spotted at a closer look.

    How to tell if dubery is polarized or not

    Beware of fake Dubery Sunglasses

    How to tell if Dubery is original or fake

    An original Dubery sunglasses product’s main characteristic is the polarized lenses. “Not Just Tinted”. To test the polarization of your sunglasses, read our tool guide for polarized lens testing. Additionally, the frame material is absolutely made of either high-grade quality plastic of metal content.

    What is the price range of Dubery Sunglasses?

    The price starts at around $7.90 per pair up to as much as up to 81 US Dollars. Aside from having plenty of options on what type of frame you should purchase, the rare editions could have a price of $100 and above. You may also choose your preferred pair based on your budget since the lower cost of Dubery Sunglasses products offers an extensive affordable price range.

    How much are Dubery Sunglasses?

    Additionally, please take note that you may conveniently pay for your Dubery sunglasses during checkout. cash on delivery may be provided for certain items. Purchases via PayPal or major credit cards like Visa and Mastercard are also accepted as a form of payment for online transactions.

    Shipping And Tracking Information

    As soon as you have confirmed your order, free shipping will be provided on processing. It will be prepared straight from Dubery’s warehouse located in the United States through USPS. Additionally, ePacket or EMS are picked if the shipment will come from the warehouse in China and be delivered on countries outside of North or South America. You can use certain sites with package locator for delivery status. Given that, shipping time varies by location. The Dubery Sunglasses team has provided the following estimates below.

    Wherein the brand ships to over 200 countries in the world. While there may be other few locations that they are unable to ship due to customs restrictions. Hence, you will be contacted by the company if in case your shipping address happens to be from one of those prohibited areas.

    Delivery Timeframes
    • 10 to 30 business days
    1. United States
    2. Canada
    3. Europe
    4. Australia
    5. New Zealand
    6. Asia
    • 15 to 30 business days
    1. Mexico
    2. Central America
    3. South America

    Note that the maximum delivery time is 45 business days and that the estimates mentioned above do not include Dubery’s two to five days processing time. You should also keep in mind that Dubery will not be liable for any customs fee as soon as the items delivered by post mail. So meaning, by purchasing their products, you acknowledge that certain items that will be shipped to you may incur customs fees as soon as it is delivered.

    Delivery Notification

    The moment that your order is shipped, you should receive an email containing your tracking number. In some instances, tracking is not available since the shipment is made for free. If ever you have a lot of purchased items in the same order, due to logistical reasons, these may still be sent in separate packages even if you already indicated that it’s for the same shipping address.

    Dubery Sunglasses Package Gift Box Inclusive

    Refund and Exchange Policy

    You may submit a refund request within 15 days after Dubery’s guaranteed delivery period has expired. Customers may do so by sending a message through their website under the “Contact Us” page under the navigation menu. You may request a refund or a reshipment of the ordered item(s) for as long as it meets the following criteria.

    • the ordered item is not received within the guaranteed time of 45 days, which does not include the two to the five-day processing period
    • you received a different or wrong item and products have damages upon receipt.
    • you don’t want the frames that you’ve received (note that the customer will shoulder the return shipping costs, and the product must be unused)


    A refund may not be issued if it falls into any of the following.

    • the ordered item doesn’t arrive due to circumstances that are within your control (e.g., you’ve provided an incorrect shipping address)
    • the ordered item doesn’t reach you due to unforeseeable circumstances (e.g., items were not cleared by customs; shipment got delayed due to  some natural disaster)

    For order cancellation, you may still cancel until before they are shipped out for cash on delivery. If you already paid for your order. And you have to change or cancel the purchase, you need to contact Dubery customer service within 12 hours. But as soon as the packaging and the shipping process has begun, your order cannot be canceled anymore for paid orders.

    Why Should You Purchase Dubery Sunglasses?

    With superior customer service being the company’s top priority, this gives you an assurance that your new pair of shades are of the best quality. At the same time, you know that you can easily reach out to them if ever you’ll have inquiries about your purchase.

    What makes everything even more convenient to purchase from them is that you won’t be charged for shipping. Something that you won’t easily get from other online stores these days. Though to make the most out of this feature, you should consider buying more than one pair of sunglasses. If you’re lucky, you might get an opportunity on sale to purchase Dubery sunglasses at discounted promo price for as much as 40 percent off the original price.