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Expand Your Vision with Eagle Eyes Sunglasses. Sunglasses make for a great fashion accessory. However, its most important job is to shield your eyes from the sun’s ultraviolet rays. There are a lot of harmful effects your eyes can get from the harmful UV. Cataracts can also be developed by years of exposure causing the protein in the lens of the eye to thicken, preventing light to pass through, in result affects and blurred your vision. Retinal damage can also stem from unblocked projection from the sun.

Review of Eagle Eyes Sunglasses and Glasses

The Space Foundation, together with NASA, makes it a mission to promote products resulting from the groundbreaking space-related technology that aims to improve our lives. The Space Foundation praises Eagle Eye for using innovative lens technology.

List of Collection for Eagle Eyes Sunglasses and Glasses

Eagle Eyes guarantees top quality in each of the products. The brand remains the only sunglass lens to receive the Lifetime Certified Space Technology seal and recognition from the Space Certification Program. Eagle Eye has a full range of eyewear protection from sunglasses to system glasses.

1. Polarized Sunglasses

Eagle Eyes’ sunglasses fit the wearer’s daily needs. Their eye wears provide a look similar to Tom Cruise’s charismatic and cool portrayal of Maverick in “Top Gun.” Eagle Eyes’ sunglasses feature a variety of products that differ in polarization, style, lens technology, and frame material. The Aviator, Eagle Eye’ most famous pair of sunglasses, is a must-have for those who value both radiation protection and style.

2. Low Light Glasses

Using Low light vision boosters help enhance your vision contrast and definition in dim lighting. The low light glasses are suitable for any situation, like driving under heavy rain or walking through foggy locations. It also helps improve the ability to find faint objects that are hard to identify at first. The micro-infused amber lenses help reduce eye strain, while lenses keep UV radiation from causing cataracts and retinal damages. Low light glasses maintain a long lifespan with its protective coating with it’s anti-glare or anti-reflective coating.

3. Night Driving Glasses

A good pair of night driving glasses help with improving vision at night. With an anti-glare coating in the material helps overcome strong glare of headlights from other cars in the opposite traffic direction. Certainly, an improved vision at night is a wish of every one behind the wheel. Night driving glasses serve its purpose during the nighttime. Also, it is important to test if the polarization of your sunglasses really works.

4. Blue Light Computer Glasses

eagle eyes computer glasses

Most people work in an office environment that requires them to stare at a computer for long hours. The action can be very straining to the eyes. Additionally, eyes are prone to dry or get irritated while staring at phones or computers. This can lead you to have computer vision syndrome. This condition includes blurred or doubled vision, dizziness, and headaches. To help reduce eye strain, choose protective glasses with anti-reflective coating which helps increase contrast for more comfortable viewing.

5. Sunglasses Fit Over Prescription Glasses

Systems glasses are a combination of different lenses into one frame. Switch from day lenses into night glasses in one flip because of the 2in1 Systems Glasses’ magnetic lens attachments. Protection and style are the values of Eagle Eyes, which is why they prioritize combining prescription glasses into sleek frames that can quickly turn into your choice of lenses.

How much is the price of Eagle Eyes Sunglasses?

Eagle Eyes’ products are top-notch. Backed by the Space Foundation for promoting exceptional products using space-related technology. Eagle Eye remains the best option for any glasses. Sunglasses, low light, night driving, and computer glasses prices vary from $40 to $80, while the system’s glasses range from $50 to $120.

Besides its amazing products, Eagle Eye also provides gift cards and accessories. Zipper cases, belt loops, foldable cases, and lanyards make the proper equipment for glasses storage. Eagle Eye also provides lens cleaning kits and micro-fiber cleaning pouches. Eagle Eye also gives electronic cards that are perfect as gifts.

Where and How To Order Eagle Eyes Sunglasses or Glasses?

You can order online for your preferred sunglasses through the Eagles Eye Optics website. You can also contact Eagles Eye to design your prescription glasses and frame it in their 2in1 systems.

How to Protect Eyes from UV Rays?

There are remedies for blocking the harmful UV rays by wearing protective sunglasses, the eyes remain vulnerable to strain. Long-hour desk jobs that force you to stare at a screen for hours on adds to irritating the eyes. More so, it can also cause dizziness, headaches, and compromised vision. With children being exposed to gadgets earlier on, increases the demand to use correctional glasses.

Sunglass UV Protection

Review On Eagle Eyes Optics

Luckily, we found Eagle Eyes Optics that provides just what someone is looking for in a good eyewear protection. Think of sunglasses as an umbrella cover for your eyes. Eagle Eye has many sunglasses that can help block UV radiation, keeping your vision clear and eyes safe. They also provide computer and prescription glasses for those needing an extra special lens. You can watch the video below to determine if your sunglasses are polarized and have the UV400 coating.

How Did Eagle Eyes Company Started?

In the corners of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration’s (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory, scientists work hard to make a technological breakthrough regarding protecting human eyes from the harmful effects of solar radiation. The NASA researchers then come up with a brilliant idea – study how eagles target their prey with precision from far surroundings.

The results from the study reveal that eagles can filter out harmful radiation while airborne because of unique oil droplets in their eyes. They can control the wavelengths of light that enter their eyes to bolster their visual clarity, thus giving them the ability to catch their food from a great distance. NASA uses these findings to develop lens technology that gave birth to the leader in high-performance eyewear, Eagle Eyes.

Why You Should Buy Eagle Eyes Sunglasses?

Eagle Eyes only wants the best for its potential clients. Developed from NASA Optic Technology, Eagles Eye provides glasses with outstanding and long-lasting quality. The lens technology is state-of-the-art, and the frames can fit comfortably. Eagles Eyes make it possible for eye protection and style to come hand in hand.

Are Eagle Eyes Sunglasses and Glasses Worth It?

An improved vision makes your surroundings well-defined and just beautiful. Equipped with the latest optic technology. Eagles Eye products not only protect your eyes from sun radiation and eye strains but do it in stunning fashion.

With its credible background and overwhelming support from NASA and the Space Foundation. So, you can never go wrong with Eagles Eyes Sunglasses and a fantastic collection of optics eyewear. Buy your pair now and check for yourself.

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