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Now, getting bespoke eyewear is a lot easier with EDA Frames. The eyewear service that used to be available for big volume purchasers is within your reach. Need an Eyewear Manufacturer? EDA Frames can produce your customized eyewear in manageable quantities and affordable price. If you are an independent fashion brand or a private firm, you can now order your custom eyewear directly from EDA Frames.

EDA Frames Product Review

When it comes to eyeglasses EDA Frames is one of the top leading glasses distributor and wholesaler in the United States. The stifling rule of the internet optical companies and international chains on the eyewear market has risen some issues regarding the lack of independence in creativity in the industry. And, this is where EDA Frames came into the scene.

Their focus was on responding to their customers’ demand for products that suit each individual distinct aesthetics and lifestyle that a standard mass produced can’t achieve. The company provides its clients the freedom to make a one-of-a-kind or a collection of special sunglasses that matches their needs. They help opticians, as well as designers, achieve their vision at a reasonable price.

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Team And Staff

With a team of well-experienced staff members and highly skilled technicians who are kind and very welcoming, you can make sure you are receiving the greatest care and service. EDA Frames is giving opticians and designers creative eyewear products with the finest quality that can compete against online retailers and global chains.

Also, EDA frames designs are revolutionary, modern, elegant, and stylish, made with the finest materials at an affordable price.

EDA Glasses Clients

Additionally, EDA Frames offers its services to various designers and over 17 brands from various industries, including Stevie Boi, Katie Guinn, Michael Castello, Lewis Hamilton, Kimmi Designs, Brady Lange, Gas Monkey, and Jaefields, just to name a few.

The company works with clients whether your new or if you have particular requirements. EDA Frames brings concepts and designs into reality using world-class manufacturing equipment and high-quality materials.

EDA Specialized Services

EDA Frames specializes in customized eyewear products manufacturing either bespoke or replicated. Their goal is to take your ideas and design and turn it into an actual product, following the measurement, design, requirements, and any other detail or features that you need.

Get your designer glasses or custom-made designer frames online, from their website. You can send them a sketch or picture of your design. You’ll typically receive a response within 24 hours after you sent in your request. They will also send you a quotation for your order via email or phone. Building your own eyewear has never been this easy.

1. Bespoke Eyewear

If you need support with designing your own personalized eyewear or sunglasses, EDA Frames offers services that can help you to achieve it. You can create your own unique pair of glasses with any materials, color, pattern or finish that you want. EDA Glasses will help you make your own perfect frame or eyeglasses.

2. Replication Services

EDA Frames can take your favorite sunglasses and replicate it for you based on your requirements. They can work with existing designs and tweak them to match your specifications, creating the perfect pair that you’ll absolutely love.

What you would need to do is head over to their official website and fill out a form for your order. you would be asked to provide your name, email address, and contact number then you can leave them a message regarding your request. You can attach a picture or sketch of the eyewear that you want to work with. EDAEDA Frames will contact you within 24 hours to provide you with a quotation for your product.

Product Details And Materials

The company prides itself with its top of the line services and materials that will ensure you get products that are excellent in quality. Their team of talented staff and technicians and their world-class manufacturing facilities, EDA Frames can complete even the most complex designs.

EDA Design

EDA Frames works hard to guarantee that your product meets all the design requirements, such as color. This is why they try to include as many colors as possible to their selections, as well as patterns and print designs. Every single frame they produce is made to meet every requirement such as lens color, finish, size, hinge design, and so much more. They can also make laser patterns or add a logo for you.

EDA Frames Production And Materials

For highly customizable glasses like the ones EDA Glasses produce, they use high-quality materials and employ only the best manufacturing equipment and facilities. Some of the most common materials they work with are wood, bamboo, cotton based acetate, carbon fiber, buffalo horn, and a variety of metals. You can incorporate other features like nose pads, Asian Bridge or metal decorations.

How EDA Frames Is Right For You

Services for manufacturing or producing your own customized eyeglasses or frames are hard to come by especially for new or independent designers or opticians. With global chains and online retailers taking over the market, eyewear service providers like EDA Glasses Shop are only equipped to cater to high volume purchases. This leaves private practices and independent brands with limited choices.

Are EDA Frames Worth it?

EDA Frames offers its world-class manufacturing facility to help designers build their concept and bring it into reality in quantities that are manageable. They help you create eyeglass, eyeglass frames or sunglasses that are unique, modern, and stylish. You get the liberty to choose the lens, shape, color, pattern, finish, materials, details, and features, and EDA Eyeglasses will build your product exactly as you have designed it.

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