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Products of Fossil Sunglasses are the result of passion for design, innovation and doing good. What started as a small wholesale business is now a diverse collection of world-class brands. Additionally, producing watches, wearables, luxury handbags, jewelry and pieces of leather goods.

Review on Fossil Sunglasses

The brand of Fossil, which has several types of sunglasses and eyewear with good customer reviews. Fossil sunglasses are great. Since sunlight is more dangerous and brighter. While, Summer will be on it’s way to result in high glare when outdoors.

Based on our Fossil Sunglasses Review unboxing process. The box comes with a sunglasses case, a bag,  and glasses. The product is pretty good and thick and you can see clearly without having a headache or squinting.

Fossil Sunglasses design, develop, market and distribute fashion accessories. Thus, including belts, handbags, jewelry, small leather goods, and smart watches. These are under proprietary and licensed brand names.

In addition, Fossil Sunglasses partners with a third party licensee who manufactures, markets and distributes sunglasses and prescription eyeglasses frames under their proprietary brand name. The company also markets and distributes those sunglasses.

Timeless Design Meets The Power Of Innovation

  • designed the world’s most sustainable watches and accessories by year 2025
  • enhance our planet today and for the sake of future generations
  • be a leader in men’s and women’s empowerment by year 2025
  • make the biggest impact in our local communities internationally
  • create a dynamic workplace that reflects our diverse world
  • set the highest safety standards, respect and equal treatment for all employees

List of Fossil Group Inc Sunglasses & Eyewear Products

Fossil Sunglasses are available for men and women. They have a great classic collection with simple but sophisticated details of frames. A global design brand, marketing, distribution and innovation company.

They create distinctive watches, wearables and accessories with the collection of the greatest brands in the world. The brand gets the opportunity to bring them to market for their customers across 30,000 places of distribution and to 150 countries. Which includes 450 companies that own retail outlets.

1. Fossil Sunglasses For Men’s

There are 16 frames and designs to choose among Fossil Sunglasses for Men’s collection. The lenses are available from ash gray to reddish brown in color. White, black and blue colors are available among their frames.

2. Fossil Sunglasses For Women’s

They have more choices to choose from among Fossil Sunglasses for Women’s collection. With a list of 26 sunglasses with variation in style, lens color and frame design. Animal print frames are also available. Other designs include cat eyes and asymmetrical frames.

Fossil Foundation

An ever changing educational marketplace and shrinking budgets for families have made it difficult for many students. It is their education at risk to afford the high cost tuition fees at college. Thankfully, Fossil Sunglasses and company made it possible to support the financial situation of these students.

With funding from the Fossil Sunglasses and brand Foundation. College Summit is designed to do a field tested program. Which has taken away the traditional curriculum and teacher training components of the organization’s more in depth program.

In sync with the Foundation’s emphasis on youth driven community, the pilot program had spotlight the students. This program is called College Summit Peer Leaders. Their goal is to work while guiding their classmates to enroll in college.

College Summit foundation program

A Dynamic Collaboration. In addition to an absolute  well timed financial investment. Which will help shape the future’s direction of the non-profit organization. College Summit benefits from the hands-on engagement of Fossil Sunglasses and brand employees.

College Summit Peer Leaders are also entrusted with the chances of opportunity on a life changing mission of getting their classmates into college. Observing how they perform in school and community. Because their personal and collective brand is really important.

Fossil Sunglasses and brand marketing experts are exploring ways to improve Peer Leader awareness, influence and, ultimately, effectiveness. Ideas from current College Summit students help to inform the creative process.  Their students shoulder an even greater responsibility for the success of College Summit’s program.

The company delivers a strong physical and online brand identity of the student identity, including name, tagline, colors, logo, apparel and accessories. College Summit foundation prides itself on transforming the lives of the youth. Fossil Sunglasses and brand prides itself in transforming College Summit Foundation.

Focused On Deprived Youth

Investing in youth ages 12-24 who are deprived of quality education. Especially those often excluded from the rights and services. Examples are from low income, minority groups, youth with disabilities and/or otherwise abused youth.

Juvenile Approach

Focus on interventions. Whereby the youth themselves take the opportunity of an active role in building their paths. At a young age they are taught on how they should handle the future.

Innovative Model

Operating around a core model for innovation that is disruptive, scalable and drives systemic change. Options are given to organizations led by a social entrepreneur with a bold vision for the future..

Fossil Sunglasses Payment Methods Accepted

For orders placed and shipped within the United States. Fossil Sunglasses and brand accepts U.S. issued major credit cards, PayPal and Fossil Gift Cards. But, if you are shipping outside of the United States, please visit their International Orders page for the list of information regarding acceptable forms of payment. 

If you are using a prepaid reloadable card from MasterCard, Visa, or American Express. Please follow the set instructions provided by the card provider. For further instructions regarding your prepaid card please contact the customer service hotline provided by the card provider. Please be advised that PayPal is not an accepted method as a payment option for gift cards. 

Shipping And Delivery

Fossil Sunglasses Deliveries ships Monday through Friday excluding holidays. The shipping cut-off time is 3pm CST – Central Standard Time. Orders placed after 3pm CST – Central Standard Time will be processed the next business day. You have to allow 1-2 business days for your order to process before it is shipped.

Warranty And Returns

The company is driven to make your shopping a great experience and offers warranty and returns. So, if you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, they will accept returns of unworn, unwashed and unused merchandise for up to 30 days from purchase date. Qualified returns are entitled for a full refund. While, proof of purchase or packing slip invoice is required for reimbursement for the full purchase price. In all cases, refunds will be processed in the form of the original payment.

Return reasons are the following.

  • Size too small
  • Size too big
  • Overall fit issue
  • Damaged / Defective
  • Color faded / Discolored
  • Not as pictured
  • Order delayed
  • Damaged in transit
  • Duplicate style / shipment
  • General return / Gift
  • Connectivity Issues

What is Fossil Customer Toll Free Hotline Number?

Please call Fossil Customer Toll Free Hotline Number for US residents Customer Care at 1-800-449-3056. Please include your packing slip and use your prepaid shipping label to send your U.S. Fossil purchase back for return. But, in case that you have lost your Fossil label or packing slip.

Are Fossil sunglasses good?

Yes, especially if you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that will make you look like you’re from another era, then Fossil sunglasses are definitely for you! But if you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that are cheaper in price, you might want to look elsewhere.

Is Fossil Sunglasses Worth It?

Aside from the benefit of getting Fossil Sunglasses. You also take part to support the College Summit Foundation. So, consider buying this product for a good cause. This way, you get a hand of quality sunglasses yet, investing for the future on one student to shape their future. This is a good opportunity to help someone with every purchase of Fossil Sunglasses.

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