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The technology of Gargoyles Sunglasses protects your eyes at all cost. Our eyes are essential to our daily lives. It should be protected not only from the sun but also from foreign objects that may harm it, that is why we need quality eyewear that can protect our eyes from any harm.

Review On Gargoyles Sunglasses

Gargoyles have achieved crystal clear visual and resolution with an undistorted view. Let’s take a peek at Gargoyles Sunglasses technology and learn why their eyewear is the best choice for playing field, battlefield, and everywhere in between:

This state-of-the-art innovation is so good that the U.S. Army used it for ballistic protection. It has been 37 years, and Gargoyles Sunglasses continues its track of innovation of sunglasses that has exceeded the strict ballistic specifications. The company’s Tactical +, ANSI Z87.1 +, and Protection + sunglasses have the best polarization and pinpoint optics, and by using additional ANSI standards,


Every Gargoyles Sunglasses is not just made to protect your eyes from sun rays; it is also made to keep your eyes safe from any elements that may hit or get into your eyes. Aside from the protection, it will give you a clear view to keep your eyes relaxed. Gargoyles Sunglasses lens is sturdy but light, thanks to ballistic designed, high-index polycarbonate in which it is made.

The lens is also optimized and treated to minimize glare while improving protection, resulting in a high-quality, durable lens. Their lenses have met or exceeded ANSI and US standards and regulation for UVA, UVB, and UVC protection. The impact resistance of their Z87.1 +-rated products is ballistically tested. With these eyeglasses, your eyes are not just protected; they are shielded.


Top-of-the-line sunglasses have high-quality frames. Gargoyles Sunglasses frames follow only two simple requirements: the materials that are used must be the best in the world, and it should survive the ANSI-specified levels of durability test without failure.

  • Metal Frames – Sturdy and stable while keeping the balance between the strength and weight of the frame.
  • Plastic Frames – Flexible, lightweight and provides a firm fit.
  • Combination Frames – Combines the strength of metal with the weight of plastic.

ANSI Specs

Gargoyles sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun and other unexpected projectiles. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) created new high-velocity and high-mass impact standards for the U.S Army, as they need a higher level of protection from the sunglasses they wear. The US sunglass industry follows ANSI’s rating system for sunglasses.

Gargoyles’ Z87.1 +-rated sunglasses are subject to rigid testing, making sure that they pass or even exceed the ANSI standards. These tests are high mass impact test, high-velocity test, prism test, and visual clarity test. The criteria must not at least crack the lens nor take the lens out of the frame, as well as to make sure that the lens will not distort light in any way and will keep providing a clear view from a far distance without blurring.

List of Gargoyles Sunglasses Best Selling Eyewear

Gargoyles Sunglasses Performance Eyewear has one mission – to protect our eyes at all cost. It was started 37 years ago when Dennis Burns, the founder of Gargoyles Sunglasses created a new lens technology that has changed the industry, the Toric lens technology.

This technology solves the problem that is leaving the eyes exposed to elements. As well as the curved lenses that are stressing the eyes and causing visual distortion. Four of the most popular styles of Gargoyles Sunglasses are the following.

1. Pace Sunglass

This aviator style sunglasses should be your choice if you want to walk in style. Its lenses have an anti-reflective coating for a more unobstructed view. It also has Tri-Tech Oleophobic treatment on both sides for easy cleaning and scratch resistance.

The plastic frame is equipped with air-filled nose pads and rubber temple tips making it as comfortable as possible.

2. Vortex Sunglass

This protective eyewear is made to provide highly tactical protection. It passes military specifications MIL-PRF-32432 (GL) for high-mass and high-velocity impact. Also, it also has exceeded all ANSI Z87.1+ protection specifications for a clear view.

It is equipped with TR90 NZZ frames which is 11 times stronger than regular TR90 frames. The temples and brow bar are injected with rubber, providing comfort, flexibility, stability, and grip. The lenses also have an anti-reflective coating and Tri-Tech oleophobic treatments. 

3. Trench Sunglass

The pinnacle of Gargoyles Sunglasses Tactical collection, this shield-shaped sunglass is designed to provide military-grade performance and protection. Its lenses and frame exceeded ANSI Z87.1+ for high mass impact and high-velocity resistance as well as MIL-PRF-32432 (GL). The frame is equipped with removable and an adjustable head strap for a secure fit.

The rubber on the temple slides off making a thin profile made to fit under helmets and to protect ears. The lens is switchable via brow clips, and its shape is purposely made to keep sweat from falling directly on the lens. 

4. Classic Sunglass

A classic style with a twist of state-of-the-art technology. The lenses have exceeded the ANSI Z87.1 + specifications for protection and clear view. The frame is equipped with rubber temple grips for comfort and conforming nose pads for stability. The signature toric lens boasts double-sided oleophobic treatments for water and smudge resistance and has a 100% UVA/UVB Protection.

Wearing sunglasses does not stop at protecting your eyes from the sun or just for the sake of looking good. You must wear something that has complete protection. Eyewear that will shield your eyes from everything that may harm one of the most important parts of your body. Yes, wear Gargoyles Sunglasses!

Are Gargoyles Sunglasses And Eyewear Worth it??

Gargoyles Sunglasses and Eyewear are gears that are entirely made to protect your eyes. While, other sunglasses are merely accessories. With the combination of the most durable materials and the sophisticated construction techniques, these sunglasses can survive extreme punishments and heavy workloads.

Gargoyles Sunglasses Eyewear packaging case

So ,they use different materials for different models. Each with their unique features. Gargoyles Sunglasses understand that everyone needs something from their sunglasses.

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