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Find the Perfect eyewear with Garrett Leight Sunglasses. With so many trends in eyewear nowadays, people tend to prioritize fashion and style, while sometimes jeopardizing the quality of the glasses themselves. Why choose when you can have both? With so many designs to choose from without sacrificing the quality, Garrett Leight Sunglasses can provide you with a wide selection to choose from.

Review On Garrett Leight Sunglasses

Brand like Garrett Leight Sunglasses California Optical can provide you with a wide selection to choose from. Read our review and insights. Each frame is named after a street in Venice Beach, as the company is greatly inspired by the people & places in California and every story they have to tell. These stories are also revealed through their Spectacle Magazine. The company works with a crew of photographers, writers, artists, and designers to create all-original content.

Garrett Leight Sunglasses also gives you a certain sense of self and uniqueness, as they let you customize your glasses because only you know your true style. Try visiting one of their retail stores to help you personalize your frame, finish, and lens for a unique pair of specs.

List of Garrett Leight Sunglasses Collection

If you are still unsure about having your glasses custom-made, the company can help you out by providing you with collections of high-end eyewear to choose from, which are made just as commendable as a personalized one. Whether it is about the most stylish sunglasses or the snappiest eyeglasses, Garrett Leight has one for you.

1. Classic Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have for everyone since it is one of the most versatile accessories ever. Garrett Leight produces sunglasses that are chic and adaptable to any clothing. Some of their bestsellers are Kinney Sun, Brooks Sun, and Hampton Sun, which all come in different colors you can choose from.

The lenses used are also polarized, which guarantees your eyes protection from the sun. Their designs are heavily inspired by Californian culture, making it classic, contemporary, timeless, and on trend. Find the perfect glasses that fit your unique personality now!

2. Prescription Eyeglasses

Just because you have to wear glasses to improve your vision does not mean you should sacrifice your style. Garrett Light offers a wide range of eyeglass frames with styles ranging from round, retro, and vintage finishes. Their best-selling frames include the Boon, Winward, and Clune, which are unisex and comes in different colors.

Each frame features subtle and sophisticated attention to details, which comes with Italian and Japanese acetates and German made hinges. Browse now for a fit of eyeglasses that does not sacrifice your sense of style!

3. Sun Clips

Clips are detachable lenses which are made for a more convenient and easy fix sun protection. They are usually used in prescription lenses. Garrett Leight now offers a wide range of sun clips too.

They come as metal folding ones that are tinted and can be added to your frames. You can also choose what color the tint will be. Each product also comes with 100% UV protection lenses, a case, as well as a cleaning cloth.

4. Other Products Of Garrett Leight

Although they mainly produce eyewear, GLCO also offers other products. You can buy cute enamel pins from them. They also provide tote bags with California-inspired crafty designs, which are made in collaboration with BAGGU. To better protect the high-quality glasses you just bought from them; they also offer hard cases.

How Did GLCO Sunglasses Began?

Established in 2011 at Venice and designed in Los Angeles, Garrett Leight has been producing quality eyewear while paying great attention to details. Each pair of glasses they make is handmade by some of the best eyewear makers in the world, with the raw materials coming from the best sources in Italy, Japan, and China.

Over the years, Garrett Leight has slowly expanded from their Venice headquarters and even overseas by setting up an office in Paris in 2013. By 2014, they had collaborated with artists like Amelie Pichard, Mark McNairy, Thierry Lasry, and Robert Geller to produce more fashion-forward designs. For more information about these products, try visiting their website today!

Choosing The Right Style And Size

To make your glasses more “you,” check out their sunglasses sizing page on their website today to find out the proper frame size. They also show suggestions of the frames that are the best for you, based on the shape of your face. For the best fitting experience and style recommendations, try visiting one of their retail stores today.

If you are unsatisfied with your glasses or sunglasses, their crew would be happy to assist you. All of the non-custom eyewear, they offer a 10-day online return from the day you received your order. However, if you purchased the said eyewear at a local retail store, you will have to return it in person. Nevertheless, the crew will be more than willing to help you so you would have a hassle-free experience.

Garrett Leight Ordering And Shipping

They offer free ground shipping both ways if orders are placed in the continental United States, which has an estimated time of arrival of 3-5 business days. For those living in Alaska and Hawaii, however, they charge a $15 flat rate fee for ground shipping.

If orders are placed before 12 pm PST on Mondays through Thursdays and 10 am PST on Mondays, then the orders will be shipped on the same day. Business days are on Monday-Friday so orders that are placed on weekends or holidays will only be processed the next day. If you are not ordering online but still want to check out their products personally, they can help you with a store locator, so you can find the nearest GLCO retail store near you.

Are Garrett Leight Sunglasses worth it??

Sure, there are lots of brands out there that provide you with different eyewear. What sets Garrett Leight Sunglasses apart from those is their attention to detail which makes for quality eyewear. Their promotion of the California culture and lifestyle is also admirable. Garrett Leight makes quality designer eyewear which at the same time promotes the beauty of its hometown.

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