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    The Home of Trendy Eyewear, Grey Ant Sunglasses.

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    Review on Grey Ant Sunglasses

    Have an accessory that never goes out of style. Stand out like a celebrity. Keep your outfit classy and trendy with a variety of Grey Ant pieces to choose from while it gives protection to the eyes from the harmful sun rays. As Grey Ant commits, ‘The Good Stuff is on the Inside.’

    Today, Grey Ant is known to be produced by Italian manufacturers. It is a line recognized for its trendy and stylish eyewear with a wide selection transformed and reinterpreted traditional eyewear into the newfound classic for the contemporary. Even celebrities are randomly spotted wearing Grey Ant.

    History of the company

    A Los Angeles-based designer, Grant Krajecki, founded Grey Ant in 1998. It started as a local clothing line after Krajecki stumbled upon his mother’s sewing machine. He gradually introduced his creation of clothes. Years after, it dominated runways since the styles and designs were extremely different from the trend. Two years later, Natalie Levy, a former intern, partnered with Krajecki, as they collaborated and introduced their sunglasses line.

    In the year 2010, everything changed as soon as Grey Ant decided to accept the invitation to join the first Incubator program of the Council of Fashion Designers of America Inc. (CFDA). The designing for the clothing line stopped, and mainly focus on sunglasses.

    Grey Ant Display

    Sunglasses that even celebrities wear it

    The Grey Ant’s sunglasses are a staple on every outfit. As the saying goes, your face is never fully dressed without the perfect pair of shades. Aside from its stylish design, you can take it wherever you go — driving, beach hopping, or merely on-the-way to work or school. It keeps you safe from the Ultraviolet rays, sands, wind, and dust.

    Usher wearing Grey Ant Sunglasses
    Usher wearing Grey Ant Sunglasses

    Selection for Grey Ant Sunglasses and Eyewear

    The entire materials used in crafting Grey Ant sunglasses are Italian manufactured. These are the most exceptional ones and mostly used by expensive brands.

    Merch Sunglasses

    Grey Ant offers a variety of frame selections such as Aviator, Round, Cat-eye, and Squarish — depending on the style you wanted to show. It also has an anti-glare coating to prevent your eyes from bright light and sudden glare.

    Grey Ant Sunglasses

    You don’t need to worry any longer about having tired eyes and headaches due to glares outside. Grey Ant got you covered!

    Optical Eyeglasses

    Blurred vision? Need glasses? No problem. Grey Ant recently launched the first collection of optical lenses.  It is intended to have an extremely minimalist design — more like oversized and invisible glasses or full-framed standard size.

    Grey Ant Prescription Optical Glasses

    Most of their eyeglasses have non-script nylon lenses with anti-reflective coating — preventing the eyes from unwanted glare. Its lenses also help in correcting vision to reduce the effect of nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. If you are a computer geek, optical glasses are right for you.


    Grey Ant Gear Case by PMW

    A collaboration of Grey Ant with PMW provides a case bag for your optical glasses and sunglasses. It has three different styles: travel case, swing case, and clip case. These entirely are bag essentials. Its cost ranges from $12 to $20.

    What is the price of Grey Ant Sunglasses?

    The best pair of sunglasses are those made with high-quality materials. Grey Ant’s Sunglasses ranges from $185 to $298 while Optical Glasses cost are from $185 to $326. Remember that investing with the best can keep you spending less in the future. The value and confidence it gives you, and something to use for a long time is worthy of its price. Grey Ant Eyewear

    Where to Buy their Products

    Although Grey Ant offers a large number of designs, they also focused on having a limited of produce per project. The production stops at most 1,000 pieces, and create another brand design. You can find Grey Ant in stores in some parts of the United States, Asia, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and more. There are also online stores selling legit Grey Ant sunglasses.

    Grey Ant Eyewear Products

    Shipping Policy

    Shopping with Grey Ant is hassle-free. All you need is to sign up at Grey Ant’s website, and you’re good to buy. Just add all the items you want in the cart, check out, and provide your shipping address. Grey Ant offers free shipping solely for those in the United States. However, a shipping fee applies to other countries. Payment will be through a debit or credit card, PayPal or Amazon Pay.

    Return Policy

    Return or exchange of product accepted by Grey Ant but must be within five days of receiving the item. Returned merchandise must be in the original condition as bought — unworn and with hangtag. If hang tags removed, it will return to the unique shipping address without any refund. It is better to choose the design and color you want carefully before purchasing. , Aside from saving your time, it gives you a hassle-free transaction.

    Grey Ant Packaging

    Why Choose and buy Grey Ant Sunglasses

    Many sunglasses brands are up in the industry today — offering different designs, styles, and prices. However, Grey Ant Sunglasses has proven its brand since 1998. A hundred percent of the fact that it won’t fail your expectations. A wide variety of designs, who wouldn’t fall in love with it? You’ll surely get head over heels with different styles it offers. Plus, the additional health protection it serves in your eyes. It’s always a good option to check out our shopping tips.

    As this brand caters to both men and women, there are trendy unisex-designed spectacles you’ll love. Grey Ant Sunglasses takes care of their valuable customers as they take care of the brand by giving you satisfaction in every sunglasses you have. Either you are a celebrity or not, you deserve a great pair of eye protection. Its durability, high-quality materials used, and the love and passion of sunglasses manufacturers are indeed The Good Stuff on the Inside of Grey Ant.