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    Gunnar Asia, Enhancing The Abilities Of The Human Visual System.

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    People wear glasses for various reasons like Gunnar Asia Sunglasses. If you’re one of the individuals who have a fuzzy vision when looking at objects. So, it’s time to adjust and have a piece of equipment to support your eyes.  There are several eyeglasses merchants that you can find in the market. Finding the right provider is crucial because your eyes are one of your greatest assets, especially at work.

    Let’s take a deeper look

    What are Gunnar Asia Offered Products?

    The light entering your eyes may not be focused at some point, and the objects appear blurred, especially if they are already tired. Get to know the various kinds of eyeglasses that Gunnar Asia can provide according to your needs.


    Review on Gunnar Asia Sunglasses

    Gunnar Asia is the leading Computer Eyewear and Blue Light Lens Technology provider in the world. It has an extensive list of patented eyewear that can take care of your eyes and enrich your vision. Thus, including crystalline computer lens helping visual artists see the “true color” when looking at their digital screen. The equipment is specially design for the latest digital generation.

    Selection for Gunnar Asia Sunglasses

    Currently, there are 4 main types for brand models.

    Computer Glasses

    If your work requires a lot of time to be in front of a computer, for example, if you’re a computer programmer, your vision if your valuable asset. The computer screen can hurt your eyes. Extended exposure of your eyes to a digital display, eight hours or longer, can lead to an eye strain.

    Computer Glasses

    What’s the solution? Computer eyewear can take care of your eyes to focus comfortably when looking at a digital screen because it helps to improve the contrast of the display.

    Gaming Eyewear (Designed by Razer)

    Gunnar Asia has the right equipment for your digital life that can help your eyes to block artificial blue light. Here are the exclusive products:

    Gaming Eyewear
    • RPG: This perfectly fitting pair of eyeglasses is best for a gaming experience. With ultra-detailed quad-core hinge and dual rail temple construction, it can provide you a spread-out view while playing a game. Approve by FDA, the RPG eyewear is made of durable and lightweight materials to protect your eyes. It will ergonomically fit your face and head for complete comfort. The adjustable nose pads will give you a soothing feel.
    • Cerberus: For comfy eye protection, Cerberus has the combination of traditional style and modern digital lines that work best for reflections and glare on the screen. It has the lightest aluminum-magnesium temples with thermoplastic rubber temple ends to guarantee a relaxing experience while you’re playing a game. It also has the “i-AMP® lens technology” by Gunnar that brings dominant performance for viewing the game.

    Gliff 3D Glasses

    With a high gloss finish and gold metal accents, this is a premium 3D eyewear that has a mix of durability, precision, flexibility, and grace of the metal piece. This works best by lessening frontal bending to avoid the optical aberration.

    gliff 3d glasses

    The design is beautifully build and can excellently fit your head and bring comfort to your eyes. The temple region enables you to see a broader range than the ordinary eyewear.

    Outdoor Sunglasses

    Several exquisite designs are available that can match your taste and needs. Gunnar Asia ensures that the item has an elegant appearance without compromising the efficiency of the product.

    Outdoor Sunglasses

    Owning one can help you feel good when you go outdoors.

    Price of Gunnar Asia Sunglasses

    At an affordable price, Gunnar Asia is recommendable. According to numerous professionals and gaming enthusiasts. Because of the efficiency and the comfort that the products bring to their lives. There are a lot of promotions and discounts to help you acquire what you need. To give you a better idea, the list of available eyeglasses starts from 25 US dollars.

    There are also available accessories to protect your eyewear such as the following:

    • Lens cleaner kit for only 27 USD
    • Gunnar eyewear case for only 26 USD
    Gunnar Asia Sunglasses Packaging Box

    Warranty and Product Policy Information

    The warranty of the product is valid for twelve months from the date of purchase. The warranty repair is eligible for manufacturing defects only. Moreover, you can process a request only if the product has factory defects.

    So, product exchange due to a quality defect or a wrong product model was received that does not match with the order are accepted within seven days upon receiving the item. Take note that the product must remain undamaged to get accepted and bring all the things included in the package when you request for an exchange.

    Wear Gunnar Asia Sunglasses

    Reasons Gunnar Asia is the Best

    Through a full spectrum of eyeglass lenses needed to aid your eyesight, Gunnar Asia helps you obtain the extreme vibrancy that you anticipate when looking at things. This is where you can find the top-of-the-line eyewear guaranteed with custom machined patented lenses that have integrated 1-AMP3D lens technology bringing professional grade optics that you need. Have a glimpse of their wide range of products in their website and discover tons of outstanding eyewear styles that will truly delight you. Ordering is fast and easy with friendly customer service.

    Gunnar Asia Sunglasses is a trusted brand to safeguard your eyes and the only patented eyewear that you need which is mostly recommended by doctors to avoid computer vision syndrome, and the “outdoor styles” are excellently appealing. The design is uniquely crafted, and the maximum performance of the equipment is noteworthy. You won’t worry anymore about eye fatigue when you work or play your favorite computer games.