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Hawkers Eyewear Sunglasses


A classic pair of good quality yet affordable eyewear. The brand decided to make sunglasses to be available to everyone starting on its price. Hawkers Eyewear became popular since the expensive Ray-Ban became available and popular. Ever since people looking for alternative good looking yet budget-friendly eyewear has been at seek.

How Hawkers Eyewear Co Began?

What Hawkers Eyewear-Sunglasses Co. wants is to disrupt the market. Hawkers Eyewear and Sunglasses want to put an end on the monopoly based on our eyewear review. This is achieved by creating awesome quality at a fair price. Different designs and Designs. This brand of sunglasses aims to change the business forever. Therefore, it sells sunglasses with its main advertising. And distributing medium being through the Internet.

The company was founded in late 2013 by Iñaki Soriano, Pablo Sánchez and the brother Alejandro and David Moreno. Hawkers are part of the Saldum Ventures group, with its current President in the being, Alejandro Betancourt.

Review On Hawkers Eyewear Sunglasses

Designer sunglasses are expensive. But, since one Italian company owns a huge piece of the market (including the top eyewear retail chains). So, there’s no particular reason competitive enough to drive the prices down. Hence, basically means that prices can be set as high as a company wants. Even without the need to actually innovate. Hawkers Co. was born with the conviction to change this unfair industry. One of the great feature of Hawkers is the polarized lenses. Check this video below to know how to know if you have an authentic polarized sunglasses.

Selection For Hawkers Eyewear Sunglasses

Their mission is to provide the most awesome sunglasses ever at a fair and reasonable price. By selling directly to consumers on their website, unnecessary mark-ups will be avoided. The company features different collections to choose from. Here are a few things to know about the selections. You can easily test if your sunglasses are polarized by watching this video below.

All of Hawkers’ Eyewear sunglasses provide superior glare reduction and 100% UV protection. By using the best Polarized lenses, with no extra cost, produced for Hawkers by prestigious German lens manufacturers.


This world-renowned timeless design has been improved. Secondly, with its Lightweight frame made from high-end Polycarbonate. But, the most impact-resistant material on the market. Therefore, High heat resistance and no metallic parts, which make them Pool Party and Beach friendly.


Trendsetting design. A lightweight frame made from high-end Polycarbonate, the most impact-resistant material on the market, high heat resistance. Stainless steel rim & silicone nose pads to ensure total comfort.


The Hawkers One X collection features an unrivaled quality frame. Therefore, crafted by hand with custom Japanese celluloid acetate, delivering brilliant colors and patterns and extra durability.


The Hawkers Classic X collection features an unrivaled quality frame. Therefore, crafted by hand with custom Japanese celluloid acetate, delivering brilliant colors and patterns and extra durability.

Payment Method Accepted

With regards to billing, one can pay online through Visa, PayPal, American Express, or even MasterCard. Once an order is placed, USPS will send you an email with your tracking number once the package is prepared. Consequently, they picked up at their warehouse.

Shipping Of Hawkers Eyewear Sunglasses

Also, not only does Hawkers offer worldwide shipping and a 1-7 day shipping time guarantee. But, they also provide a two-year warranty for their customers.

What is Hawkers Eyewear-Sunglasses Return Policy?

However, If one wishes to invoke his right of withdrawal for their Hawkers sunglasses. The person should fill a form on their website. Secondly, send it to the Hawkers’ contact page. The right of withdrawal states that one can return the product to the sender within 14 days upon reception. Therefore, paying the shipping fees that may arise of such return. But, once the company receives the merchandise, they would refund the corresponding amount of the order.

Why Choose And Buy Hawkers Eyewear-Sunglasses?

Quality design and material eyewear collections are paired with the latest and best lens technology available. But especially Hawkers Eyewear-Sunglasses considering their internet platform. So, it will help people save money and time on purchasing. Moreover, making designer glasses while making sure their customers still get the latest in eye care protection. Also, even reviews say that these are fantastic quality for an extremely affordable price, leaving them satisfied.

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