Hilco Vision Glasses

The brand of Hilco Vision is an international eyewear company. Mainly producer of safety glasses that promotes vision protection. The brand has several branches across the globe. Subsidiaries in countries like, USA and Canada for North America. While for Europe they have in the UK and Germany. China is their center point for Asia. Finally, the Netherlands and Australia on Oceania.

In 2017, Hilco Vision just acquired another pioneer which is Croakies. The said company has been around for 40 years since 1956, manufacturing smart optical solutions. Hence, Hilco Vision guarantees that it will keep and continue the footprints of Croakies.

Review On Hilco Vision

The product selection of Hilco Vision is vastly great and became a trusted brand for eyewear. It’s a wide range of different types of eyewear based on your needs. From Industrial safety glasses, sports sunglasses, frame replacement parts, accessories and even pharmaceutical eyedrops or medicines. Truly, a one stop shop for your eyes needs. 

List of Hilco Vision Glasses and Sunglasses

Being more than four decades in the industry. You are guaranteed that you can trust Hilco Vision with your eyecare needs. The brand product catalog has expanded over the years. Covering almost all types of frames and lenses. There are 5 distinctive types of products under the catalog of Hilco Vision. Namely the following.

1. Industrial Safety Glasses

Safety first is the reason why most customers prefer industrial safety glasses from Hilco Vision. Meant for professional eyecare protection which are in-demand for engineers, architects, foreman, carpenters and other related fields of work. Protection from dust, flammable materials and hard objects.

2. Sports Sunglasses

Protection from the Sun is what these Sports Sunglasses from Hilco Vision are all about. Equipped with anti glare UV protection on lenses. A great buddy to tag along when outdoors or at times when too much brightness around. These can also be handy when playing sports outside such as baseball. It can endure most impacts like being hit with the ball in the eyes.

3. Frame Replacement Parts

Most parts for glasses and sunglasses are hard to find. So, customers resort to Hilco Vision to find the replacement parts they need. Whether it’s for a broken piece or a lost part of an eyewear, they almost have them. From nose pads, screws, hinges and more.

4. Eyewear Accessories

To keep our glasses and sunglasses in good condition. Proper maintenance is needed. Accessories are essential to clean, protect or polish our eyewear. Such items include cleaning cloth, cases, cleaning kit, liquid cleansers and personalized accessories for customization.

5. Pharmaceutical Eye Drop Medicines

Then again, apart from eyewears. Hilco Vision also provides products for pharmaceutical liquid droppers to soothe or cure our eyes. Some of the notable products include but are not limited to the following. Anesthetic, Antibiotic, Anti-viral, Hydrating drops and Anti Allergies for Eye Allergy. Some doctors get their stocks from them due to the quality of their products.

How Long Can They Make Prescription Glasses?

Typical service hour for a ready to wear prescription glasses should not take longer than an hour. But, because of the edge technology for opticals it could be less depending on the type, customization and queue.

Hilco Vision Repair Service

Apart from selling. They also offer repair service for your glasses, sunglasses or other eyewear. Hilco Vision has been an expert on crafting and maintaining good frames and eyewear products.

Are Hilco Vision Glasses and Sunglasses Worth it??

Apart from the fact that Hilco Vision meets the international standards. It is easy to shop on their website. They have been a trusted brand for more than a decade. The selection among their products for different eye care needs, shows their dedication towards eye health. Protecting your vision with safety glasses, sports sunglasses, frame replacement parts, accessories and pharmaceutical medicines are offered by Hilco Vision.

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