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To begin with, Illesteva Sunglasses is an independently owned eyewear brand. With roots from the south in Downtown New York and manufacturing in Italy and France.

Review On Illesteva Sunglasses

Designing a pair of Illesteva sunglasses happens in-house at their SoHo Studio. Taking cues from downtown New York quarters. While gathering inspiration from around the world for new designs. Their styles are a direct resemblance to their endlessly fascinating trendy styles. They take the passion for modern designs and convert them into pieces that are fundamentally wearable.

The frames are handmade exclusively by the leading manufacturers of luxury eyewear. Located in small family-owned factories in countries of Italy and France. Only the highest grade raw materials are used. This meticulous process takes over 90 days. While it requires more than 50 steps from start to end.

List of Illesteva Sunglasses Collection

Illesteva Sunglasses preserves the concept of quality should be the priority with every process. Research and development are the foundation of their business practice. This dedicated product approach is what keeps their product to speak for their brand concept.

Apart from Illesteva Sunglasses, they also offer prescription glasses. With a few versatilities with the choices on their lens color and functionality. The styles are a direct result of their endless research of getting inspiration with the new trending fashion. They take into consideration what is best for their customers.

1. Regular Type Lenses

Their Regular Type Lenses come in a wide array of colors. Like colors from blue to green. As well as brown to gray. But, they are still considering adding more.

2. Gradient Type Lenses

These Gradient Type Lenses gradually transition from one color at the top corner to another color with a lighter tint of the same color going to the bottom.

3. Semi-Transparent Gradient Lenses

Semi-Transparent Gradient Lenses protect your eyes from glare. That’s what Semi-Transparent Gradient Lenses are for.

4. Mirror Type Lenses

These Mirror Type Lenses reduce the amount of light entering the eyes. While they keep things unexposed for that one mysterious look.

5. Metal Type Lenses

The Metal Type Lenses is a semi-mirror with a little dose of a gradient. The frames are exclusively crafted by the leading manufacturers from Italy and France. While it takes an in-depth process to finish optical lenses to match their customer’s needs.

6. Polycarbonate Type Lenses

The thin, light, and impact-resistant plastic PolycarbonateType Lenses are anti-scratch, anti-reflective coated. Each has 100% UV protection and is included with every purchase of any optical frames.

7. Single Vision Type Lenses

The most popular choice for prescription glasses. The Single Vision lenses correct for one field of vision for nearsighted or farsighted individuals.

8. Progressive Type Lenses

Commonly needed by elderly people. These Progressive lenses correct one distance vision and another one for near vision like reading purposes.

9. Non-Prescription Type Lenses

All of their optical frames come with CR-39 lenses. You can have your optician fill your prescription lenses if you decide to buy just the frames.

History Of Illesteva SunglassesThe Brand

Before the company got launched in 2010. The options for brands of eyewear at a fair price were only a few and far in between. And a handful of companies control the monopolization of most of the eyewear industry. Thus, often forcing brands to produce and focus on either stylish design or premium products. Illesteva Sunglasses wanted their customers to never have difficulty making that choice. Their team’s challenge was to modernize the idea of a simple pair of glasses.

In 2009, co-founder Daniel Silberman went to Italy to outsource manufacturers for the debut collection. Those who were chosen were true artisans who had spent a very long time perfecting elements of the production. Such as metalwork and stuff like hand-mixing acetate. This is the process why no two Illesteva acetate frames are identically the same. The brand name Illesteva was picked out of a meeting with one of those skilled artisans, named Luigi Esteva. While, at the same time, the family infatuation with Casablanca heroine Ilsa Lund combined.

Collaboration Partnership

The years after, since launching in 2009 have involved design collaborations with some of the biggest names in art and culture. Namely, they are Lou Reed, Rashida Jones, and others have lent their names to these unique styles.

Illesteva Sunglasses Order Processing

Please allow up to 3 to 5 working days for your order to process. In certain situations that your order is placed on hold and they are unable to reach you within 7 business days. Illesteva Sunglasses reserves the right to cancel your order.

While, all orders placed between 12:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Friday and 11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Sunday will not be processed until the following working day.

Payment Method Gateways

They accept all major credit and debit cards. While their prices are shown in U.S. dollars currency. If you have a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA), you can use the FSA or HSA card during the checkout process. Because payments like the FSA or HSA are programs that allow you to set aside money (pre-tax) for health care expenses. Like in this case, the vision cares. 

If you’re not sure whether or not you have an FSA or HSA for vision care. Kindly, check with your employer or insurance company for further details. If you don’t have an FSA or HSA, you can still send in the receipt to your insurance carrier for reimbursement. In case your vision insurance coverage includes out of network benefits.

Illesteva Sunglasses Local Delivery

Illesteva Sunglasses offers free delivery of USPS Ground shipping for all domestic orders. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for your order to be processed. While orders placed on a weekend and national holidays are processed the following working day.

If you need a faster shipping method, they do offer a $40.00 Next Day Air Express shipping. Also, for orders placed after 10 AM, Eastern Standard Time with expedited shipping are processed the following business day. For prescription glasses orders, please allow an additional 10 business days.

Illesteva Sunglasses International Delivery

All international orders are shipped via DHL from their New York, USA warehouse. Please allow up to 3 working days for your order to be processed. While it can take 10 business days for your package to arrive. For prescriptions order, please allow an additional 10 business days.

Illesteva Sunglasses Product Return Policy

Illesteva Sunglasses have a 10 days return policy for all orders purchased online at full price. Just simply inform their customer support with the reason for return. Consequently, someone from their customer care department will respond back with an RA#. They want to ensure your package gets to the right place. While your refund is processed within a timely manner; so please make sure to include it.

Items that are not eligible for a full refund.

  • Any sale or discounted items
  • Price of prescription lenses – without any defects
  • Any custom lenses like polarized lenses, tints or mirror lenses
  • Items that are not returned in their original packaging and ripped price tag
  • Items that were exchanged already

Illesteva Sunglasses Repair Warranty

So, if one of your Illesteva Sunglasses or other ordered items does need some repair due to defects. But, you may contact them together with photos of the front, back, and side of the product. So, they can assess if it is repairable and issue an RA# for you. Please allow about one week for repairs to be completed before they are shipped back to you.

Are Illesteva Sunglasses Worth it??

Hence, with quality as it’s a priority, Illesteva Sunglasses and eyewear products are guaranteed to provide your needs in terms of your vision. While the innovative designs are ensured to keep up with the latest trend in eyewear fashion and style.

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