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The Italia Independent is an Italy based company that manufactures and distributes eyewear and sunglasses. The brand of Italia Independent launching in the year of 2007 by 3 people. Namely, Lapo Elkann, Andrea Tessitore and Giovanni Accongiagioco. The brand is popular in Italy for its sleek and innovative eyewear designs. Italia Independent is quickly becoming one of the best picks for global style enthusiasts. With a unique carbon fiber base on frames. Each pair of glasses is very lightweight and durable.

Review On Italia Independent Sunglasses

The brand sells its sunglasses and eyewear in about 70 countries. Italia Independent operates through brand stores, subsidiaries, and agents. As well as through a network of distributors. Italia Independent is a company is entirely under by its holding company, Italia Independent Group. The company is most famous for its sunglasses made of carbon fiber materials.

Italia Independent is the first-ever sunglasses manufacturer and brand to use carbon fiber materials on frames. A few years ago, they tried an innovative technology such as thermosensitive fiber and microfiber linings. Wherein, the company received an award from the MIT Technology Review. The I-Thermic and UV Lux Velvet Effect are cutting-edge treatments for sunglasses. The  I-Thermic Sunglasses allows eyewear to change color in high temperatures, while the UV Lux Velvet Effect Sunglasses gives frames the velvety look.

List of Iconic Italia Independent Novelty Sunglasses

These glasses are unlike anything you’ve ever seen or worn. Amaze your friends on the beach when you show up with your I-Thermic Sunglasses on one color and leave with another. The i-Thermic line makes glasses incredibly versatile based on temperature. So, the wearer doesn’t have to switch sunglasses based on style throughout the day.

1. Disney Sunglasses

It is a Walt Disney mickey/minnie mouse inspired sunglasses.

2. Marvel and Star Wars Sunglasses

The sunglasses concept was taken from Darth Vader from Star Wars. Signature weapons from Marvel Superheroes are printed on sunglasses.

History Of The Company And Brand

The first project that was presented is one of the first sunglasses released is entirely made of carbon fiber. In the year of 2008, Italia Independent was acquired by Italia Independent Group. Structured and created to manage new divisions of the company properly. Italia Independent Group debuted in the stock exchange in 2013. And the year after, which is in 2009 opens the brand’s first showroom in Milan, Italy with sunglasses and clothing collections.

In 2014, the group’s CEO and cofounder Andrea Tessitore received an award. This is from the president of the magazine’s scientific committee and European Commission, Romano Prodi. During recent years, Italia Independent established its presence in Italy and around the world with more branches. The brand debuted in America with a new branch opening in New York in early 2015.

Italia Independent Product Launched

With the release and the initial launch of the first model of Italia Independent sunglasses made entirely of carbon fiber. Additionally, handmade in Italy and presented at the Pitti Uomo in Florence, Italy. In that same year, the three founders of the company created the agency Independent Ideas. While in 2008, Italia Independent Group was founded. The holding company of the various business activities of eyewear, design, and communication. On the 28th of June 2013, Italia Independent Group was listed on the AIM segment of the Italian Stock Exchange.

Combining timeless lines with great quality materials, Italia Independent promotes its eyewear brand quality to the fullest. The company represents the place where the headquarters is located. And draws cultural inspiration and Independent heritage of a good nature towards their sunglasses and eyewear.

The brand made another achievement and progress in 2014 when they became the first to introduce velvet frames to the world. As mentioned above, the MIT Technology Review of Italy recognized Italia Independent for this innovative design and awarded them among one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Italian Companies.

Innovative Design

The year after they were recognized for developing a new technological design with the i-Thermic line. Thermic technology is a complex process that involves the application of a thermochromic substance to the surface of the frame. A chemical reaction then takes into effect when the temperature of the treatment reaches 30 degrees Celsius or 80 degrees Fahrenheit, causing the frame to change its colors.

Payment Method And Gateways

Purchases made on the website can be paid by credit card or PayPal. Every purchase is made with utmost security through the use of the most advanced technological systems in the field of e-commerce and with encryption systems (SSL) to protect your personal data and credit card information from any unauthorized access.

Italia Independent Shipping And Delivery Timeframes

Products purchased on their online store are delivered within 3 business days for Italy address. While it takes 4 business days for other European countries, and within 8 days or more for countries outside the European Union destinations. Deliveries may vary due to different countries’ customs clearance or destination accessibility.

Italia Independent Sunglasses Product Returns

If you are a customer and made a purchase through their store. You have the warranty to return the product without giving any reasons and without any penalty. For as long as it’s within 14 days when you or a third party processed the order and delivered to you.

Italia Independent Collaboration With Adidas

Most recently, Adidas has partnered with the ultra-chic Italian eyewear company to design their first-ever Adidas Original collection. As part of a global ad campaign, Adidas is stepping into the future and this time opening up a new product line exclusively designed by Italia Independent.

Are Italia Independent Sunglasses Worth It?

What separates Italia Independent from other brands of sunglasses and eyewear is their contemporary fashion spirit. Companies like Ducati and Pinko have all were involved in co-designing specialty lines that offer Italia Independent’s signature touch. Even the Star Wars, Disney and Marvel’s movies had a part in it.

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