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    The collection of Julbo Sunglasses is your good option for Extreme Sports. If you are looking for stylish lenses while you are going on a trail run, biking or skiing, then Julbo Sunglasses is the perfect choice for you. Regardless of weather conditions or discipline, these innovative glasses can help you bring out the athlete in you with style and comfort. 

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    Julbo Logo

    How Julbo Sunglasses Started

    Founded by a Jura native, Jules Baud, launched a brand that can compete with other brands in the French eyewear industry. Baud started his company as a designer for optical eyewear. He only has one idea in mind, and that is innovation. During the early 20th century, Chamonix crystal hunters requested for glasses to protect their eyes in the mountain, which Baud gladly complied by designing the Cristallier sunglasses, which marked the birth of Julbo Sunglasses optical sun protection. 

    Review on Julbo Sunglasses

    For the past 130 years, Julbo Sunglasses revolutionized the market by creating groundbreaking eye protection that helped mountaineers conquer the highest peak to people who are into outdoor sports like trail running and mountain biking. Not only that, these glasses and eyewear collection. Also, made sure that they are the best out there by creating prescription glasses and eyewear for kids, offering the same comfort and protection.

    What are Julbo Sunglasses Products and Eyewear?

    Julbo Sunglasses the go-to-glasses when it comes to eyewear for dedicated athletes in all weather conditions. From goggles,  sunglasses and prescription glasses, Julbo delivers. Here are some things about the products that you may want to know:

    Julbo Sunglasses Products

    Julbo Sunglasses

    If you are looking for eyewear that you can use either for sports or casual, Julbo Sunglasses will not fail you, whether it’ll be in and out of the mountains or on and off the trails. Julbo does not only make you look good but can also protect you from the three types of UV Rays and offer you a wide choice of lenses from REACTIVE photochromic lens, standard polycarbonate or polarizing lenses. 

    Julbo Sunglasses

    From the Camino model to vintage Vermont, this eyewear can provide you comfort, performance, and protection. 

    Julbo Goggles

    Julbo Sunglasses offers the best technology when it comes to their goggle collection. With the signature REACTIV Photochromic lenses and the award-winning anti-fog technology of the Superflow System, Julbo’s goggles can provide you the needed protection with a minimalist design. 


    Julbo’s ski goggles provide you with the best vision regardless of the weather condition while keeping you protected from the sun’s harmful rays while in the mountains. 

    Julbo Sunglasses Innovative Technology

    Julbo designed high-performance lenses more than a hundred years ago so that the crystal hunters could return from their mountain expeditions without any eye problems.

    Today, Julbo Sunglasses continue to offer the benchmark solar protection lenses for all walks of life to meet the limitations of every situation. You can see the world whether at sea, desert, in the mountains or snow, with a better vision.

    Julbo Sunglasses REACTIV Photochromic Lenses

    Here are some of Julbo Sunglasses signature lenses: 

    Julbo Polarize Photochromic Lenses
    • Zebra or Performance 2-4

    The brand developed the Zebra for sunglasses in the speed range and snow goggles as well. This photochromic and anti-fog lens is ideal for trail running, climbing, mountain biking and skiing. 

    Here are some of the features of the Zebra Lens

    • High-speed activation from 22 to 28 seconds
    • The visible light transmission rate of 7%-35%
    • Category 2-4 of Photochromic protection
    • No condensation, with excellent anti-fog coating and maximum longevity
    • Prevents marking and facilitates water runoff thanks to its external oil-repellent coating
    • Excellent light protection and receptivity with the help of the gold tint. 
    • Zebra Light or Performance 1-3

    If you are into outdoor sports, this lens is perfect for you. It adapts well to light levels regardless of the time of day.  The photochromic and anti-fog lens can help you face any situation,s with frequent changes in light-levels, with style. 

    • Fast activation speed
    • Yellow tint which increases light receptivity
    • Photochromic protection category 1-3
    • Zebra Light Red

    The Zebra Light Red or the Performance 1-3HC is the same as the Zebra Light, however, this photochromic lens also helps accentuates contrast thanks to its red tint. 


    The Cameleon, also known as the High Mountain, is a polarizing, anti-fog and photochromic lens designed for mountain use as well in the desert environment. 

    Using the NTS technology, this lens gets darker or lighter regardless of the temperature. With the polarizing element added to eliminate glare which provides you with a purity of vision plus the brown tint to provide relief. 

    With Julbo Sunglasses photochromic lenses, whatever outdoor activity you are engaged in, you sure can perform better. 

    Julbo Sunglasses Review
    What are Julbo Sunglasses Shipping Information and Return Policy

    Julbo Sunglasses offers you free shipping and free returns on their qualified products for a limited time If you shop online. They ship within the 50 United States and once you order they will send you a confirmation email which you can use to track your purchase quickly. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return your order within 30 days of receipt. So, there’s no need to worry for Julbo got you covered. 

    Warranty and Repairs

    Committed to building quality and performance products, Julbo Sunglasses stands behind them 100% for the past 125 years. It gives you a Lifetime Warranty for the original owner of the product which applies to all types of manufacturing defects in craft and materials. The warranty also comes in with free repairs listed by Julbo. With Julbo, you got your glasses perfect for your extreme sports activities and a lifetime of the warranty. 

    Reasons Why Julbo Sunglasses is a good choice

    You can find many goggles and sunglasses online. However, they cannot provide the protection and the quality that you need during the roughest and most robust part of the activity you are doing. Julbo Sunglasses does not only offer you style and comfort but also gives you the protection that you need while enjoying your sports activities.

    Aside from being in the industry for over a century, Julbo can keep up with the weather and the type of outdoor sport that you love. A quality that you can trust, Julbo Sunglasses can help you perform better like many athletes that it had supported for the past hundred years.