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    Individual Freedom of Expression is what Kate Spade Sunglasses and Glasses brand is all about. They are a global house of different apparel collection brands powered by positive vision, innovation, and belongingness. They believe that true luxury is a freedom of expression that infused confidence and authenticity. At their company, anyone from any place can share their best idea, and with hard work and motivation, anything is possible.

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    Kate Spade Sunglasses Logo

    The Start of Kate Spade Sunglasses Brand

    Since the brand company, launch in the year 1993 as a handbag store. They always stood for optimistic expression. Today products from Kate Spade Sunglasses Brand are also filled with handbags, clothes, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. With new additions on products such as home decoration, tech accessories and so many other kinds of stuff that you use every day.

    They value new ideas, particularly on fresh details. Kate Spade Sunglasses brand thinks of a new layer of polished products by the looks and feels. They implement a modern style with sophisticated colors that make a personal fashion statement on each brand’s products.  These founding principles results in their defined unique style. Their customers like Kate Spade sunglasses due to their style which is synonymous with joy. The company’s New York counterpart is included in the tapestry house of brands.

    Signature Brand Logo of Kate Spade

    The signature of the brand came after its founder, Kate Brosnahan Spade. She is an accessory editor at Mademoiselle. During her employment, she was frustrated that she could not find the fashionable right handbag for her. Kate has been craving it for years and ended up setting out a design. She made the perfect one out by herself at her apartment.

    KS Signature Branding

    Kate made samples only using materials such as construction paper. The combination of sleek shapes and colorful patterns in an entirely new way was finalized. Including in the process was a debuted six versions of a bag which she named Sam. Consequently, women and fashion editors liked these designs she made for handbags. It started a trend in accessories as well such as Kate Spade Sunglasses.

    Kate Spade Sunglasses Review

    Considering the average pricing, style and materials used we came up with a good rating. It can fairly compete with other brands, not to mention some unique frame colors and style shapes. In our Kate Spade Sunglasses Review, we found that the brand focuses on women empowerment and freedom of expression. It can be seen throughout its product collection.

    Kate Spade Sunglasses Review

    It would not be one of the renowned brands in New York if its reputation is not good enough in terms of customer satisfaction. Getting a pair of Kate Spade Sunglasses or reading glasses, can make you look fashionable for whatever activity you choose. The feminine output is a good concept among its products. Animal prints and cat-eye frames are two of the latest trend when it comes to eyewear. They also offer the classic aviator frames.

    Optical Eyewear Accessories

    Since the brand likes to dress up the classic wear with splashes with ordinary accents, they included Kate Spade Sunglasses too. Their collection of designer sunglasses and reading glasses is a great collection. The brand has frames that fit you such as retro-inspired cat eyeglasses and oversized frames. In addition to sleek glasses for a feminine look with their signature details of course. There is also a pair of designer sunglasses and reading glasses for every activity.

    Collection of Kate Spade Sunglasses

    The most distinct frames among the Collection of Kate Spade Sunglasses are the aviators, animal print, cat-eye frames, and butterfly shapes. As seen below, the gray, pink and brown lenses are observed to be common. They all come in that semi-transparent lenses for the mysterious look.

    Collection Of Kate Spade Sunglasses

    Selection for Kate Spade Reading Glasses

    Unlike their sunglasses, this selection for Kate Spade’s reading glasses only has two basic frame shapes. As observed, the styles are either rectangular or semi-rounded frames. Some of which were still designed with an animal print for those who seek an extraordinary reading glasses designs.

    Selection For Reading Glasses

    Tapestry Brands

    With its advocacy to reduce non-environment-friendly materials being used on products, it has grown affection among environmentalists. Tapestry Brands also promises a good return for all its clients. Their staff and people are future-driven towards fresh ideas and concepts to apply to each product under their bracket. Three of these popular brands are below.

    • Kate Spade
    • Coach Lifestyle
    • Stuart Weitzman

    Method Gateways for Payment

    You can use multiple payment gateways and combine the credits if you want to. Payments through PayPal, Debit or Credit Cards and Gift Cards can be used. It can be used together with a promotional discount voucher or coupon codes during checkout.

    Can I Cancel or Change Order for Kate Spade?

    Since Kate Spade Orders begin processing you place your order on checkout. The shipment is prepared as soon as it is paid. So, you can get your ordered product as quickly as possible. Because of this, Kate Spade Orders cannot be canceled after they have been placed and checkout is finished. And the quick answer is no.

    Can I Cancel Or Change my KS Order

    Delivery tracking and Shipping Time Frame

    Normal deliveries and shipping method takes about 5- 7 business days for orders in America. It can take longer for international orders and may take up to 14 business days, depending on your address. If you want to express service, they also do offer same-day delivery for 5 US dollars if your residence is within America. You can easily track your orders online. You will be provided with a special tracking code for same-day delivery.

    Claim during the Warranty Period

    Selected items and products from Kate Spade, have a warranty timeframe of up to two years from the date of purchase. Be reminded to always keep your receipts and proof of order. These are needed in case you would like to file for a claim on the warranty.

    International Orders Return

    Special instructions are given when returning an ordered product from international addresses. You need to contact Kate Spade Customer Service to initiate a request and receive the instructions.

    What are Kate Spade Contact Email and Phone Number?

    Available support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is provided by Kate Spade customer service. Feel welcome to reach and contact their client support services via email or by phone. Live Chat option is also available via their official website. You can call them on phone number 866-999-5283 or send an email through [email protected].
    What are Kate Spade Contact Email and Phone Number

    Refund and Credit Policy

    You can always expect a refund once eligible and requested for your Kate Spade Sunglasses and Glasses orders. It will be credited in the same form of payment originally you used to purchase. The timeframe for posting is within 30 days after receiving the returned product.

    How to know fake Kate Spade products?

    Please note that authentic Kate Spade products are sold licensed retailers and outlet stores. To check the list online, visit their webpage to find a store near you. Products and sale items are also available on authorized department stores and specialty shops. You can report counterfeit and fake items or products through their counterfeit hotline at 1-833-768-1778.

    Why choose and buy Kate Spade sunglasses and reading glasses?

    If you are a woman looking for a different look, try Kate Spade sunglasses and reading glasses to bring a unique fashion. These items and products are also great as a gift for your special someone if you are a thoughtful guy. They will surely be happy to receive it as a gift. They are great compliments for any outfit and activities.