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Made in New Orleans, Krewe Eyewear is a darling by celebs including Meghan Markle, wife of Prince Harry of England. Who gives off an impression of being a devotee of the brand’s “Gravier” style.

Krewe Eyewear Logo

What does “Krewe” Mean?

The word ‘krewe’ from Krewe Eyewear is in line to the festival of Mardi Gras. Portraying a various gathering of individuals that march in festivity of fair season. The brand name conjures the soul of innovative joint effort. 

Review on Krewe Eyewear

Beside their complimentary eye-catching matte tortoise outlines. Which are finish with 24k gold accents. Krewe’s sunglasses feel for all intents and purposes weightless on the ears and nose. They’re light to the point that occasionally you may forget that you are wearing them.

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Quality Guarantee

They ensure the best quality, and that reaches out past their item. It’s tied in with ensuring that you appreciate the outdoors without the dread of breaking your frames. 

Useful and Scratch Resistant

All KREWE edges are either CR39 or Nylon lenses that are profoundly scratch safe. So, a large portion of the heaviness of glass frames. Also, they offer full-range UVA/UVB security with predominant vision and shading clearness. Their dynamic reflective lenses are built with an alternate methodology, by including a slender layer of reflected film on top. 

New Orleans, Krewe Eyewear Couple

Eco Friendly Material

The frames are hand cut from a plant base acetic acid derivations. Hence, making them more solid than infusion formed plastics (better for you and the earth, as well) 

Polarize Lenses

Regardless of whether your decision of setting is in day off, or the ocean. Outdoor fans and street warriors will need to think about our spellbound determinations. These focal points offer prevalent glare decrease for ideal execution and security. 

Polarized Sunglasses

Anti Reflective Coating

They treat their focal points with an enemy of intelligent covering that constrains the light. Returning through the of the casing and skips into your eye. This covering diminishes glare and guarantees ideal solace and clearness. 

Frame Structure

Numerous eyewear brands will utilize a spring to keep their edges together. Which can without much of a stretch break or release after some time. KREWE Eyewear casings go above and beyond, by including bolted and dashed pivots for enduring soundness and an agreeable fit. 

Design Materials

They utilize simply the best equipment to guarantee enduring soundness and an agreeable fit. So, with a significant number of their edge styles including tough titanium metals. Furthermore, in light of the fact that quality ought to never settle on style. Also a few of their frames include equipment plated in rose gold or 24K gold, for a sumptuous completion. There is a lot of wide selection for Krewe Sunglasses collection.

Krewe Eyewear Replacement

They realize mishaps occur – that is the reason when you purchase from them. They offer a replacement pair should you accidentally break your frame.\

Celebrities who wears Krewe Eyewear

So, among the celebrties who wears Krewe Eyewear are Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex. Other half of Prince Harry. Also, another icon is Selena Gomez. a Top Selling Music Artist

Duchess Meghan Markle
Duchess Meghan Markle
Selena Gomez
Selena Gomez
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