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    All Le Specs Sunglasses are one of a kind. If you are picking out eyewear you need to have a wide selection from a great line up of products. In today’s world, everything we do is a statement.

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    From how you walk to how you talk, every single thing we do communicates who we are and what we are about. That is the case even with our fashion choices. Anyone can look good but what are they saying through their clothes? Are they sophisticated? And are they Fun? Are they Reserved? The same goes for accessories as well. They are the icing to the whole cake.

    Le Specs Company Mindset

    What is Le Specs Sunglasses Philosophy?

    Le Specs Sunglasses is one of the top brands for sunglasses on the planet today. It is an Australian brand founded in 1979 and overtime has reached iconic status. Their philosophy is simple; ensuring well-designed eyewear is accessible to anyone.

    Review on Le Specs Sunglasses

    Branching out of Bondi beach, what they want is for people to love life and be happy by discovering the moments that take them away from the humdrum of the everyday. The culture coming out of the area allowed them to create unique pieces of eyewear that have a bold but fun aura that garnered them a loyal following around the world. One of their best sellers is the polarized collection. So, watch this tutorial video below to know how to test polarization.

    Selection for Eyewear Collection

    With designs coming from their creative director Hamish Tame, Le specs have also collaborated with some unexpected names like Henry Holland, Adam Selman, and Self Portrait. Even though they want their top-notch eyewear to be accessible to everyone, some big-name stars enjoy their work. These names include Lady Gaga, Zayn Malik, and Rihanna, just to name a few.

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    Lady Gaga Le Specs Ambassador

    Men’s Eyewear

    If you don’t know what pair of sunglasses you should get the Le specs website is a great help. Of course, they have a good selection, but they also have a number of great features put in to help their customers. For one, instead of just having one design with their different variations in the actual item page, everything is out on display. Plus the price is on there should that be part of your consideration. So from a layout standpoint.


    Now, as soon as you pick out a pair of glasses, you want you can check the item page, and it will give you more information about that item. Let us look at the Electricool for example. It has a gold frame with a Grey tint polarized lens.


    Plus, it comes with a protective pouch. On top of the technical details of the product, it also has designer notes. With that, the Electricool has a bit of a sci-fi look thanks to its elongated proportions. It also has adjustable nose pads and spring hinges for the right fit


    Another great pair of glasses they have for men is the No Smirking. It has a black rubber frame with a khaki mono lens. It is also a very good protective piece of eyewear with a category 3 lens which is great for UV protection.


    As per the design, it is a modern take on the classic round shape which is the hit look for the season. It also features metal inlay and temple detailing.

    Women’s Eyewear

    With eyewear, it is pretty much on the ladies to turn them into a fashion statement. More bold and flashy eyewear are labeled as for the ladies.

    Half Moon Cat Eyes

    One of the great pieces from their selection is Outta Love. It has a coral frame with a matching coral tint lens. Certainly, a fashionable pair of glasses with a bit of UV protection.

    Liar Liar

    It gives the wearer a chic, minimal nineties look. It uses the slim oval silhouette that is combined with a flat profile that is a hit with the modern taste of today.


    As mentioned earlier Le specs have made some great collaborations. The Last Lolita is a product like that from the Adam Selman collection. This piece is inspired by the mischief Sue Lyon exudes with the sleek cat’s eye design matched with a thick frame and flat lenses.


    It has a smoke mono lens that has a category three lens making it good for UV protection. Plus, it comes in a premium Adam Selman x Le Specs Case with a microfiber cleaning cloth.

    Le Specs Warranty Period

    Lastly, all these pieces of eyewear come with a 1-year warranty from Le Specs. So, you are at ease that you can have your product replaced if something went wrong.

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    Why should you buy Le Specs Sunglasses?

    Another great place to find Le specs glasses are in magazines. For example in a couple of issues of Marie Claire showcases the Last Lolita and the Spartan. In Sports Illustrated it once featured the Flashy. Plus, in Women’s Fitness, the Vertigo pair of glasses was showcased. With all these high profile names and exposure there is no denying the legacy of Le specs. If you want to get to know about them and their products the site is a great place to go and visit

    Le Specs Sunglasses are being a global favorite brand statement. That is in favor of many celebrities who wear their sunglasses. If you visit their site, you will the many celebrities caught in public wearing their stuff. There’s one great photo on there with Bella Hadid in streetwear sporting The Last Lolita. Then there’s one of Niall Horan from One Direction wearing the No Smirking. These celebrities are seen wearing these not just as part of shoots but as part of their daily looks.