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The brand MCQ Eyewear and Glasses or commonly known as Alexander Mcqueen Eyeglasses. The iconic penchant of Alexander McQueen for going beyond the boundaries is highly evident in McQ, its contemporary line. The brand was founded in 2005, with its first flagship store established in Dover Street, London, back in 2012.

Review On MCQ Eyewear And Glasses Collection

Primarily intended to block bright sun rays from damaging the eyes or causing discomfort, MCQ Eyewear and Glasses or Sunglasses come in a wide variety of styles for both men and women. Below are some of them:

List of MCQ Sunglasses for Men and Women

MCQ Eyewear and Glasses mainly draws inspiration from street culture and showcases a line that’s more relaxed yet edgy street style.

1. Classic Aviator Sunglasses

This frame has rimless construction with dark gray lenses. It’s made of 100% metal, with an MCQ Eyewear and Glasses logo engraved on the sunglasses’ left temple.The metallic sunglasses has a single-bridge construction, with the MCQ Eyewear and Glasses logo engraved on the left temple. It’s made of 50% metal and 50% acetate.

2. Jeweled Cat Eye Sunglasses

These cat eye sunglasses have studs and crystals embellished in the frames as well as the temples. It also has a metal swallow on the temple’s tip, with solid gray lenses. The frames are made of 100% acetate.

3. Metallic Frame Cat Eye Sunglasses

This pair features gold metallic frames, with pink gradient lenses and an MCQ Eyewear and Glasses logo on the left temple. It’s made of 50% metal, 50% nylon.

4. Half Rim Cat Eye Sunglasses

The sunglasses are made of 100% acetate, with metallic round studs all across the front. It has gray lenses which are also UV protective.

5. Cut Lens Pilot Sunglasses

These pilot-inspired sunglasses have a gold metal frame with a double-bridge construction on top of the frame, which connects the brown mirrored cut lenses. A pair is made of 90% metal and 10% acetate.

6. Octagonal Gravity Bar Sunglasses

A pair of metal-frame sunglasses which features an avant-garde look, with a flat gravity bar which runs across the top of the the line frame. It has octagonal solid gray lenses that are UV protective. It’s made out of 90% metal, and 10% acetate.

7. Caravan Frame Sunglasses

The pair is made of 100% metal and features a single bridge construction. An engraved logo of MCQ Eyewear and Glasses can be found on the left temple. Its lenses are UV protective and mirrored silver.

8. Round Gravity Bar Sunglasses

The frames are avant-garde inspired, featuring a flat gravity bar along the frame’s topmost part. It’s made of 90% metal and 10% acetate, with the lenses providing UV protection.

Where Can You Buy MCQ Sunglasses, Eyewear, And Glasses?

Aside from residents of the UK who shop on MCQ Sunglasses website. Such online stores or other retailers and Amazon stores are currently accessible in some of the following countries and locations.

  • Albania
  • Belgium
  • Luxembourg
  • Poland
  • Switzerland
  • America
  • Argentina
  • Canada
  • Mexico
  • United States
  • Venezuela
  • Asia
  • Brunei
  • China
  • Indonesia
  • Japan
  • Kuwait
  • Africa
  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Madagascar
  • South Africa
  • Morocco

How much is the price of MCQ Sunglasses and Eyewear?

Aside from getting to choose from a wide variety of sunglasses, you may also select an item based on your current budget, given MCQ Eyewear and Glasses extensive price range across its products. A pair of frames would cost around £ 139.00 to £ 159.00.

You may also try to check if there’s a pair of sunglasses on sale. A pair of aviator sunglasses can go as low as £ 99.00 from around £ 139.00.

MCQ Eyewear Shipping Information

Standard shipping will take approximately four to six working days. If you prefer express delivery, it will take about one to three working days. Other shipping options available are Saturday shipping, and next day shipping.

On their website, you can quickly check on your order in the “Follow Your Order” page. You need to type in the corresponding order number of the item you purchased in the provided space, and you will quickly see the information about the delivery status.

If you’ve just finished an order transaction, your order details will show up in a couple of minutes.

What is MCQ Sunglasses Return And Exchange Policy?

  1. Fill up the Return Form. The item you’re returning should still be in original condition, with the tags and the packaging still intact. Otherwise, MCQ Eyewear and Glasses won’t be able to accept such a return or issue the supposed refund.
  2. You should pack the item in a box and put UPS’ prepaid label as this guarantees a refund in case it gets lost en route to MCQ Eyewear and Glasses warehouse located in Italy.
  3. Get in touch with UPS to make pick-up arrangements.As there are merchandising restrictions, all returned items should be shipped from the same area where the item was purchased. As soon as your returned item arrives at the warehouse, it should take about three to seven working days for processing.
  4. In case your return doesn’t meet the conditions above, your package shall be resent to you. If your item is accepted, however, you can expect to receive an email confirming the refund that will be issued to you.

The Fanzine MCQ Sunglasses Website

MCQ Eyewear and Glasses website is more than just an online store as it has Fanzine which allows you to read through the latest creative projects of the brand, behind-the-scenes exclusives, as well as parties and inspiration. The site will enable you to stay in-the-know and updated with what’s the latest offering the brand has.

Are MCQ Sunglasses and Eyewear Worth It?

Just when other people thought fashionable and functional eyewear wouldn’t go well together, MCQ Eyewear and Glasses Shop has set the bar high in terms of infusing both functionality and fashion, without missing on the part of being accessible to everyone, almost anywhere in the world.

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