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Montblanc Sunglasses


Get to know the maker of sophisticated and high-quality products of Montblanc Sunglasses. Are you looking for the best eyewear that has a stylish look and can provide you complete comfort? This brand is one of your options.

Montblanc Sunglasses Review

The company started its journey in 1924 as the creator of the Meisterstück fountain pen. Alfred Nehemias and August Eberstein led it. It became a successful international company in 1908 when Wilhelm Dziambor, Christian Lausen, and Claus Johannes Voss continued managing the group by producing high-class gold and fountain pens. 

The Montblanc Sunglasses Team

Numerous master craftspersons work together conscientiously and transfer their hearts and souls into the beautiful products that exude splendid peace for you and your special someone. The unbending demands on style, shape, and resources can be seen in all the products. The team has robust artistry to deliver the best for you.

List of Montblanc Sunglasses and Glasses

Through European craftsmanship, the perfectly handmade creation has been recognized as out of the ordinary. Since then, exquisite collections emerged from the company, especially the new generation of writing instruments with captivating design— Starwalker. Montblanc Sunglasses is also famous for bringing elegant timepieces that were precisely crafted by hand to the finest of Swiss custom. It provides consumers delight through beautifully made leather items, brilliant jewelry, and captivating fragrances.

1. MB Eyewear

Montblanc Sunglasses Featured Products

Through Montblanc, you can ensure that you get the most beautiful frames made from the finest materials. Get to know these featured sunglasses that will marvel you:

2. Starwalker Sunglass

The design of these sunglasses is based on the style of “StarWalker” writing implement. The eyewear provides utmost comfort because the item consists of the injected temples and acetate frame. To exude a clean and modern look, the sunglasses have rectangular brown lenses. The solid front endings have thin tips that make this elegant eyewear lightweight for your convenience. 

3. Montblanc Starwalker Sunglasses

Starwalker sunglasses come from Italy, and the lenses are by Zeiss. Additional features include:

  • The color of the frames is shiny dark Havana, and the type of rim is full. 
  • With visible transmittance of 11.40%, this eyewear provides ultraviolet ray protection of 100%. 
  • The lens filter category is 2 (100%).
  • The bridge is composed of acetate.

4. Streamlined Sunglass

This is a Montblanc Sunglasses product that has model frames showing a timeless classic. The light metal design of the frames that supports the lenses from the back is one-of-a-kind because they look like thin shadows. Streamlined sunglasses are high-quality items that are made in Italy and the lenses are by Zeiss.  The Streamlined collection of Montblanc Sunglasses comes with various features such as the following:

5. Montblanc Streamlined Sunglasses

Streamlined sunglasses with metal and acetate frames: Color of lenses include blue, vintage brown, brown with gunmetal flash, dark smoke with electric flash, and smoke with flash blue or silver. The visible ray transmittance is from 9.35% up to 23.60%. Available shapes of lenses are square, round, and pilot, which is very popular. All of them have 100% ultraviolet ray protection for your eyes and with full rim.

Injected Frames

Colors of frames that you can choose from are shiny black, shiny dark Havana, shiny black, and dark tortoiseshell. There are two possible shapes of lenses such as oval and rectangular. Lens colors include gradient smoked, roviex, smoke, green with flash silver. All of the items are guaranteed to provide 100% ultraviolet ray protection for your eyes with full rim. Visible Ray Transmittance range includes 9.35% up to 17.46%.

6. Ultralight Sunglasses

Montblanc Sunglasses pilot collection is ultra-lightweight with a sporty look. The Memory-flex steel frames provide complete comfort to the wearers. With exquisite temples, the end pieces can be injected and adjusted. All these items have metal frames with full rim. Types of brides are ruthenium and metal. The colors of frames available are shiny gunmetal, shiny pale gold, and rhodium.  

Visible ray transmittance range includes 13.95% up to 29.95%.  You can guarantee that they provide 100% ultraviolet ray protection for your eyes. Two shapes of lenses can complete you such as pilot and rectangular pilot shape. Available lens colors are smoke, smoke with electric flash, gradient brown with flash bronze, and ravi ex with flash gold. All are made in Italy, and the lenses are by Zeiss.

Montblanc has a lot of all-embracing lists for you. It’s a trusted provider of exclusive watches, jewelry instruments, and captivating leather items.

8. MB Watches

Price Of Montblanc Sunglasses

How much are Montblanc Sunglasses?

The price range of Montblanc Eyewear ranges from 250 to 400 US dollars.

Shipping Information

Estimated delivery time frame is between two to three business days. Delivery options include standard delivery and express delivery. The shop provides free shipping cost for express distribution.

Note: The Company does not ship items to hotels, packing stations, and post boxes. Deliveries are not possible on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holidays.

Montblanc Sunglasses Warranty And Return Policy

Montblanc Sunglasses policy caters international guarantee of two years from the date of purchase. This covers imperfections in manufacturing and materials. For returning the product, the Company accepts items bought on the website or via the customer service team with no charge. 

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