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Sunglasses evolve in terms of appearance and style. However, Mosley Tribes Sunglasses frames remain as a top of the line in the field of fashion.

Review On Mosley Tribes Sunglasses

Created by the popular eyewear brand Oliver Peoples and marketed by the famous luxury Italian manufacturer Luxottica, Mosley Tribes Sunglasses is a legend. It comes with 100% protection against UV, and it constantly works on new classic and trendy designs every year. If you have their polarized sunglasses like the stafford. Click to watch the video below for testing your eyewear.

How The Company Began

The name MOSLEY is actually synonymous with the “expression of a euphoric feeling.” The world TRIBES refers to its usual meaning – a group of people who share common beliefs and rituals. With a tonal logo that is represented by M and T, the symbolism is all about the independence of thought and action.

Mosley Tribes Eyewear is a brand that uses VFX lens technology for their sunglasses. It is this VFX lens technology that defines its durability. Mosley began in 2005 as a brand that combines aesthetics and design with the trendy urban lifestyle and the world of sports.

It is a sub-brand of Luxottica, the famous Italian eyewear maker since 1961. Mosley Tribes Sunglasses is all about sleek, stylish and elegant frames that basically use titanium and injected plastic in order to keep it lightweight. This is perfect for highly active individuals with a fast-paced lifestyle.

What happened to Mosley Tribes sunglasses company?

In the year 2006, Oakley company acquired the Mosley Tribes brand for a deal price of over 50 million US dollars. The following year Luxottica Group, makers of Ray Ban also acquires their rival, Oakley, in 2007 fir the cost of more than 2 billion USD.

Best Seller Review on Mosley Tribes Sunglasses for men

Mosley Sunglasses borrows the style of the brand established in 1986, Oliver Peoples, and gives the original brand an authentic urban touch. In fact, Mosley Sunglasses is always described as coming from Oliver Peoples.

Mosley classic aviator sunglasses are called Raynes. Raynes is associated with David Beckham, Reese Witherspoon, Jake Gyllenhaal, and all other celebrities that have worn them. So, Raynes comes with a double saddle nose bridge as well as high-quality silicone nose pads.

Mosley Tribes Sunglasses Raynes Aviator

Raynes is a Mosley Sunglasses sub-brand that is inspired by the stunning landscape, the laid-back atmosphere of Los Angeles, and the diverse cultures. Most Raynes sunglasses come with metal stems which have rubber tips and good lenses that are generally 6.4 centimeters in width.

Aviatrix Sunglass

The unisex Mosley Tribes Sunglasses Aviatrix is a modified version of the aviator type of sunglasses. Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon and Lance Armstrong have made the Mosley Aviatrix more popular than it already is.

It comes with the usual UV-protection feature and a wide range of colors which include rose gradient, midnight express, rosewood, blue gradient, and green gradient.

Mosley Tribes Sunglasses Lyndel

Mosley Tribes Sunglasses is actually inspired by the elements of Native American culture and arts. Thus, its Lyndel sunglasses category boasts of hand-beaded temples.

These temples have multi-colored ceramic beads that are created by graphic designer Jenny Dayco.

Mosley Tribes Sunglasses Flynn

Flynn comes with a retro-inspired frame that has an elegant aviator style. It is what the Blues Brothers would have decided to wear if they had a choice. The Flynn category has a thin metal rim and polished acetate arms that complement the VFX lenses.

There is the MT logo of Mosley Tribes Sunglasses strategically embossed on the temples. The plastic nose pads are also ideal for improving the comfort and fit of the sunglasses. Some also have tortoise brown sides to give the eyewear a classic touch.

Mosley Bromley

The Bromley category has an over-sized modified aviator design with black and gray gradient lenses. With a polished black acetate for the metal rim, the Bromley is a combination of a classic look with a modern flare.

These exceptionally well-built sunglasses are ideal for a fast-paced life as they continue to hold even after several rounds of golf. Armed with the unsurpassed clarity of Mosley Tribes Sunglasses. The Bromley is a truly inspiring and interesting category of eyewear.

Mosley Tribes Shipping Information And Policy

All Oliver Peoples eyewear, which includes Mosley Tribes Sunglasses, come with free shipping in the United States. Orders are delivered within five business days, and all shipments have been completely insured against theft, loss, or damage.

Other local versions of the online store may deliver to addresses outside the United States. Just select the destination country from the provided link on the website to see if delivery to that country is available. However, shipments to all P. O. mailboxes are simply not possible. Orders to such addresses are automatically canceled.

Shipment Confirmation

You will receive an email that confirms the carrier’s details and the tracking number as soon as the order has been processed and shipped. Also, it is important to check the condition of the ordered goods when they arrive at your place. You may always refuse the delivery if you have any concerns.

Product Return Condition

You can return any product purchased from Mosley Tribes Sunglasses website for whatever reason within 30 days from the time you received the shipment. Return the product and get a refund for it. Call the Customer Service for that particular online store, and they will prepare the Return Label & Authorization for you.

The purchased items will be returned to the mother company, Luxottica, at the indicated address on the Return Label within 14 days after the time that you informed the company about your decision to return the products.

Warranty Claim Confirmation

After this, you will receive an email notification, and you should wait for your refund within 15 business days from the time of the Luxottica’s receipt of the returned products. The company will bear any direct costs incurred in returning the items.

In the case of faulty goods and replacements, the company will send you a new product as soon as it has received the new product and processed it in its warehouse. The specific online store can only accept returned products originally purchased from that store itself. All refunds will go through the original payment method.

How much are Mosley Tribes Sunglasses?

There is a huge price range for Mosley Tribes sunglasses, but the ideal range is from $150 to $350. Mosley Tribes glasses bear with them Luxottica’s touch of elegance and Oliver People’s innovative design and taste of luxury. Mosley Tribes itself uses state-of-the-art VFX technology for protected vision to compensate its prices. However, you should watch out for great discounts.

Technology Structure

Mosley Tribes Sunglasses comes with one of the best and most exclusive technologies, the VFX powered lenses. Aside from the benefits, it gives to you, it maintains the sturdiness of the eyewear itself. Mosley Tribes comes from a long line of elegant luxury eyewear because of its connection with Oliver Peoples and Luxottica.

With a generous return policy and equally efficient shopping and delivery procedure, you will never have to think twice about getting your hands on Mosley Tribes.

Reasons To Choose And Buy Mosley Tribes Sunglasses

The Mosley Tribes eyewear is a unisex collection started by Oliver Peoples’ founders Bill Barton and Larry Leight. Its VFX visual benefits include relief for eye strain and fatigue, reduction in the brightness of light, higher contrast for immediate surroundings, and the elimination of all types of glare.

Mosley Tribes Sunglasses is using exclusive technology for its advanced VFX lenses. This explains the brand’s durability and lightweight and attractive appearance. The retro-inspired image comes from Oliver Peoples while Mosley Tribes itself continues to collaborate with other street brands.

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