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Highlight your style with Mykita Sunglasses and Mykita Glasses. Show off your new clothes with these adorable shades and glasses accessories. Staying in style can be hard. We live in a world that has 52 fashion seasons in one year. But, all you need to do is to be smart about it. Keep your clothes nice and straightforward, then have a piece or two of quality accessories to highlight your style.

Review On Mykita Sunglasses And Glasses

The first time you hear the brand Mykita. You may think that it might be a Japanese brand. But, on this Review On Mykita Sunglasses And Glasses. In fact we found out that it is actually a Germany Brand specifically in Berlin. The minimalist brand has become known over the years for its lightweight frames and use of innovative materials and fashion-forward designs that redefine luxury eyewear. Besides the lenses, the whole production of the frame has nothing to do with companies in the eyewear business. Sometimes I think we’re more in line with industrial or product design than fashion design.

What are MYKITA Glasses and Sunglasses Product Design?

Speaking of their Eyewear Design process, MYKITA Sunglasses and Glasses takes the unique approach of accentuating the material they use for MYKITA Sunglasses. Making the material central to the design of the final product makes for a unique and dependable pair of glasses.

This eventually became the key aspect of their first-ever collection: an openly displayed spiral hinge. This technical solution turned design staple of the line also became a philosophy for their design; “ it must also be aesthetic”.

Where are Mykita Glasses and Sunglasses made from?

The Mykita brand is actually based from Berlin, Germany and it distributes glasses and sunglasses all over the world. From America, Europe and Asia and retailers and distributors from other nations. The brand name was inspired from a former daycare centre called Kita. Today, Mykita Glasses and Sunglasses represents the culture of curiosity. As well as progressive learning from continues to define the eyewear company.

We go to medical exhibitions to find medical silicon or material tech and automotive industries to collect our materials. Most brands start with the look that they want to achieve then build the materials around it. We take the opposite route, with materials as our starting point.

Mykita Mylon Pantara Series Product Review

Never doubt the look and feel of the Mykita Mylon Pantara Series materials. Because based on this quic review, each frame is achieved by a proprietary innovative finishing treatment. Despite its high-technolgy production, the pigmented, matt surface has an authentic organic quality. This is embellished when paired with classy steel or mirrored lenses. In line with the textured design on ergonomic function of sportswear.

The HYBRID Mykita Mylon Pantara Series, exemplifies magnificence in construction by bringing together two important factors of the modern manufactoring. First, the precision craftsmanship and second, the advanced technologies used for production. Stainless steel joints the laser sintered MYLON materials via effortless linked connections that uses a unique outdoor performance to maximize the materials capacity, to make it impact resistant.

Best Sellers For Mykita Sunglasses And Glasses

MYKITA was founded in Berlin, Germany in 2003. It’s the first facility used to be a daycare center which is somewhat poetic given their playful approach to their designs. With no big manufacturer behind it, MYKITA’s production process is a combination of in house manufacturing techniques, handcrafting precision, and new technologies. They call it “Modern Manufactury.” Their founder Moritz Krueger is refurnishing the brand. Over the years, Mykita widened its expansion and brought branches in America, Europe, and Asia.

Selection For Prescription Eyeglasses Frames

Even though glasses are now a fashion, they are tools first and foremost. One essential use of eyewear is to help those with sight problems. MYKITA uses its design and production philosophies to help users not only see clearly but look good at the same time. Here are a few examples.

Mylon Pantara Glasses 3D Printed Prescription

Connecting the gap between style and sporty design. The Mylon Pantara Glasses 3D Printed Prescription is made using a dynamic printing technique called Selective Laser Sintering. The glasses frames are exceptionally lightweign, sturdy and adaptable. Made of a trendy mix of stainless steel and matt laser printed MYLON material. This is a HYBRID line delivering an ultra modern and refined aesthetic eyewear.

Jude From The NO1 Collection

This unisex frame comes in either a nearly black frame among other colors. This panto shaped piece came from the foundational line of the brand. Using metal sheets and folding them into 3D shapes like origami art pieces. The Jude is made from a light Stainless Steel material that uses the patented spiral hinge. Lastly, it is individually adjustable to fit any face.

Bibi From The Decades Collections

Bibi comes from the Decades collection which takes the looks from past decades and molding them to fit the now. This unisex par comes in many frames like Gold and Basalt, Silver and Black, and, Gold and Blue Grey. It is made of top quality light stainless steel with the patented spiral hinge. Lastly, for comfort, it has silicone temple tips and nose pads.

NO1 Henning

This frame is made for men, the shape of the frame helps shape a man’s face for a more formal look. The glasses itself has a classic look but with a sleeker design for a more modern and minimalist flavor. It comes in a number of colors like Navy, Blackberry, and Dark Brown. It still has the silicone nose pads for comfort, and it is also made for light stainless steel material.

Mykita Sunglasses Frame Designs

Aside from helping you see clearly MYKITA glasses also help protect your eyes from harmful everyday rays. Their sunglasses have glare protection and UVA and UVB filter. On top of that these glasses still, look good too, Here are some examples.

Mylon Sunglasses 3D Printed Turbo Sun Collection

One of the finest collection is the Mylon Sunglasses 3D Printed Frane from Turbo Sun Collection. It is Adaptable for any activity with an exceptionally light and sturdy construction. Materials are made from the finest polyamide powder. These are fused into hard objects like steel using a 3D printing innovative technology called Selective Laser Sintering. forming a multi layer manufacturing. Through a high-tech material which allows a flecibility to design the product frame. The collection illustrates an unrestraint shapes and corners with a unique style.

Alessia From The Decades Collection

They say that 7 is a lucky number, but you don’t need the luck to look good in the Alessia. This uniquely shaped ladies eyewear feels modern and retro all at the same time. The seven corner design works well with the color options like the Champagne gold and Aurore frame and the Dark Purple Flash Lens. Of course, even if you won’t be stunned by the anti-reflective inner coating of these glasses.

Keelut From The Lite Collection

When you are out and under the sun, the last thing you want is to have your glasses feel uncomfortable. The Lite collection addresses that using sleek stainless steel or acetate mixed materials to provide exceptional comfort. They do not sacrifice the looks though as the Keelut is a funky pair that comes in all sorts of fly colors like glossy golden mixed with champagne, Trinidad, and creamy cookie. Going back to comfort the pair also has acetate temple ends and is individually adjustable.

Dodo From The First Collection

MYKITA gives everyone a style edge even the younger wearers. The first line is intended for children eight and over, but you wouldn’t guess that from some of the designs. The Dodo, for example, would look good on anyone on a warm day outside or at the beach. This comes with the same protective coating any MYKITA eyewear would have to give the your eyes comfort and 100% protection from UV rays or glare. They are also made of the same top-quality Stainless steel material to ensure quality.

Overview On Mykita Sunglasses And Glasses

Mykita Eyewear is some of the best pairs of glasses you can get out there. Their unique approach to making glasses result in some great product. So great in fact that they can be seen in publications like GQ, Vogue, ELLE, Nylon, and Bazaar. The idea that even the solution is aesthetic makes their glasses feel more solid no matter the design philosophy they use at the moment.

mykita glasses and sunglasses review

Are Mykita Glasses and Sunglasses worth it?

If you are looking to make a statement without always having the best clothes, then accessories are the way to go. Any simple outfit can be elevated to the next level by an accessory, great belt, bag, shoes, or Mykita eyewear. Now, don’t go buying any pair of glasses off the street. Get a pair that is unique, well thought of, and amazing. Get yourself a Mykita Glasses and Mykita Sunglasses.

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