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    Oakley Sunglass: a leader in the sports and optical industries

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    Review on Oakley Sunglass

    To begin with, Oakley Sunglass was named after an English Setter — Oakley Anne, the brand, Oakley, was established and founded by James Jannard in 1975. It was acquired in 2007. Currently, holding above 600 patents for eyewear, performance gear and materials.

    What are all the Oakley Products?

    Oakley innovates and produces sports performance equipment and lifestyle pieces, sports visors, optical frames, sunglasses, ski/snowboard goggles, and other exclusive items such as watches, backpacks, and apparel. Moreover, holding above 850 patents, Oakley is a brilliant product design and sports performance trademark worldwide.

    How did the company started?

    The company initially began its work from a garage. Unconventional thinking brings together the members of the team to render untiring dedication to providing the best work all the time. Also, the organization guarantees that all the Oakley lenses meet and go beyond the testing requirements of the benchmark of performance for the eyewear industry — American National Standards Institute — to bring excellent protection against “high-speed” impact that no other lens provides to consumers. Oakley goes beyond in precision without compromising performance and quality.

    Oakley Sunglass Featured Products

    Glasses that you can find through Oakley can fit any lifestyle. Moreover, a plethora of astonishing eyewear is available for both men and women when you visit the website. These choices will amaze you:

    Radar – New Arrival

    Oakley Sunglass continuously makes great active glasses and elegant enough for everyday use. The performance-driven frames are an ideal mix of style, quality, and durability. New arrivals include fresh Latch Key collections that are unique and incorporate half-rim twist to the famous original series.

    Holbrook Prescription Sunglasses

    To turn your dreams into reality, you need a gear that performs with a purpose. Oakley’s prescription sunglasses are designed precisely to your needs. Oakley provides the best custom prescription.

    Polarized Holbrook Sunglasses

    So, the possibilities of glare-free vision are made into reality with polarized lens technology. Also, Oakley polarized lenses have iridium coating that aids in decreasing glare to enhance your sight.

    Oakley Prizm Eyewear

    While, the Company has a ground-breaking advancement that dramatically improves your performance by giving ultra-precise color tuning whether you’re on the mountain, field, road, and in water.


    In addition, these are the favorite eyewear collections of consumers. Includes Wind Jacket® 2.0, Half Jacket® 2.0, M2™ Frame XL, Radar® EV Pitch®, Flak 2.0, and a lot more.

    Aviator Lifestyle Sunglasses

    Certainly, these are one of the best selling Lifestyle Eyewear collection of Oakley.

    Flight Jacket Sports Sunglasses

    So, these are must-haves for you to enjoy your adventure and maintain your performance level. Hence, specially designed lenses with maximum protection and vision enhancement capabilities are being manufactured to meet your demands in every activity that you’ll embark.

    Youth Kids Flak Sunglasses

    While, Oakley provides state-of-the-art eyewear collections for young consumers. Your kids will look stunning in every occasion or in-the-field excursion.

    Clifden Limited-Edition Eyewear Collection

    Likewise, Oakley ensures that the limited-edition eyewear collections are one-of-a-kind giving an outstanding look to the wearer. Also, the classic Frogskins list exudes artwork inspired by the transport maps and graphics in four essential cities.

    The collection includes Frogskins Urban Commuter LA, Frogskins Urban Commuter Milan, Frogskins Urban Commuter NYC, and Frogskins Urban Commuter Tokyo. There are more seasonal items that are functional, amazing, and gorgeous when you visit the online shop.

    Eyewear Accessories

    • Cleaning Kit: Nanoclear™ Lens Cleaner and Hydrophobic is a complete package that enables you to make your lenses always clean and provide a specially engineered coating in one step.
    • Cases and Micro Bags: These are must-haves to carry your valuable eyewear and adequately protect them.
    • Temples and Nose pads: The materials are built. To last and provide every wearer complete comfort in every activity.
    • Replacement Lenses: Oakley Sunglass has available replacement lenses as a pair to sustain the superior optics of lens expertise. A lot of colors and options are available too.

    Oakley Policy and Shipping Information

    On the other hand, you can conveniently shop through and here are the available shipping choices:

    • 2 Business Days: Delivery is free, and Oakley makes sure that you’ll have the item in two business days.
    • Standard Shipping: This usually takes nine business days before you receive the product.
    • APO/FPO Standard Shipping: This will take fourteen business days to reach your address. Delivery is free.
    Oakley Sunglass for Fashion
    Oakley Sunglass

    Subsequently, all shipments are delivered fully insured. Take note that Oakley can only send items to these addresses:

    • Within the fifty United States
    • Within U.S. Territories such as Puerto Rico and Guam

    Reminder: Once your order transports, a confirmation email will be sent containing what carrier was used and the corresponding tracking digits.

    But, for eyewear products, the limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty is within two years. Also, the company caters repairs, especially if you need additional help after consulting the retailer. Likewise, Oakley allows product returns within 45 days from the date you received the item.

    How Much Do Products Cost

    However, with a wide range of designs and functions, the prices vary such as the following:

    • New Sunglasses: From $123 up to $313
    • Prescription Sunglasses: From $353 up to $422.
    • Polarized Sunglasses: From $102 up to $243.
    • Oakley Prizm Eyewear: From $133 up to $313.
    • Lifestyle Sunglasses: From $123 up to $240.
    • Sports Eyewear: From $143 up to $263.
    • Youth Sunglasses: From $123 up to $173.

    Reasons Oakley Sunglass is the Best

    In other words, it never fails to bring trending eyewear collections. Oakley Sunglass has an unending passion for technology, sports, innovation, and service for consumers. In the same vein, lot of world-class athletes to participate at the highest level competitions choose this brand because of innovative lens technologies, particularly the Prizm™.

    Also, Oakley Sunglass gives hope to non-profit organization aligned with the brand and business by providing donations to aid charitable activities. In conclusion, the company believes in empowering individuals facing the hardest challenges in life.