Ochis Coffee Sunglasses

So, be amazed by Ochis Coffee Sunglasses. The world’s first organic sunglasses made of natural coffee grounds and flax with Polarized Lenses. But, you read that right. Ochis Sunglasses made by coffee lovers and the first of its kind. Materials are made out of 100 percent organic materials.

Review On Ochis Coffee Sunglasses

Nowadays, growth in trend is seen among people looking for an eco-friendly product to help protect the environment. Together with the world government, promoting the advocacy for an ecological environment. Another inspiring eyewear idea came out of it. Introducing Ochis Coffee Sunglasses, an amazing invention from an ecological concept.

The Ochis Sunglasses made by coffee lovers. Perfect for enthusiasts of this beverage who would like to try something new. But, they do not expect them to have a selection for ice-cold or hot brew sunglasses though. That would have been remarkable if it was a reality!

List of Reasons Why Would You Buy Ochis Coffee Sunglasses

Here are a few reasons why you would be interested in this eyewear, apart from the fact that you are a coffee lover. Make sure to consider all the features of the Ochis Coffee Sunglasses that are highly praised by their customers. Primarily, there are 7 things that might change your decision before purchasing this sunglasses.

1. Handmade Product

Manual creation of this fine frame by expert crafters. So, a brief background from these crafters is that they have more than 15 years of experience in the optical industry. Consequently, you are guaranteed that you can expect the best from the products of Ochis Sunglasses made for coffee lovers. Don’t worry though, as it does not take 15 years to be delivered right at your doorstep. 

2. Polarized Lenses

What more can you ask for, from these extraordinary sunglasses? X-ray vision! Nope, that’s not it. While the frames are flexible, the crafters have infused it with polarized lenses for added functionality. With its cellulose triacetate Polarized lenses with UV-filter and anti-scratch coating. It’s as effective as the ones from the market. You can even order the lens color once you purchase it. If you want to know how to test the polarization of a sunglass. Please refer to our guide.

3. Lightweight

In addition, since this is not made out of heavy metal. But, Ochis Sunglasses are made out of Coffee Grounds. So, the selected materials are all-natural and organic. It is absolutely light in weight as a feather. The difference is that you no longer need to pluck them to wear off. It’s like you wouldn’t even know it’s there when you’re wearing them. Making you feel comfortable wearing them on for long hours without feeling discomfort.

4. Water-Resistant

You may be skeptical that it may be washed off by water because Ochis Sunglasses are made from coffee grounds. But, the fact is that these sunglasses are water-resistant. Moreover, you don’t have to worry that your newly bought sunglasses could melt or dissolve in water. But, just try not to put it in a cup and pour boiling water in it because it could have a different result. 😉

5. Flexible Bendable Frame

If one of your top concerns is that if these sunglasses would fit your face. Then with these sunglasses, that’s the least of your worries. The flexible frame will fit the width of your face and will not break in case the temple arms are narrower.

Because the earpiece is bendable it is comfortable to wear. But in general, the entire frame is actually flexible. So, you can adjust it the way you want it to fit in your face. Added to that, the nose bridge can also be adjusted to pull the temple arms back further.

6. Durable

So, even if these sunglasses wear off by any chance. These sunglasses can withstand the impact from a single drop. Because the entire eyewear structure was built for durability as well. In addition, with the picture below, a drop test was conducted outdoors. You could see that it has no impact by falling just from a few meters from the ground. But, of course, the result is not going to be the same when your partner is mad and throws it off at you. ^^’

7. Recyclable

Because Ochis Sunglasses is an eco-friendly product. It can degrade in soil when left for a very long time. So, in case you no longer need your pair of coffee sunglasses. You can bury them on the ground and serve as fertilizer. But, please if you treasure your Ochis Sunglasses made from coffee grounds, do not bury them like a treasure chest. 😀

How Ochis Coffee Sunglasses Started?

This eco-friendly product invention was started in Yugoslavia. It started as a crowdfunding project. It acquired great support from the public and finally set to planning. So, the official launch and delivery of its first set of products were released in March 2019. These coffee sunglasses were brewed and made by optical crafters and considered as experts in this industry.

Sunglasses Made from Coffee Beans

A lot of coffee lovers and eco-friendly citizens have been some of their first patrons. But, the reason behind the eyewear popularity could be because of the new experience. So, the fact that Ochis Sunglasses is owned by coffee lovers and made possible for worldwide production was a new trend. In addition, you can sniff a bit of its smell by having a fresh coffee aroma from its frames. It was even featured on different public channels because of its breakthrough.

List of Ochis Sunglasses Frames and Styles Collection

Select the frame and style that fits your personality. There is a lot to choose from. When it comes to the lens color, size, and shape, this collection would help you find one of your likings. So, have a closer look at each model type.

1. Archetype Frame

If you’ve seen, Wayfarer sunglasses. It may somehow resemble them. The Archetype Sunglasses are simply elegant. It has a higher nose temple and a classically interesting design paired with dark gray lenses.

So, it’s patrons are mostly from the business industry. The structure of the top frame is straight. While, as it goes to the bottom, it gets rounded. Merely, looks pretty well on formal wear and great for a late afternoon meeting.

2. Dandy Frame

Wanna shout, up, up, and away? Then the Dandy Frame will give you that Superman Clark Kent look. The design was actually made for everyday use. It features gradient gray and white lenses that give a mysterious look.

Mostly good as a computer eyewear protection because of it’s semi-transparent lenses. It fits both outdoor and business casual styles. Some of the lens colors are also ideal for indoor places such as an office.

3. Round Frame

Have you seen Voldemort? Oops, sorry, I shouldn’t have spoken his name. This Harry Potter-like rounded frame has been a trend for fashion. The reddish lenses bring some spice on the overall outlook and design that fits most faces.

They are perfect for any urban streetwear style that you look forward to. You have the option to select the lenses for this Round Frame Sunglasses. So if you have chosen a clear one, then prepare to duel with “he who must not be named”. 😛

4. Biker Frame

There will be a frame that is perfect when driving your sports car or a big bike. The Biker Frame will protect your eyes from the wind and external elements like dust. The polarized lenses also deflect any glare while on the road.

While giving you a clear vision on the road. Its bold look is also noticeable as it highlights the freedom vibe. The square frame is ideal for rounded faces too. It is a great accessory to bring for a morning stroll in the park or on the highway.

5. Evolve Frame

Unleash your feminine side with the cat-eyes inspired look frame. The Evolve Frame is suited for events and fashion shows. This is one of the popular designs among women and considerably could heat up the look of their evening gowns.

Hence, you are guaranteed to catch attention with its unique style of frames. Giving you a dashing romantic look. It is ironic how the appearance reminds me of the movie, “Catwoman”. Did someone just said “meow”? =^-^=

How Much Is The Price Of Ochis Sunglasses?

If you pledge US$ 425 or more for their bundled product, Venti Ochis Coffee. You can save $219 off the estimated retail price of 645 US dollars. So, one of the benefits of buying Ochis coffee sunglasses is that it is eco-friendly. Also, you can have one for your own and give them as a gift to your family, friends or loved ones with these unique aromatic sunglasses! But, you have this option to choose these rewards if you only need all the sunglasses collection of Ochis Coffee.

Moreover, you may keep them for yourself or display them in your eyewear store. Be the talk of your patrons with the display of Ochis Sunglasses made from coffee grounds. You will be able to select any frame style individually on 1 of the 5 frames. In addition, the polarized lens color selection for each frame has a great number.

What does each Order of Ochis Coffee Sunglasses Include?

When you purchase Ochis Sunglasses made from coffee grounds, you will also get some freebies. The package contains a thank you card, lens cleaning cloth, a soft pouch, and the Ochils Coffee solid hard case.

  • Coffee Sunglasses 5x
  • Soft Case 5x
  • Microfiber Cloth 5x
  • Instruction 5x

But, they also sell it by a single product or individual purchase. Most are at a sale with a price of 78 US dollars. Other model frames would be ranging around 100-160 US Dollars per piece depending on the design.

What are Ochis Accepted Payment Methods and Gateways?

For international orders, you can make your payment through these channels:


•Western Union

•SWIFT Payment (Bank Wire Transfer)

What are Ochis Coffee Sunglasses Shipping And Delivery Times?

Their shop is located in Kyiv, Vul. S. Petliura 28, 1st floor, country of Yugoslavia. So, if you are near the area you can go to their shop and physically fit their glasses. You can also reach them by phone, +38 (063) 100-20-04 Also, they offer cash or payment upon delivery, only to their neighbor country like Ukraine.

But, for the rest of the world, you can order through their online store. They do offer worldwide shipping. For delivery, the time frame varies depending on your region and the type of shipping you want to choose. In summary, based on the delivery chart below. It takes 14-21 days for regular shipping. While the express shipping takes only 5-8 days. The only downside is that they do not offer free shipping.

What is Ochis Coffee Repair and Warranty Replacement Policy?

If you broke your pair of coffee sunglasses. You don’t have to worry as they offer repair service. (Yugoslavia time) Their schedule is :

  • Mon.-Fri. 10:00 – 18:00
  • Sat. 11:00 – 16:00
  • Sun. Closed

Another downside is that there is a fee for missing parts and service. For a list of the price according to the broken, damage or lost part, please refer to this link.

Customer Reviews of Ochis Coffee Sunglasses

A lot of people have good feedback about this product. When we first heard about this, it captured our interest. And we were totally curious about these innovative glasses. What’s the good thing about it, is that, if you no longer need it. It is totally biodegradable! Not only that, as it has all the features of renowned brands in the market. From polarized lenses, lightweight up to its durability and flexibility.

ochis coffee sunglasses

Are Ochis Coffee Sunglasses Worth It?

It’s up to you to try these Ochis Coffee Sunglasses to see. The only thing that separates it from the other products in the market is the fact that it can be recycled and biodegradable. In addition, the frames are also remarkable knowing that they are manually crafted by experienced individuals for optical eyewear artisans.

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