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    From the late 1990’s, PacSun Sunglasses and company or usually known as Pacific Sunwear was pretty much the one-stop store. For young adults to buy some skating sports gear and swimwear. The brand was entirely famous for the market of teens and kids in California with its product’s cool vibes. 

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    PacSun Sunglasses Logo Review

    Things to know about PacSun Sunglasses

    Over the years PacSun Sunglasses and company is rebranding itself as a streetwear fashion brand. Even Pacfic sunwear’s Logo got changed to look modern and less summer season themed. Then it releases new product items in collaboration with Been Trill and the Jenner girls. Even Kanye West did partner up with PacSun in line with the Fear of God collection series. All of which seems to indicate that the company’s summer only oriented items are left behind. But during its expansion throughout the other states. Pacific Sunwear declared as under bankruptcy and later on acquired by Golden Gate Capital. A major factor on the reason for the downfall is that malls, where most PacSun shops are located, generally have decreased on in-shop customers. Because today online shopping is a big hit and growing market industry.

    Pacific Sunwear myGSOM

    In an attempt to bridge the brand’s California roots, the company released a program called My Golden State of Mind or myGSOM in short. This program was inspired inline with the creativity and diversity of California and its citizens. PacSun Sunglasses and company has looked to capture the beauty and magnificence of California. They introduced a blog site with a gallery of interesting culture and places about California. Later on, the name myGSOM was adapted as their rewards point system for their customers. Wherein their clients could redeemed a discount voucher for a certain amount of points.

    Pacific Sunwear Shop

    Pacific Sunwear Branches

    In the old times since Pacsun started, they had over a thousand branches. But due to the bankruptcy issue, the branch count went down to 500 some branches. Still it is a decent number for retail outlets in the country. Especially it’s new structure and program for marketing to stay in the profitability line.

    PacSun Sunglasses Review

    Before we highlight the good points, let us talk about the bad feedback based on customers’ reviews. Most of the complaints about their experiences are the rude staff and crew from their physical shops. Not to mention, international customers are having problems dealing with their website’s service agents. Having said that, if you are a customer where after sales service is important. Please consider doing an in-depth review first with the brand.

    Now that we got that load off the mark. Let us talk about some good points with PacSun Sunglasses. First, the most remarkable thing is the price. For a popular brand, the price for sunglasses ranges around 15 to 20 US dollars. It even has a promo of 2 sunglasses for the price of $20. This is far from the more expensive price around 100 to 300 bucks from Ray-Ban. Second, the quality of materials are not cheap considering the overall price of the product. Let us take a closer look on their sunglasses for men and women.

    Pacific Sunwear Sunglasses

    These shades collection from PacSun are a great match for your summer outfit or daily fashion piece. With different choices on frame style and lens color, it gives you the flexibility for your choice of fashion.

    Men’s Sunglasses

    Sports sunglasses from Men by PacSun are one of the expensive pieces among the accessories collection. The price starts at $15 and could range up to 200 US dollars for their Sports Sunglasses. Pictured with those gradient colored lenses in the image below are the Pacific Sunwear sports sunglasses.

    For Men Sunglasses PacSun

    Women’s Sunglasses

    Price range for PacSun Women’s Sunglasses are quite affordable. With a price range of 15 US dollars up to $20. They have one of the iconic cat eye sunglasses for women. As well as the other interesting style of frames in their collection. The lens and frame colors variety are also a good assortment.

    Women Sunglasses PacSun

    Sunglasses for both Men and Women

    These sunglasses collection by Pacific Sunwear are flexible in style. Because both could match the outfit for boys and girls. The significant style are the semi-rimless frames which are a great alternative for the iconic Aviator style frames. These sunglasses are known to be lightweight yet sturdy.

    Pacific Sunwear Sunglasses for Men and Women

    Return Refund Policy

    You are given a month to return the product if you are not satisfied if you are within the US. You can return it either in store or through mail if you paid it via a different method like Paypal. While 2 months is given for international orders which can be returned only by mail service. For mail returns, you may file a claim at PacSun website to request for a refund.

    Although certain lists of products are not qualified to be returned. It is best to contact their customer service to verify the current products included for the return guarantee. It is also advised not to return used products as these will be declined.

    Delivery Timeframe

    Shipping could take more than a week for US residents. So, we advise you to go to the store instead to buy it if you have the time. While, it could take up to more than 2 weeks for the orders placed under an international address to be delivered.

    How did PacSun started as a company

    The organization of PacSun is a United States based retail shop. The greater part of their item assortment are clothing and frill. They are a mainstream brand among the young market or from the millennial group, which have been an iconic brand in California, USA. The organization was established and sorted out by Jack Hopkins and Tom Moore. Later on, it got famous and brought about being a trendy fashion for streetwear among young adults.

    Pacific Sunwear Bankruptcy

    The organization formally propelled across their branches in the country as of1993. The physical branches went downfall from more than a thousand branches in the major cities in the United States. In spite of the fact that they began firm, it was presumably hard to progress for the organization to continue focusing on in-shop purchases. Bringing about trouble to deal with costs and sought financial crisis along the way. The explanation behind this is that different states didn’t support the brand and its items very well. Pacific Sunwear didn’t have similar outcomes the similar way it was known along the resorts in California. As of today, the estimated branches are about 500 plus in numbers.

    While, PacSun assembled its business selling items for surf fanatics along the coasts. In any case, later on they extended to incorporate riggings for skating and street fashion assortment. Thus, Pacific Sunwear opened a second chain of stores called DEMO. Henceforth, another disappointment occurred in the year 2000. As the remainder of these stores shut down in 2008. In spite of these battles, PacSun worked together with famous celebrities, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner in 2012 to deliver their own line and new set of products.

    Pacific Sunwear Glasses Packaging
    Why choose to buy PacSun Sunglasses?

    Apart from the stylish and affordable price of PacSun Sunglasses which you could buy for as low as 15 US dollars. With every purchase you also get to receive points which can add up for a discount coupon redemption. Apart from that, buying Pacific Sunwear Sunglasses especially for first time customers. They are entitled for a $10 off the price.