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    POC Sunglasses, Best Lifestyle Wear To Optimize Your Vision.

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    Review on POC Sunglasses

    The POC Sunglasses team helps people see the real you or the image that you want to show. One of the best ways is to find the right eyewear that will match your lifestyle and personality. So, as per styling experts, you can start by considering the various aspects of your life. For example, the activities you participate in or the kind of work that you do. 

    POC Sunglasses for sports
    POC Sports Sunglasses

    Secondly, if you are an active outdoor enthusiast and opt to engage in sports. Wearing protective spectacles enables you to continue playing conveniently and love the activity. Finding the right product provider is essential to achieve a great experience that you anticipate.

    How did the company started?

    POC, a company based in Sweden that was founded in 2005. Has a robust mission to do the best to save lives. By decreasing the significance of accidents for cyclists and gravity sports players. The purpose was initially cited at the ISPO trade show. Garnered a lot of attention, the firm has been providing innovations and solutions. So, to enhance safety in ski racing by lowering the force transferred to the brain and body during a crash.

    POC Performance sunglasses
    POC Performance sunglasses

    Having a close collaboration of world’s notable brain scientists. Also, sports medical experts, and experts in spinal cord injuries with POC Lab. POC was able to come up with a bright idea and technology. Creating items to enhance helmets and body armors, especially glasses to optimize your vision while performing your sports activities.

    Selection for POC Sunglasses

    Mainly, there are 4 major variations for POC Sunglasses.

    Lifestyle Glasses

    The demand for eyewear remains strong. POC has a lot of fashionable spectacles to make you feel good all the time. Several designs of lifestyle glasses are available. That will fit perfectly and comfortably when you attend to any occasion or event.

    lifestyle fashion glasses

    Through POC, you can easily replace a broken frame or make a new pair if the prescription changes. Available frames can make you look the way you want it to be—from geeky to glamorous appearance.

    Performance Sunglasses

    There is a vast range of sports sunglasses specially designed to keep your eyes safe that will fit perfectly. Moreover, you could comfortably wear during your physical activity.

    Performance Glasses for Sports

    POC, the go-to shop of most world-class athletes, ensures that all the performance sunglasses will improve your vision. So, to achieve the excellent performance that you need in any sports that you prefer to enjoy.

     Polarized Glasses

    Polarized glasses’ ultimate purpose is to decrease reflected glare around you. So, this sunglass works best if you opt to travel by boat or go fishing. Because of the product’s all-embracing performance. Hence, a lot of outdoor enthusiasts, especially bikers, skiers, golfers, and joggers choose polarized glasses. So, to provide them with optimal safety and performance.

    Polarized lenses eyewear

    Reflections from flat surfaces can be distracting, and you can also use polarized lenses to aid you while driving. Health experts also recommend the product to those people who are sensitive to light. Also, for those who have undergone post-cataract surgery.

    Other Products that POC Offers

    Above all, POC never stops to provide innovative ways to help all types of individuals do their activities with ease.

    POC Goggles
    POC Goggles

    The online store has other great products such as durable helmets, astonishing goggles, useful armors, stylish apparels, and beautiful accessories. Therefore, perfect for athletes and ordinary individuals. Through POC, you can obtain these great benefits:

    • Head protection
    • Back protection
    • Knee protection
    • Elbow protection
    • And more

    Price of POC Sunglasses

    But, at reasonable prices for POC Sunglasses. You can have a meaningful gift for a friend who’s a ‘free-rider’ or a ski racer. There are also items suitable for kids. Aesthetically pleasing sunglasses composed of performance, lifestyle and polarized glasses are available. And the prices range from 1,199.00 kr up to 2,399.00 kr. POC ensures that the items look great without compromising the quality. But, by providing protection and enhancing your vision for a seamless performance. Outstanding spare lenses lets you continue your activities. Also, comes at reasonable prices as well from 699.00 kr up to 1,300.00kr.

    Online Store Return Policy

    Therefore, if you opt to return the product, the store must be contacted within thirty days. From the date you receive the item. It is advised to keep the tracking number with you. So, ensure the returned package through the carrier until your refund has been accomplished. Acquiring a Return Authorization (RA) number is necessary for processing the return.

    Take note: POC is not accountable for any loss or damage of returned products. Returned product must be in pristine condition. And includes the original tags clear of writings or markings and all the items in the package.

    Full Warranty Policy and Product Refunds

    Most Noteworthy, POC Sweden AB guarantees that all the items work well for their intended use. And they don’t have defects before and after delivering them to the dealers. The warranty of the product is good for one year.

    Take note: For all the potential warranty claims, a proof of purchase is necessary. Moreover, POC values its customers. The online store can credit back the refunds to your original payment methods. Things that you used in the transaction such as credit card (Visa / MasterCard), or Paypal account. The team will process it within ten business days. But, as soon as POC received the returned item, the refund will be accomplished immediately.

    Reason why POC Sunglasses is the One to Trust

    Hence, POC earned so much respect when it comes to developing protection for various activities. Moreover, such as snowboarding, freeskiing, and mountain bike disciplines. The company is well-known for promoting safety for cyclists on the road. It continues to improve products with constant input and positive remarks from the team athletes. So, particularly those Olympic and World Championship medalists, and X Games players.

    POC Sunglasses has become part of the team athletes’ glory. Therefore, including those who have won more than 50 medals in international championships. Hence, for gravity sports players like you. Or wanting to have considerable lifestyle wear. POC Sunglasses has all the best glasses to suit your needs. Head on to POC’s website now to see the amazing styles that will fit your personality, and you’ll love them. POC has a lot of exciting products and limited edition items that will inspire you with continuous revolution.