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Polaroid Sunglasses

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    The Polaroid Sunglasses, is the predecessor of what we use for Polarized Sunglasses today. The film coated on both sides of the lenses are made of Polaroid Film. We;ll take a review through out on this article about the features and products of Polaroid Sunglasses.

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    Polaroid Sunglasses Logo

    How the company started

    In  the year of 1929 Edwin Land came up to invent Polaroid. Which is the world’s first polarizing material. He established the Polaroid Corporation in 1937. The technology began from cameras then with the following years it’s now used as a film for lenses. Polaroid Sunglasses which adds UV protection for the eyes from the harmful rays coming from the sun. Also, it filters those annoying glares outside from LED and LCD sources.

    Review on Polaroid Sunglasses

    To begin our review for Polaroid Sunglasses. Let us point out the features of their eyewear. The frames, lenses, functionality and purpose. There 6 highlight features worth mentioning.

    No Glare Vision

    When light reflects from horizontal shiny surfaces it reflects it from different directions. It generates glare. Their lenses reduce glare ensuring comfort when you are outside  While wearing a Polaroid Sunglasses.

    Balance Contrast

    Polaroid provides greater definition through brightness and enhanced contrast. So, Polaroid Sunglasses guarantee the highest eye protection. While, it doesn’t compensate from a clear vision.

    Vivid Colors

    The improved color perception of Polaroid Sunglasses lens is remarkable. Which means you can enjoy a better colorful view on any occasion. Unlike, typical sunglasses, where they just tint the lenses resulting in a darker vision.

    Review on Polaroid Sunglasses

    Extended Comfort

    The improved frames of Polaroid  Sunglasses means you can enjoy a better view in any occasion. The lightweight material would definitely not bother you. While, wearing them for extended hours.

    Less Eye Fatigue

    Eye fatigue is caused by reflected concentration of light. Polaroid Sunglasses lens gives clearer, true vision with no shape-shifting side-effects. You get to lessen the strain from your eyes when you see glares.

    UV400 Protection

    The Polaroid Sunglasses filter protects the eye from damage causing light  Which could be from high exposure on UVA and UVB rays coming from the sun. This is important especially during noon and summer days.

    Polaroid Sunglasses Collection

    There are two popular eyewear collection that the brand has to offer.

    Heritage Collection

    This collection is all about fashion and stylish frames. The designs are classified as bold, aviator and cat eye frames. The classic design brings back pop-vintage look which is absolutely timeless. The lens color comprehends with the frame color to highlight the good features of their sunglasses.

    Heritage Collection of Polaroid

    Active Attitude Collection

    This collection has two series, the PLD 2079/S and PLD 2080/S. Both are designed for active lifestyle. So, these sports sunglasses are perfect for an active lifestyle. Both frames are equipped with polycarbonate temples which makes the frame to be light in weight. The ear hook even has some rubber coating to prevent the sunglasses from slipping.

    Product Choices for Eyewear

    Basically there are 3 product selection from Polaroid. Namely the Sunglasses for Adults, Optical Eyeglasses and Sunglasses for Kids. Let us take a quick look on the gallery.

    UV Polaroid Sunglasses

    For their shades, the color and frame selection are few compared to other brands. Though, you will certainly find something for your own likings. Still quite decent collection to choose from.

    UV Polaroid Sunglasses Polarized

    Most of the lenses are in shades of black gray, blue and pink. Perfect to match your outfit.

    Optical Eyeglasses

    The shapes of the frame are interesting. Some have unique designs. Choices of frames are available in metal and polycarbonate plastic. Nose bridge is also built for comfort.

    Polaroid Optical Eyeglasses

    They look sturdy enough to hold your lenses intact. No matter how thick your lenses are.

    Kids Sunglasses

    Your kids would certainly love the design and colors. The colors blue, green, purple, red and yellow which are most kids’ favorite would excite them.

    For Kids Polaroid Sunglasses

    Some of the designs are almost the same of those for the adults except that they are tiny versions. Some of the polaroid sunglasses frames are even similar to those of their superhero idols.

    Availability of the product

    Unfortunately, deliveries from their online shop are only available in Europe. But, there are resellers that offers to ship worldwide.

    Delivery Cost and Time frame

    The shipping fee is already included if your total order cost is above 65 euros. However, if it is less, a 7 euros will be added on top of your bill.

    Why should you buy Polaroid Sunglasses?

    The technology of Polaroid Sunglasses blocks UV rays which gives your eyes some protection. Their styles among frames are also good reason to buy their product. Despite, their geographic market limitation. Others would still find ways to get a pair of Polaroid Sunglasses.