Pyramex Safety Glasses

Your Safety is Always their  Priority. Pyramex offers safety and affordable glasses for protection. The development of affordable lenses, higher disposable income, and the growing preference for high-quality eyewear has also led to the general acceptance of eyewear use. One company that has led the charge of well-made eyewear is Pyramex. The company specializes in safety gear for over 25 years and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Review On Pyramex Safety Glasses

The company introduced single replacement lens safety glass in 1995 and continued to develop various lenses and safety glasses until early 2000. In 2011, it launched its proprietary anti-fog coating technology. Pyramex products are carried by over 2,000 distributors in 60 different countries.

Each one can attest to the brand’s standards of high-quality items and unmatched customer service. Pyramex eyewear is the epitome of the company’s vision and mission. It’s also the result of numerous hours of design, research, and testing. You are assured that every safety goggle, sunglass, and eyeglasses you get from Pyramex meets the industry’s standards on safety.

List of Pyramex Safety Glasses Collection

To begin with, Pyramex is one of the premier makers of eyewear and safety gear. The company was established in 1991 and initially focused on developing PPE products. The company has since branched out and now offers protective equipment for the eyes, ears, hand, and head. They also have hi-vis work wear, N95 respirators, cooling protection, welding protection, and various accessories. Innovation is at the heart of every Pyramex product.

There are 4 main selections for Pyramex Safety Glasses.

1. Venture Gear

Introduced in 2012, Venture Gear is Pyramex’ first retail brand. Their exclusive line of glasses is designed specifically for the adventurous and free-spirited individuals. You are always protected from the sun’s glare and flying debris.

So, whether you’re out fishing, running a marathon, working on the field or in your backyard. You’ll also look cool while doing your thing.

2. Military Gear Tactical

Pyramex expanded into tactical gear with the goal of providing people in the front lines the best eyewear. Each safety goggle, sunglasses, or eyeglasses are made using the highest-quality material.

More importantly, each product has passed the American Military High Impact Ballistic Standards. Every time you use eyewear from Venture Gear Tactical, you know that you’re provided with the utmost protection.

3. Carhartt

Pyramex is also the distributor of Carhartt glasses. Both companies are committed to delivering honest goods that last. Carhartt has also made a mark for developing products that appeal to that rarefied group of people who go beyond what’s expected of them – at work and life.

4. Ducks Unlimited

Model of Ducks Unlimited has a solid line of eyewear specially designed for shooting. They also offer a series of earmuffs that will protect your hearing while out in the field.

No other brand exemplifies responsible hunting like Ducks Unlimited. The company is known for its efforts in conserving wetlands and waterfowl, as well as a line of hunting products and accessories.

Tips For Selecting The Right Pyramex Safety Eyewear

The right eyewear can improve a company’s safety and productivity. It will also help meet compliance standards set by the industry. Consider the following tips when choosing your classic eyewear.

Evaluate the danger

Check what kind of hazards you will be exposed to, like dust, welding lights, smoke, or blood-borne pathogens. It will help you decide whether you will need safety glasses or goggles. 

Learn the protective factors

Take into consideration the features your glasses have. Check the lenses and choose the best one for the job. For instance, Pyramex has pioneered anti-fog lenses. The coating used on these lenses prevents fogging, ensuring that your field of vision is always clear. Meanwhile, a scratch-resistant coating improves the visual clarity of lenses. Its ability to minimize scratches helps in extending the life of your glasses.

Fitting Size

Every worker is different. Don’t just rely on one type or size of glasses. Choose protective eye gear that will stay on the person’s face and provide maximum coverage.

Why Wear Safety Protection Glasses?

Wearing the right glasses for your safety can prevent objects from damaging your eyesight. Jobs in construction, maintenance, mining, plumbing, and welding always have an element of risk. There could be chemicals or particles floating around that could irritate your eyes and damage your vision.

You can avoid major accidents. Workers sometimes wipe their eyes unconsciously, without noticing the presence of harmful substances. But a minor scratch or injury to the eyes can lead to blindness. The right glasses can protect your eyes from chemicals, grease, oil, fumes, and flying debris.

You’re protected from UV light exposure. Working for hours under the sun exposes you to UV light. It can affect the soft tissues in your eyes. Protect those peepers with the right sunglasses.

Glasses can prevent computer vision syndrome (CVS). Employees who work in front of computer screens for an extended period can suffer from eye strain and develop dry eyes and blurred vision. Safety glasses with coated lenses can go a long way in preventing CVS.

Are Pyramex Safety Glasses Worth It?

Wearing Pyramex Safety Glasses can be a protection eyewear for your work. Eye injuries are alarmingly prevalent. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1,000 workplace-related eye injuries happen every day. Prevent Blindness America revealed that 125,000 eye injuries also occur at home annually while more than 40,000 eye injuries occur due to sports. If these numbers are not enough to jolt you, consider that these injuries can lead to blindness and are easy to prevent. That reason should be enough for you to reach for safety glasses.

We usually take our eyesight for granted. The right kind of glasses not only protects our vision, but it can also help us become more productive. Today’s eyewear is also fashionable and very affordable. Pyramex, in particular, has made it possible for people to stay safe while also looking good.

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