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Through Randolph Eyewear Engineering, you can have fashionable sunglasses while protecting your eyes from harmful sun rays and artificial light. Hence, the company provides you with radically comfortable sunglasses that you need. Additionally, this family-owned New England manufacturer has honored its commitment to American trades.

Review On Randolph Eyewear Sunglasses

If you are looking for the same precious metal found on the world’s most exceptional timepieces, you can shop through Randolph. Even though other eyewear companies began moving their business offshore in the 1980s, Randolph has been providing extraordinary products since 1973 and is the only remaining eyewear company in the United States. The company values this saying — “Respect where you come from.”  Randolph Engineering is proud to be a metal eyewear company in the country.

List of Randolph Eyewear and Sunglasses Products

Randolph Engineering manufactures an exquisite line of eyewear for men and women including Aviator, Concorde, Fusion Frame, Infinity Lenses, P3, P3 Shadow, and The Hawk. Additionally, it is also interesting to obtain exclusive spectacles according to gender. There are 3 main categories to select from Randolph Sunglasses.

1. Randolph Eyewear for Men – Military Collection

The favorite of pilots and the U.S. military since 1973, Randolph eyeglasses are engineered precisely. It’s one of the highest quality metal sunglasses that you can find best to wear when boating, flying, golfing, driving, shooting, skiing, and many other outdoor adventures.

2. Randolph Eyewear for Women – Spring Collection

The Amelia eyewear, named after Amelia Earhart, is a perfect choice. It exudes beauty, especially for those with round and oval-shaped faces. Moreover, Randolph is an excellent source of elegant shades with warm styles that can satisfy your mood. Certainly, you can follow the latest trends in any weather.

3. Randolph White Gold Collection

Randolph’s collection is world-renowned for excellent vision. The commemorative 45th Anniversary Temple Tip design has SkyTec™ Mineral Glass technology, and each is engineered precisely with jewel-toned Sapphire Blue Hydro.  AGX polarized lens helps you to achieve distortion-free optical clearness. Featuring Randolph’s signature — 1973 Diamond logo — the shades are chemically-toughened to help inhibit damage and scratches.

4. Accessories To Take Care Of Your Randolph Eyewear

There are 2 products that the brand can offer.

  • Eyewear Maintenance Kit
  • Randolph Sunglasses Maintenance kit
  • Nose Pad Package

You can purchase the silicone nose pads separately at $5 per package. Plus, there’s free shipping when your order is over 100 US dollars.

What is included inside the Randolph Eyewear package?

For each eyewear, there is an available maintenance kit to take care of the product. The package includes an extra pair of silicone nose pads, an optical screwdriver in the form of a keychain holder and other screws. These will make your shades in good operating condition. The kit is handy because if you lose a screw from your frame or you need to replace your nose pads that have hardened, the materials are available for your comfort.

Good to know: Except when you buy a new sunglasses carrying case, the equipment maintenance kit is included when you buy a new pair of Randolph Engineering eyewear.

How The Randolph Sunglasses Started?

As an apprentice, Peter M. Waszkiewicz entered Randolph Engineering in 1975. After 40 years of working excellently, he became the President and CEO of the company. So, Peter along with the team members with remarkable minds and are fastidious doers make the company an extraordinary business that keeps metal frame manufacturing alive in the U.S. Also, Peter serves a non-profit group for individuals with particular necessities, and he loves wearing “The Aviator in 23k Gold” that has gray lenses.

Randolph Eyewear Sunglasses Product Features

Randolph lenses will protect your eyes by blocking 100 percent of UVB and UVA light. Product features include scratch-proof lenses, anti-reflective capability. The distortion-free feature brings superior optics. They will enhance your performance, especially if you’re driving along the highway on a motorcycle.

1. Lenses

The company also offers both polarized and non-polarized options. The right shades are made available to protect you when you’re flying through daily flight actions. The non-polarized shades work best for pilots. And the bayonet temples bring utmost comfort to many users under a helmet or headset.

2. Frames

Frames are made to last longer. From the standard skull of the bayonet temple, there are also available frames in 23k gold. Or other first-class metals such as chrome and gunmetal. You personalize it by having engraving on the frames.

What is Randolph Eyewear Sunglasses Warranty Policy?

The product comes with a warranty to fix or replace any manufacturer cause-related solder joints defects. Within thirty days of your purchase, you may return the product for a refund. Or request for an exchange if you’re not satisfied with your purchase.

Take note: Contacting the dealer is necessary if you purchased Randolph Engineering products from an Authorized Dealer.

Meeting the strict guidelines on MIL-S-25948 military standards, Randolph manufactures eyewear for anyone who expects better. The company pays respect to military designs. Whether you want something for yourself or give a present for your loved ones, Randolph has the right spectacles for every profile. The eyewear combines function and fashion.

Where to Buy Randolph Eyewear Sunglasses?

You can find Randolph shade styles from the Amazon store to fit your lifestyle and look the way you want. Randolph Engineering has advanced the forms by bringing the latest contemporary eyewear for consumers. Through a plethora of fantastic sunglasses, you can choose from excellent color gradient lenses including colors such as green, gray, blue, orange, bronze, and gold. Finally, a lot of buyers are happy for having a fresh look with the metallic style.

Are Randolph Eyewear Sunglasses Worth it?

All Randolph Eyewear Sunglasses products have garnered a high reputation in Forbes, Gear Patrol, GQ, Vogue Eyewear, Esquire, InTouch Weekly, JustJared.com, Men’s Journal, Elle.com, and more. Influential individuals like the work of art of Randolph Engineering. Some of them are Tom Cruise, Zac Efron, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Emma Stone, Johnny Depp, Ellen DeGeneres, Bradley Cooper, Julianne Moore, Vanessa Ray, Bridget Moynahan, Amy Adams, and more personalities.

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