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    RayBan Shades : Your One Stop Shop for Designer Glasses

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    You can easily find a store with good designer glasses. But, what sets RayBan Shades? Apart from it all, is RayBan’s core values. Adapted in their products for years. If you are looking for designer glasses that are the epitome of timeless style and quality. Hence, Ray-Ban is here for you.

    Review on RayBan Shades

    Established in 1937, Ray Ban joined the Luxottica Group in 1999. Since then, the brand has gained an excellent reputation for itself, accelerating their growth and redefining their distributions. You may also want to check some other things to know about Ray-Ban.

    Even after decades, Ray-Ban still stands by its motto of “timeless style, authenticity, and freedom of expression.”. All over the world, the brand has been the face of cultural change. Different celebrities wear this as a fashion statement. Also, public figures.

    RayBan Shades Selection

    Despite that they are a distributor of sunglasses. Ray-Ban also produces eyeglasses to help you see better while being in style. Here are some information about some of their best sellers and iconic models:

    Mirrored Aviators

    The RayBan Shades aviators have become an iconic fashion piece and have made the brand famous during the time of its production until now.

    It started in the 1930s when airmen complained of inability to function at higher altitudes because of vision problems. B&L worked on developing dark glasses with plastic frames and green lenses that will protect the pilot’s eyes.

    Gradient Aviators

    While, allowing them to see their environment. The aviators were born and the term “Ray Ban” was adopted. Due to its ability to become an anti-glare model. It has become a massive success that high-ranking officers also wore it. Then, wearing aviators from Ray-Ban means that someone is living a glamorous lifestyle.

    Now, RayBan Shades aviators are still on the shelves with a little more variety. While, ranging from classics, gradients, and even a version in collaboration with Ferrari. A classic aviator price starts at $153 with four colors to choose from and a choice of polarized lenses.


    Another iconic product from RayBan Shades is the wayfarers. The said model has shared the popularity of the aviators.

    Wayfarers have frames that are created from modern molded plastic and distinct different look from the Aviators. Which has metal frames instead of plastics ones. The frames look like sharply pointed wings with almond-shaped lenses. Optical designer Raymond Stegeman designed it this way to give off an air of danger and unpredictability.


    Superstars in the 50s wears them on and off screen. Like James Dean in ‘Rebel Without a Cause’ and Audrey Hepburn in ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s.’ Since then, film enthusiasts hailed it as their sunglasses of choice all over the world.

    Now, RayBan Shades offers a wide variety of the classic wayfarers starting at $153. Aside from the traditional G-15 lenses that they use, you can also choose polarized lenses. Both the aviators and wayfarers are also open to the brand’s customizable features.


    RayBan Shades lenses are with DST technology. So, which allows the lenses to be high quality and lightweight for maximum comfort.

    Stylish Eyeglasses

    Want the frames but need to see clearly? Worry not! Ray-Ban also offers eyeglasses that come in their iconic frames like the aviator, wayfarers, clubmaster, round, and erika.

    The photo above is prescription glasses in erika frames. It features the traditional rubber fronts and tone-on-tone temples. Its oversized round shape provides you with extra coverage while adding a soft bridge on your nose.

    All of these started when they introduced the aviators; a model made for the United States Army. The idea stemmed from the need for sunglasses that pilots can use. While, blocking the sun’s glares while still being able to see their surroundings. After the breakthrough with the aviators. The next big thing that RayBan Shades produced is the Wayfarers in the 50s. Wayfarers are worn and seen in several films such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

    Rayban Shades Couples

    Ray-Ban Partnership

    Over the years, Ray-Ban has continued to collaborate with other companies, brands, as well as artists and designers. Consequently, to ensure the style and quality that can fit just about anyone’s taste. As of today, Ray-Ban has already collaborated with Ferrari, Nina Kraviz, and many more.

    Now, Ray-Ban is in a partnership with Google to develop Google Glass. Which is a highly-advanced eyewear which has the functions of a mobile phone and a laptop at the same time. Although, there are still issues surrounding the project. But, the future success of its development will open more opportunities for Ray Ban.

    Despite all these developments. Ray-Ban still goes back to its roots, producing Ray Ban sunglasses that gives outstanding performance all while also being fashionable. Also, they are always striving to continue in the delivery of iconic Ray Ban sunglasses. While they look beautiful and giving you more adequate protection against the sun.

    Shipping Information and Policy

    For the customer’s convenience, Ray-Ban offers Free Overnight Shipping on standard orders within the American and the District of Columbia. The average delivery time for orders is 1-3 days. You can be sure that all their shipments are fully insured. They also offer free shipping to Hawaii and Alaska, but they cannot ship to international destinations yet.

    What is Ray Ban Return Policy?

    You are free to return the product with no cost to Ray Ban. But, as long as you do it within 45 days after you receive it in your home. Just follow the easy steps they have provided in their site.

    Box ray-ban package

    They will also send an email of the courier’s details and tracking number once the order is shipped. You can easily track the status of your order once you log into your account at their official website.

    They also accept requests for refunds and replacements of RayBan Shades. Returns usually arrive within 15 days of receipt, and you will receive an email notification. Once the refund has been made. Replacing a faulty RayBan Shades product, on the other hand, will be sent to you as soon as they have received the said defective product in their warehouse.

    All of the refunds will be returned the way the payment was made.

    Reason Why You Should Pick Ray Ban Shades

    Aside from their contributions to both the history and fashion all over the world. RayBan Shades is now a brand that everyone wants to be seen in. Also, Ray-Ban continues to provide you with stylish and high-quality glasses, only now you have many choices to choose from. Its style stays timeless and sophisticated even after generations, all while being a cultural icon.