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Eyewears from Serengeti Sunglasses are good. If you are looking for eyewear that can provide you style, comfort, and protection without sacrificing fashion, then Serengeti Sunglasses is the one that you need. With the help of advanced technology, Serengeti offers you a range of sunglasses that helps stylishly protecting you.  

Review On Serengeti Sunglasses

Using advanced technology, Serengeti merged the three industry-defining technologies into one excellent lens. With its Spectral Control, Polarization, and Photochromic lenses, Serengeti provides you with unique yet fashionable sunglasses.

Our review on Serengeti Sunglasses offers you eight lenses, hues and technology. Which you can choose depending on your lifestyle, profession or use. From driving, mountain climbing or just everyday use, Serengeti Sunglasses can give you utmost comfort and clarity.

List of Serengeti Sunglasses Collection

Serengeti offers you a wide array of sunglasses that describes different personalities. Find out the styles that match most with your character.

1. Acetate Series

Lightweight and comes in a variety of beautiful patterns and hues.

2. Sport Series

The Sports Collection is famous for a reason, thanks to its unique sporty and elegant designs.

3. Nylon Series

One of the most wanted eyewear collections in the Serengeti line, Nylon is a timeless and minimalist design using premium materials giving you that stylish design.

4. Metal Series

This collection is proud of its thin and lightweight frames handcrafted for ultimate comfort and a wide fit range.

Which are All the Types of Serengeti Lenses?

There are some excellent and advanced lenses that Serengeti are proud to have:

1. Drivers Lenses

Developed to diffuse and differentiate the colors red, green, and yellow, popping in all environments. It gives you the warmth of the technicolor sensations; this lens is ideal for driving because of its capability to enhance colors and contrast.

2. CPG Lenses

Serengeti’s Cool Photo Gray or CPG is designed to lessen the harsh glare to protect you in all weather conditions using their multi use lens. With its Polarization technology protecting you further providing comfort to your eyes. An ideal sunglass for everyday use.

3. 55NM Blue Lenses

The 55NM Blue is another variation of the 55NM lens. It gives you enhanced contrast as it reflects glare thanks to the reflective blue dielectric mirror coating.

4. Sedona Lenses

The Sedona lens decreases the glare from flat light providing you superior image definition. With a silver mirror and high-contrast rose-colored lens, the Sedona is ideal for very bright light conditions, suitable for boating and mountain activities.

What are Frame Materials of Serengeti Sunglasses?

Serengeti gives you the best materials to get that comfort and style that you are looking for in a sunglass. Here are it’s exclusive designs.

1. Nylon TR90 Frame

To give you the superior durability, Serengeti injected this highest-quality Nylon TR90 into their frames. With the added benefit of being remarkably light, extremely comfortable and flexible, plus being chemically resistant, these fashionable frames can make you look and feel good.

2. Titanium Frame

Titanium is ideal for use in thinly designed temples, which expands the decent range of the sunglass. It is lightweight, corrosion-resistant, highly flexible and robust.

3. Acetate Frame

Serengeti’s cured of all-natural cotton and expertly-produced Cellulose Propionate Acetate is made to be not only lightweight but also turn into beautiful patterns and brilliant hues. It is ideal for custom fittings because of its pliability when heated.  

History Serengeti Brand

Serengeti sunglasses was born from a glass manufacturing company to now becoming the favorite sunglasses brand. It all started as being a division of Corning Incorporated, a worldwide company known for its glass manufacturing for over 160 years.

In 1964 one of its staffs invented a photochromic lens which darkens in bright sunlight and lightens in dim light, propels Corning to be a significant player in the sunglass business. Thus, the existence of Serengeti Sunglasses.

Eyewear Journey

The journey of Serengeti sunglasses is not that good, with its slightly priced sunglasses because of its premium lenses, substantial losses occurred in its first year, and Corning decided to close the new venture. However, Zaki Mustafa urges the senior management to reconsider. With the changes that Mustafa made, the profit margin and sales increased for the next few years.

With the acquisition of Serengeti Sunglasses line by Bushnell Corporation in 2000, Serengeti continues to evolve with the application of advanced technology in providing premium and quality sunglasses, resulting in the acknowledgment of today’s opticians that Serengeti is one of the best in the world.

How much is the price of Serengeti Sunglasses?

Average price ranges from 120-150 USD based on the shop for Serengeti Sports Sunglasses.

Serengeti Sunglasses Frame Technologies

Many companies sell sunglasses but somehow only offer limited benefits. Serengeti Sunglasses not only provides you comfort and style but also gives you a clearer and high-definition vision thanks to its Photochromic technology. Not only that, you’ll get to personally choose lenses that can adapt to your daily activities and frames suited for your needs.

1. Signature Hinge

The most innovative hinge by Serengeti features an intricate method of craftsmanship called lost-wax casting, also used in the making of art and fine jewelry. The Signature hinge is crafted beautifully out of copper beryllium with screws engineered to make it stable and secure.

2. Wire-Flex

Wire-Flex bends with the contours of your face making it comfortable and genuinely customized for you. With a durable blend of silver, stainless steel and nickel resulting in a flexible and robust frame.

3. Foldable Design

The Serengeti classic frames when folded remain perfect. The mechanism lets the frames be perfectly integrated and invisible to let you surprise anyone while you are storing it.

Are Serengeti Sunglasses Worth It?

Serengeti Sunglasses is worth it for you are not paying not because of the brand nor the style, but because of what it can do for you. You can check out more of their frames and find the perfect fit of Serengeti Sunglasses for you.

Author : Sagi Shiffer
Author : Sagi Shiffer

"People shop for eyewear to make them look fashionable. But they are unaware that having polarized lenses can protect your eyes and look stylish at the same time. At Sunglassky, we aim to provide information about the best brands of sunglasses and glasses to buy from Amazon store."

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