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Sporty, Chic, Stylish, and Unique Sunglasses by Sheriff and Cherry Sunglasses. You never have to wait for summertime or any season to wear your cool and eye-catching sunglasses. Sheriff and Cherry’s colorful and chic retro sunglasses complement any fashion or lifestyle. Who says you can’t be stylish while having fun? In Sheriff and Cherry sunglass collections, you’ll find the most creative and unique eyewear that you’ll surely love.

Review On Sheriff And Cherry Sunglasses

Applying a modern twist to the vintage silhouette with vivid and colorful designs, Sheriff and Cherry became popular for their retro-inspired high-impact frames. Their products, which are available anywhere in the world, are all well-made using high-quality materials and organic lenses that have 400 UV protection.

List of Sheriff and Cherry Sunglasses

Sheriff and Cherry Sunglasses inspired collections are something you don’t want to miss out on. Their special handcrafted sunglasses will give you something to wear for every season that is both unique and affordable.

1. Biarritz

Inspired by the most iconic holiday destination, this collection’s design revolves around oversized glasses featuring UV 400 lenses. These hand-crafted glasses, made in Italy, are a perfect accessory for the summer. You’ll absolutely love these oversized acetate oval aviator frames that you can wear day or night.

2. Gozo

Sheriff and Cherry revamped their classic retro design by combining acetate, metallic rims, and metal temples. This stylish collection is both old-school and fun. It’s available in Red, Cream and black frames, suitable for a fun day out in the sun.

3. Miami Beach

This collection highlights bright neon lights and colorful lines of Miami Beach’s Art Deco District. With angular-cut frames and a combination of layered acetate and metal rims. Their distinctive shape and design make them stunning eyewear.

4. Patmos

These panto shaped round sunglasses are simply the most spectacular gear for the holiday season. It took its inspiration from the island of Patmos whose famous for their mythology. This collection has some of their most colorful frames such as a combination of green and pink, red and turtle, and black and blue.

5. Newport

With Rhode Island’s tennis courts, golf courses, and history in mind, Sheriff and Cherry mixed up their classic retro frames with a futuristic vibe. These handcrafted pairs have UV 400 lenses designed with a smaller fit bringing both the past and future into it.

6. Rio

Working with Sheriff and Cherry’s signature silhouette and updating it with a monochromatic design, this collection takes cues from the birds of paradise in Rio. But, these square shaped stainless steel framed sunglasses come with a matching UV 400 lenses. It’s both classic, modern, and trendy. So, choose from 5 different colors of blue, black, red, green, and yellow.

7. St. Barts

This collection is a playful combination of Swedish and French influence. These oversized round metal and acetate frames give a chic, elegant, and fun look for the summer. But, it comes in four color variants that can match your style.

8. St. Tropez

If you are looking for something more glamorous, then the St. Tropez collection might be your style. With a pair of slim aviator acetate frames in the shiny finish combined with UV 400 lenses. Also, these sunglasses will make you feel as gorgeous as Brigitte Bardot.

9. Ibiza

Party in Europe’s most popular destination with these glasses. The Ibiza rocks a square-cut mirrored tubular UV 400 lens with stainless steel arms. But, this heat turning design will surely make you the life of the party.

10. Stromboli

A collection named after an island in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Sheriff and Cherry took their classic retro-inspired frames and updated it with straight angular lines. It gives these glasses a hot and new look. So, this eyewear uses a mix of metal and acetate materials.

How Sheriff And Cherry Started?

Sheriff & Cherry, founded by Mauro Massarotto in 2004, was initially a creative agency before it became the sunglass brand that everyone recognizes today. The name’s character was there from the very beginning, with their retro, playful, and colorful designs.

They were able to establish a reputation as a company who’s positive attitude never falters in spite of anything that comes in their way. As a creative director, Mauro successfully dealt with major design projects like the global revival of the sportswear brand Ellesse Heritage and the rebranding of Borovo’s Startas. The company began to shift its focus on eyewear in 2010.

Everyday Eyewear

So, after an old optical factory in Croatia, which was still operating since 1948, captured their interest.  It was, at that time, still manufacturing eyewear for local residents even after all those years in business. Inspired by their classic design and vintage allure, they were able to create an eye-catching design that stood out from the rest.

Where to buy Sheriff and Cherry Sunglasses?

Products from Sheriff and Cherry sunglasses are available worldwide through their website. But, you’ll need to register to get an account from their official website before you can place an order.

How is the Price of Sheriff and Cherry Sunglasses?

So, the prices depend on the collection. Cost ranging from €160 to €249 plus shipping. Acceptable payment method for purchasing their sunglasses from their online store is through PayPal.

What is Sheriff and Cherry Sunglasses Replacement & Return Warranty Policy?

Registered customers are given 14 days or 2 weeks from the date of delivery to file a complaint regarding the product they have received. But, you can request for a return or replacement of items through their website and using your account. Consequently, Sheriff and Cherry can issue a refund or send you a new product as a replacement within 30 days.

Are Sheriff And Cherry Sunglasses Worth It?

So, the Sheriff and Cherry Sunglasses collection is really a stand out even amongst luxurious brands. Also, these special glasses are handcrafted in Italy using high-quality materials. But, their modern-retro eyewear with colorful frames brings something unique and playful to your style, at an affordable price. Hence, it is an accessory that you’d want to wear wherever you go.

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