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    Stussy is an iconic brand back from 80s decade. Grab one of their Stussy Sunglasses collection and rock that rebellious streetwear style!

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    Stussy Logo

    Review on Stussy Sunglasses

    Stussy is one of the world’s most influential and most recognized brand as if it was there from the beginning of time. The fact that it is now celebrating its 39th year serving the people with its iconic style, plus the original hand-drawn logo that looks so timely and current.

    The products Stussy offer reaches from clothes to accessories, like hats, underwears, and sunglasses. All of these iconic products are from international group of skaters, DJs, musicians, and artists, inspiration that has an exemplary taste! The brand has retained its style and originality throughout the years.

    Stussy Sunglass Collection

    Selection of Stussy Sunglasses Frames

    We all know that our sunglasses block the harmful sun rays, and it does not hurt to have a pair of sunglasses for the sake of your eye’s health. Well, of course, we want to have our eyes protected in style, don’t we? Every Stussy makes stylish sunglasses that make you look dreamy.

    Featuring Stussy Sun Buddies

    Stussy Sun Buddies

    Stussy’s Sun Buddies Left Eye is one of the official Fall and Winter offers of 2018. It is a collaboration of Stussy and Sun Buddies that features a translucent yellow hue that surrounds the wire frame. It surely gives you the 90’s look. Your personality will surely reflect on the ultimate design of the sunglasses paired with lenses from Carl Zeiss to match the color of the frame.

    Stussy Sunglasses Angelo

    The Stussy Angelo sunglasses is one of the premium Eyegear Family collection of Stussy. Materials are from mineral glass lenses. Which is quite amazing that it is still on the market at an affordable price. Why is this impressive?

    Stussy Sunglasses Angelo

    But, because most of the premium glasses materials are Acetate. So, Acetate gives a dreamy look with its strong and lightweight quality. Do you know what’s more impressive with this Stussy sunglasses? The production is with high-quality Acetate that is polish and hand-buff.

    Stussy Romeo

    Stussy Romeo

    This sunglasses features an acetate material too. Also, it comes with a metal frame that brings out thal classic look from the 70s.

    Stussy Luigi Sunglasses

    Stussy Luigi Sunglasses

    The frame type Luigi sunglasses are from high-quality materials and has a unique style that makes it a winning combination.

    Stussy Sunglasses Norton

    Stussy Sunglasses Norton

    These sunglasses have a unisex fit profile, you can perfectly buy a Stussy sunglasses for your loved ones without worrying!

    Stussy Sunglasses Luca

    Stussy Sunglasses Luca

    The design is an inspiration from both classy gold brown and aviator look frame. There are two types of frames available for Stussy Luca. Brown Earthy Tortoise and the Matte Black frame color. Choose the best style to match your outfit.

    The Sunglass Products Specification Features
    • Provides 100% protection from the harmful UV rays
    • Have anti-reflective coat to prevent disturbing glares
    • Matched with Mineral Glasses lenses
    • Optical grade Acetate
    • Equipped with 5-barrel hinge and wire core temples
    Other products offers

    Aside from the sunglasses being the crowd’s favorite, Stussy offers:

    • Tees
    • Shirts
    • Hoodies and sweater
    • Jackets
    • Shorts
    • Pants
    • Bags
    • Hats and beanies
    • Socks and Underwear

    These products are offered to the people with an original design through its inspiration from the hip hop culture and surf culture. You will never go out of style with classic craftsmanship!

    Price Range

    How much are Stussy Sunglasses

    The sunglasses of Stussy are offered at a reasonable price, price range from $125 to $185! Stussy ensures that you will have the style and the quality for your rebellious look.

    Online Store Return Policy

    You have to take note that Stussy will not accept returns for their product that are not purchased from their online store. If you wish to have a refund, you can send back your item. It should be unused and with its original tags attached.

    However, they do not allow an exchange of products. You cannot request a different size, style, or color if you have already purchased a product.

    Why choose and buy Stussy Sunglasses?

    Well, the fact that Stussy is a well-respected and independent brand around the globe says something. The Stussy sunglasses is the interpretation of classic vintage and modern shapes that were offered during their first Stussy eyewear collection back in the late 80s.

    All of their sunglasses were made in tough and high-quality equipment. The five-barrel hinges and wire core temples undoubtedly increase the strength and gives an opportunity for the users to customize the fit and use it comfortably. Moreover, their lenses can protect your eyes against the harmful UV rays. You do not also have to worry about glares, it has an anti-reflective coat.

    We all know by now that we should choose Stussy Sunglasses, aside from it is an iconic brand, it is made with the finest materials and stylish craftsmanship!