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The brand of Switch Vision Sunglasses. Born out of eight decades of eyewear design and innovation from Liberty Sport, Glasses are usually made with glass or hard plastic lenses mounted in a frame. There are different lenses that should be used in different settings and activities.

When you live an active lifestyle, buying all types could cost a lot and cause inconvenience. Switch Vision Sunglasses were made to cater to all those needs with magnetic lenses. One frame could already fit different types of lenses according to the activity you will be doing.

Review On Switch Vision Sunglasses

With the help of their parent company, Liberty Sport, Switch Vision sunglasses has created a magnetic interchange lens technology. Engineers and the product design team created lenses with magnets inserted directly into them. The powerful magnets snap the lenses into place. You can easily switch lenses in under a minute.

An advantage of choice to save time and money. The lenses they make protect your eyes from the sun and glare. Switch Vision Sunglasses also have lenses designed for shady areas. Worry less because the lenses are shatterproof, scratch-resistant, smudge-resistant and it also repels water.

List of Switch Vision Sunglasses Collection

There are three types of frames to choose from Switch Vision Sunglasses. Which are full rim, semi-rim and rimless? Switch also made a frame specifically designed for women called the Arya frame. It is continuously undergoing improvement. They are looking to place adjustable nose pads for extra comfort and so that air would pass freely through the glasses. There are several frames to choose from.

1. Sports Sunglasses

There are also specialty lenses for golf/tennis, drivers (also known as low light rose amber), ski low-light, trail, speed, and sun readers. Trail lenses allow lots of light to pass and block ultraviolet rays. This increases the contrast of colors in the environment.

2. Switch Avalanche Slide

The low light rose amber is used when driving as it also increases the contrasts to determine hazards on the road. Drivers lenses can be worn during cloudy days. A slight green tint can be seen when using gold and tennis lenses. Ski lenses can be used when shooting to better see the target. Prescription lenses can also be attached and customized to fit the frame.

Lenses And Colors Of Switch Vision Sunglasses

Also, there are different colors and designs to fit your taste out of Switch Vision Sunglasses. We have a guide to help you with choosing which colored lens is good for you. Now on the kinds of lenses namely; Sun, Polarized and Shade. Sun lens filters out bright light. A polarized lens eliminates glare and reflection when swimming or other water sports. Shade lens adds brightness to low lit areas.

What is Included with Switch Vision Sunglasses Order?

When you buy Switch Vision Sunglasses products, it all comes in a kit. The items found in the kit are one frame of choice, multi pairs of lenses (low light rose amber, golf, and tennis, ski), two magnetic lens pods, a microfiber pouch, and a hard-shell case. The pods that store the lenses are plastic and lightweight. They also have magnets in them. They can be easily broken when stepped on but it does not break when sat on. In the case of broken pods, Switch will replace them free of charge.

Are Switch Vision Sunglasses Worth It?

When you start using glasses tailored to your needs, you would wonder how you lived a life without them. Switch Vision lets them power your needs. Their variety of lenses allows the customer to fit the sunglasses based on their needs. Their experience in the optical industry should give them credibility for their crafts.

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