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    Providing a go-to, classic is what Taylor Morris Sunglasses is all about. While, specs today are stylish, posh, and cool, it also serves a good purpose of protecting someone’s eyes and direct rays of the sun. Elegant sunglasses that is best for both male or female.

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    Review on Taylor Morris Sunglasses

    Choosing the best specs today is essential not just to protect your eyes, but also to keep up with fashion. Taylor Morris Sunglasses gives fashionable look to your lifestyle. Sunglasses is known to put a person in a specific class – thus, makes it easy for him/her to strut a piece and flaunt outside in style.

    Taylor Morris eyewear is handcrafted and assures a well-thought classic design that makes its leverage from other competitors in the field. The brand manufactures their own acetate to create a piece that is timely, of quality, and classic.

    How the company began

    Taylor Morris started all the way from the year 2009 with the idea of designing a tinted specs collection. The brand believes that there a product should be in detail with subtle branding and intricacy to work will give its place in the market.

    The owners – Charlie and Hugo – strive to innovate and improve on their work daily through their endearing passion for eyewear. The designer sunglasses denote elegance, superior quality product, and classic pieces infused with a modern twist.

    Taylor Morris Sunglasses

    Selection for Taylor Morris Sunglasses

    Taylor Morris eyewear pieces are designer-level and made in the highest quality acetate. It caters to different frame preferences such as the ones from the brand’s winter collection:

    George Arthur

    George Arthur sunglasses is part of Talyor Morris winter collection that comes in a brown and matte rose shell. These mirrored tinted specs are made from the finest Italian acetate that is made suitable for both women and men. It is inspired by the luxurious pink sunsets in the British countryside.

    Taylor Morris George Arthur

    Its mirror lens interiors have an antireflective coating. It also prides itself with its gold metal work. Both men and women can enjoy this sophisticated piece that brings vibrancy to the face.


    Raleigh is a nice eyewear piece that has square frames made from the finest Italian acetate and has a polarized with colors of the classic 1950’s vintage specs.

    Taylor Morris George Arthur

    This model is best for individuals round, heart, or triangular face shapes. Its silver detailing also made it special.


    Zero is a Mazzucchelli handmade eyewear with matte finish vintage Havana acetate frame for men and women. Its relatively round frame house lenses that are anti-reflective. It is best for your corporate look and winter fashion style.

    Taylor Morris Raleigh

    Moreover, it is lightweight, comfortable to use because of its titanium nose pads. Indeed, one of the most impressive pieces from their collection.


    Rollrights are reflective tint specs that are a combination of classic and modern designs inspired by the landscape of British country. It is one of the most common varieties in Taylor Morris’ line of the collection because it is suitable for any face shape and apt for any outfit or fashion style.

    Taylor Morris Rollright

    This eyewear is also construct from a premium-grade Italian acetate that comes in forest tortoiseshell in color. Rollrights also have an antique silver metal brow bar for accent and detailing.

    Shipping Information and Policy

    Taylor Morris is based in the United Kingdom (UK) and offers next-day delivery to nearby areas. The brand also ships worldwide so that you can order anywhere you are in the globe. Payment outlets are convenient too because you can use Visa and Mastercard as the very least and PayPal, AMEX, and UCB for others.

    For any dispute in payment made by a customer, the brand advises to contact them immediately to expedite and see what they can do and the cause of the problem. Unnecessary charges will be in shoulder by the brand if proven at fault.

    TM Sunglasses packaging gift box

    No need to worry in case you have encountered such online. While it happens at some point, Taylor Morris assures that they are on top of every situation or issue regarding their products and especially customers’ payment. If you encounter such problems, you may email the brand directly, and a customer representative is prompt to assist you.

    Price Range for Products

    How much are Taylor Morris Sunglasses?

    Products prices are displayed on the website depending on your country’s currency. All eyewear cost around $240 to $350 per piece. Special promotions and other revenue campaigns can alter the price of the eyewear and can be offered lower than the current. Taylor Morris Price cost

    All prices are in sync based on your current country of origin.

    Return Policy for Taylor Morris Sunglasses

    If you have found damages, incorrect items, or other issues about the product, you can return it to Taylor Morris’ headquarters. Once products are inspect to have defects. A full refund will be grant to you or an entire exchange of the same product you have purchase from the site.

    Reasons to buy Taylor Morris Sunglasses

    The brand also offers products that are indeed its superior quality and handmade that creates a character in every piece. Taylor Morris Sunglasses gives life to classic and elegant eyewear pieces that take us to vintage times. Aside from the aesthetics, With all these accents to the product, offering at a reasonable price the market can enjoy and consider.

    Moreover, it gives a sophisticated touch to anyone who wears it. They duly unisex pieces can help them tap a bigger market. The availability of Taylor Morris Sunglasses worldwide. Also, provides its leverage against other competitors. The brand’s impressive output, compelling customer service, and quality materials use are engaging in the world market.