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Wear Vonzipper Sunglasses when the sun and outdoor lights burden you with glare and haze. You fight back with a good pair of polarized eyewear like Vonzipper Goggles, especially during winter. But, what you may not know is that there is much more danger out there for your eyes. Wherein, even the strongest pair of polarized sunglasses cannot protect you from. That thing is called HEV light, which can seriously damage those clear eyes of yours.

Lucky for us, not only do Vonzipper have great polarized sunglasses. But, also each pair of their sunglasses, goggles, and eyewear is patented with WildLife Lens Technology. This is one of the technologies in the market that blocks 99.9% of HEV light rays. While providing superior clarity with an added benefit of a visual energy boost. Thus, allowing you to be as wild as you want without any hesitation of slowing you down!

Review on Vonzipper Sunglasses

Brand of Vonzipper Sunglasses is about lifestyle and personality. The mission of the brand and company is to develop, design and deliver premium eyewear, goggles, soft goods and accessories to the alternative mindset. This is done through the dedication of the subculture and a commitment to its customers. Everything they do is a reflection of relationships; from employees and team riders to their retailers. And most importantly, their customers. They want to bring smiles to faces and touch people with positive declarations of rebellion.

Vonzipper Sunglasses is a California based eyewear and accessories manufacturer. The brand was founded in the year of 2000 in a modest San Clemente warehouse. VZ began within a group of friends who shared mutual advocacy to freedom and the do-it-yourself mentality. Today, which is over a decade later. VonZipper exists to spread that concept through innovative design, supreme style, and strict attention to the details.

List of Vonzipper Sunglasses And Eyewear Collection

The company provides a vast selection of products. Vonzipper offers collections from Sunglasses, Snow Goggles, RX Optical Glasses, Riders Motocross Goggles, Softgoods Accessories up to Clothing Apparel.

1. Sunglasses

Vonzipper Sunglasses are great for outdoors, especially for beachside activities. The price ranges from $100 to $200 US dollars apiece. They have an interestingly unique shape of frames that would match your taste and style.

2. Snow Goggles

The brand offers a great selection of Snow Goggles aside from Vonzipper Sunglasses. Which have different colors to choose from? Simple up to exquisite design with price cost ranging from $80 to $100 US dollars per pair. Perfect for winter season getaway.

3. RX Optical Glasses

The prescription RX optical glasses are almost similar in design but vary in colors and bit of shape. The price ranges from $90 to $180 per eyewear. Thus, it will help you maintain a healthy clear vision.

4. Motocross Goggles

For riders, a pair of Vonzipper Goggles are a must-have. You will definitely enjoy shopping from their wide collection of Motocross Goggles. The price ranges from $60 to $250 US dollars depending on the design, lens, frame, and materials.

5. Goods Accessories

Apart from their eyewear products, the company offers soft goods accessories, like stickers and glasses cases. The materials used for the cases is Neoprene. The price cost range is within $10 to $20, which is affordable for most of their accessories.

6. Clothing Apparel

Additionally, apart from Vonzipper Sunglasses if you are looking for Clothing Apparel. The brand offers t-shirts, jackets, duffel bags, backpacks, and caps. All within the price cost ranging from $12 to $40 US dollars. So, if you are a Vonzipper fan, it is worth collecting these items.

How Long is Vonzipper Sunglasses Shipping And Delivery?

The process of shipping after any order will be sent out the following day or the next day after depending on the queue. While the delivery takes within a week for US residents. However, for international clients, they would need to contact their respective retailers or distributors.

What is Vonzipper Sunglasses Refund, Return, & Warranty Policy?

If you decide to return the product, you can request a refund. For as long as the item is unused and no damage. The claim is within 7-10 days from the day of receipt. The return fee of $5.95 will be deducted from your refund claim. It may take 2-4 business days to reflect on your account. Warranty is covered for a lifetime but these exclude products purchased outside of the US. Wherein, it depends on the policy of the international, retailer or distributor.

Get Vonzipper Sunglasses Stickers

For US residents, you can request stickers that take 4-6 weeks to be delivered right in front of your doorsteps. Unfortunately, the stickers are not yet available for international delivery.

What Is Wild WildLife Lens Technology?

Just like life, that big hydrogen fireball in the sky known as the sun will throw a lot of things at you, some awesome… some not so awesome. The worst of those things is called HEV light or high-energy visible light. It can affect the long-term health of your eyes and cause things like age-related macular degeneration to sound scary sounding, we know.

What Are HEV Light Rays?

High Energy Visible rays or HEV light, also known as blue light. It consists of high-frequency light waves harmful to the eyes. The light spectrum consists of many different colored light waves, all with different frequencies. All of these light spectra naturally enter your eyes all at once. So, without any consistency or pattern, it could be too much for your eyes to handle. Many things may contribute to this inconsistency.

Factors such as changing weather, reflective surfaces and movement of things in your line of vision. Thus, making it almost impossible to see the real color definition. The WildLife Lens Technology adjusts to these intrusive factors by cutting out the reflective light waves. By, allowing light to enter your eyes evenly and consistently. Vonzipper Sunglasses also have an infused pigment into their lens that focuses on the specific colored light waves. Additionally, that enhances color perception and gives your eyes true high definition clarity.

Why Is It Important To Balance Color Lights?

The light spectrum consists of many different spectra of colored light waves. But, all with varying frequencies. All of these light waves naturally enter your eyes all at the same time. This process takes place without any consistency or pattern. Many things result from this inconsistency. Things such as changing weather, reflective surface objects and movement of things in your line of sight. Which makes it almost impossible to see the real color high definition

Vonzipper Sunglasses WildLife Lens technology adjusts to these intrusive factors by cutting out the reflective light waves. Wherein it allows light to enter your eyes evenly and consistently. They have also added an infused pigment into their lens for every Vonzipper Sunglasses that focuses on the specific colored light waves. Consequently, that enhances the color perception and gives your eyes true high definition clarity.

Are Vonzipper Sunglasses Worth It?

If you are looking for more protection other than Polarized Lenses, then products like Vonzipper Sunglasses are for you. The price is worth it considering there are only a few brands that offer WildLife Lens technology. But, if you’re not into sunglasses and eyewear. You can always go for their Vonzipper Clothing Apparel collection. You might also want to check some of our brand reviews for the sunglasses company.

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