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Warby Parker

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    Go for Warby Parker, The One-Stop Shop for Stylish, Affordable Eyewear.

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    Warby Parker

    Warby Parker wants to provide everyone with glasses and sunglasses that will not only help them see better. But, bring stylish look too. Whether you are looking for prescription eyeglasses, shades, accessories, or monocles, Warby Parker is here to give you what you need.

    How the company started

    The name “Warby Parker” comes from two characters from a journal written by author Jack Kerouac. Founded in 2010 in Philadelphia by Andrew Hunt, David Gilboa, Niel Blumenthal, and Jeffrey Raider. The official corporate name of the company is JAND Inc. while Warby Parker is its trade name.

    The company’s humble beginnings all started with the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania’s Venture Initiation Program. Consequently, where it received a seed investment of $2500 and launched in February 2010. The founders started the company to “create an alternative”. Because they discovered early on that it was difficult to get a good pair of glasses that didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

    To date, the company has sold and distributed more than four million pairs of glasses. Also, has a current value of $1.2 billion.

    Review on Warby Parker

    What are Warby Parker Products

    In addition to selling eyeglasses, Warby Parker also has sunglasses, monocles and a plethora of accessories. They have also partnered with non-profit organizations like Vision Spring to make sure that every pair of glasses sold means another pair will be distributed to another person.

    Warby Parker Sunglasses and Optical Glasses Frame

    Selection for Warby Parker

    When it comes to fashionable, yet affordable eyewear and accessories. Hence, you can rely on Warby Parker to have something for you. Here is some information on the products that they sell:

    Prescription Eyeglasses

    These are the core products of the company and one of the key reasons why they are among the top online retailers of fashionable eyewear. The founders of Warby Parker know all too well how important it is for everyone to be able to see correctly and want to make it easier for all of us to get access to a pair of glasses that are friendly on the budget. Not only are their eyeglasses reasonably priced, but they look great too.

    Warby Parker Glasses

    They design every pair in-house and use nothing but premium materials when making them. The raw materials are cut into face fonts using a state-of-the-art CNC machine, where it is tumbled with wood chips and then later polished by hand using a German wax compound. The frames are then carefully assembled by hand and sent through several quality tests before they are sold. Each time you order eyeglasses from Warby Parker, a new pair will be made just for you.


    Sunglasses are a versatile piece of eyewear that can match any wardrobe that you put on for the day. Whether you’re heading out to the beach or are simply going for a relaxing drive out on the road, sunglasses can both boost your appearance and keep your eyes safe from the sun’s UV rays. Warby Parker’s sunglasses frames are made using only the finest materials such as ultra-lightweight titanium, color-rich stainless steel, and premium cellulose acetate.

    Warby Parker Sunglasses

    Premium lenses are used in the frames of Warby Parker’s sunglasses with many of them being polarized. They are also scratch resistant and are capable of blocking 100 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Warby Parker’s sunglasses come in three varieties: cellulose acetate, titanium and mixed material. Here is how the three of them differ from one another:

    Cellulose Acetate
    • Barrel hinges are sturdy and made durable with Akulon-coated screws.
    • Shapes, rich hues, and patterns are retained over time.
    • Japanese imported wood chips are used for tumbling each part.
    • Frames are hand-polished for three days with a German wax compound after getting assembled.
    • Temples are crafted using their premium cellulose acetate.
    • Adjustable nose pad provides anti-slip fit and alleviates pressure.
    • Ion plating technique provides the glasses with vividness, sturdiness, and a flawless finish.
    • Barrel hinges are made sturdier by Akulon-coated screws.
    Mixed Material  
    • The inner temple houses the signature Warby Parker emblem.
    • Barrel hinges are made sturdier by Akulon-coated screws.
    • Warby Parker’s premium cellulose acetate gets paired with durable and lightweight titanium accents or stainless steel.


    Who says the monocle is out of style? They might make you look like the guy from Monopoly, but monocles can sure help boost up one’s profile. Warby Parker’s Colonel Monocle is just the thing for those who want to engage themselves in a bit of adventure.

    Monocle Glasses

    They have collaborated with renowned artist, Craig Redman and his one-eyed friend, Darcel (also a Redman creation), to design a one-of-a-kind monocle with matching accessories to boot.


    The brand sells a few accessories, too. Their “Clean My Lenses Kit” and “Parker Case in Midnight” cost $15 each. They also have a “Parker Pouch in Blush” that sells for $20 and a “Parker Travel Case in Midnight” that costs $40.

    Clean my lenses kit

    The “Clean My Lenses Kit” does precisely what it’s meant to do and provides you with a few tools to keep your lenses clean, while the pouches and cases can be used to store your glasses whenever you don’t need them.

    Shopping Policy

    Shopping with Warby Parker is as hassle-free as it can get. They provide free shipping for all purchases made through their online store or in any Warby Parker store. They also have a 30-day free return policy. If you are unhappy with your purchase for whatever reason. Therefore,they will provide you with either an exchange or a full refund as long as the items are return within 30 days of purchase.

    WB instagram

    What’s even better is that their eyeglass lenses all come with a one-year no scratch guarantee. If your lenses gets a scratch within the first 12 months of purchase. Hence, the company will replace them for free. You won’t have to worry about your getting a waste out of your money. But, because they got your back.

    Product Price for Glasses and Sunglasses

    A big reason why so many people love to shop with Warby Parker is due to how affordable their products are. Their eyeglasses and sunglasses aren’t that expensive. So, you won’t have to worry too much about your budget spent quickly. They also have special promos and sales every once in a while, meaning you can save some money while shopping with them. Their eyeglasses are available for as low as $95 per pair.

    What makes Warby Parker unique?

    There are plenty of retailers online who sell sunglasses. Just do a quick search on Google, and you’ll be sure to find a website or two that sells them. With so many options available, you’re probably thinking why you should even bother to purchase from Warby Parker in the first place? The answer is simple: style, durability, and affordability.

    WB gift box

    Yeah, we know that there are a lot of companies that sell similar products, but not all of them can give you what you want. Not all of them can provide you with stylish and durable eyewear for an affordable price like Warby Parker can. With a 30-day return policy and only the finest materials used in the construction of their glasses, you can bet that Warby Parker has your best interest at hand.

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    Why Choose Warby Parker?

    It’s not only the affordable prices and stylish glasses that set Warby Parker apart from their competition. Their commitment to helping provide vision to those who need them the most through their “Buy a Pair, Give a Pair” campaign. Whenever you purchase a pair of glasses from them, not only will you be helping yourself look good, but you’ll also be lending a helping pair of glasses to someone who needs them the most.