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Copyright Disclaimer on Images and Videos

This page is to declare that some images or videos found under the domain of are not our property nor we claim the ownership. These images and videos must not be reproduced, modified or used for private or commercial use. Otherwise, use at your own risk. We shall be free from liability if you use them in an illegal manner.

1. Liability Release

As part of this disclaimer notice, if you own any of the materials used on this site and wish to have it removed please contact us together with your proof of ownership of the said materials. We shall comply with the removal of the said materials from our content, once your ownership has been proven. Also, if the materials were reproduced, modified or used for private or commercial use by other sites taken from this domain, we do not hold any responsibility as we strongly discourage them from doing it.

2. Purpose Of Using Copyrighted Materials

We only use these copyrighted materials such as images and videos for educational purposes. As we are a Review Blog site, our intention is just to present images as an illustration being part of our review content. The images and videos may have been edited such as resized for the purpose of page or post enhancement for loading speed. Some images may look blurred and pixelated during the compression process.

3. Filing for a Claim

If you are the copyright owner and wish to delete your material from our site, please complete the form below with all the required details filled up. We appreciate your patience on this matter. One of our team members will be in touch with you.

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