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COVID 19 Eye Symptoms of Positive Patients

Covid 19 Eye Symptoms Of Positive Patients
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    If you feel that your eyes may have the COVID 19 infection like eye symptoms. Corona Virus tests must be handled by health professionals. Having a condition like stinging your eyes, may increase the chance of coronavirus positive indicator. Research recently released by JAMA Ophthalmology found that more than 30 percent of consecutive patients with COVID-19 had eye symptoms from corona virus. They were admitted to Yichang Central People’s Hospital in Hubei Province in China. 

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    Eye Symptoms Of COVID 19 Positive Patients

    Eye Symptoms found on COVID 19 patients

    Experts from China conducted a study from a series of patients who were treated from February 9 to 15, 2020. The result is that out of the 12 patients on research with eye issues. Seven of them would have symptoms completely different from the others like Epiphora. The condition of Epiphora is an excessive tears production of our eyes.

    It basically results when either your lacrimal glands produce a larger amount of tears than the normal rate. Consequently, tear ducts are blocked by inflammation. Thus, preventing proper drainage. Out of most patients admitted for the research, the first symptom of COVID-19 is that Epiphora had been noticed. Serious cases lead to a close up of one red blood eye of a man affected by conjunctivitis. More than half of the patients had chemosis, where your conjunctiva is swollen.

    To elaborate further, your conjunctiva is the transparent lining that covers your eyeballs and the internal part of your eyelids. Normally, the conjunctiva is almost invisible. Unless you have crystal clear vision and are capable of exceedingly can see the small things. Most particularly on the very fine blood vessels that course through your conjunctiva. While, the rest of the patients had eye symptoms of hyperemia, which is an increased flow of blood going to your conjunctiva causing them to appear pinkish or red.

    Although none of the patients had experienced blurred vision. Although based on further reading it was not clear from the publication what the past history medical conditions of these patients were. A question as if they were infected with SARS before.

    Detection of COVID 19 through Eyes

    Apart from the eye findings such as ocular manifestations that are consistent with conjunctivitis condition. It is one of the alternative diagnosis of symptoms among COVID 19 positive infections among patients. Although the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) claims that it still needs further research for accurate testing. Their organization published on their website that the eye condition such as chemosis may be represented as fluid overload. Especially found in critically ill corona virus patients.

    The occurrence of fluid overload is a common condition in patients that are suffering from heart or kidney failure. It happens when these organs are not able to maintain the necessary delicate balance of fluids properly. Hence, the fluid tends to build up in different parts of the body including the eyes. Among 12 patients with ocular manifestations, only four were moderately ill. While two were heavily ill and the remaining six are in critical condition. So, eye-related symptoms could happen not to all but most of COVID 19 patients.

    Medical Research for Diagnosis on Eye Examination

    Hence, this wasn’t the first research study to document eye-related conditions for those with COVID 19. Another study published in late February of 2020 in the New England Journal of Medicine. Experts reviewed data on 1,099 patients who had laboratory-confirmed cases of corona virus from more than 500 hospitals in China. Nine of these patients had “conjunctival congestion”.

    For which it may sound a bit like a traffic jam in your eyes. However, this condition refers to some combination of the earlier-mentioned eye symptoms. Additionally, five of these recorded cases were among almost a thousand COVID 19 positive cases. Although these did not have a record of high fatality percentage.

    Then there was another research conducted published in the Journal of Medical Virology. They handled 30 patients who were hospitalized at Zhejiang University from January to February 2020. They have all diagnosed under the condition of COVID 19 pneumonia.

    For this medical research, the team conducted a test on the patient’s tears and conjunctival secretions. Out of all the 30 patients for SARS patients they found RNA in only one patient. Substantially, this same patient was the only one to have a corona virus positive case, diagnosed from conjunctivitis.

    Medical Research For Diagnosis On Eye Examination

    Conclusion for Corona Virus Update from Research

    Above all, these are not a huge number in terms of people who are COVID 19 positive from conjunctivitis eyes diagnosis. Wherein, implying that the rate of eye symptoms among corona virus patients is probably between 5 to 30 percent. Hence, the proof of findings from these medical research and studies do suggest that infection of eyes is possible. Wearing hand accessories are also good protection. Like during this winter, you could wear warmest mittens to avoid transmission.

    Therefore, with the COVID-19 outbreak which continues to spread. We should all practice protecting our eyes in addition to the mask to cover the nose and mouth. This only means wearing some eye protection like goggles or a face shield against coronavirus is a must. Especially if you are a healthcare professional, military or a frontline.

    Additionally, it’s probably a good idea to cancel unnecessary appointments for now. Unless they are absolutely urgent. Certainly, watch out for coronavirus symptoms which may occur like loss of vision, unexplained eye pain, or feeling like eyeballs falling out of your head. Still, consult your doctor over the phone or via online chat first before going. This is a preventive measure that they can prepare for your arrival if you might have the probable case for COVID 19.

    So, even if you wear contact lenses, try to wear glasses or sunglasses for now. This is to reduce the risk of you touching and contaminating your eyes. If you are awkward about how people will look at you with eyewear. Hence, you can always wear an oversized and flamboyant hat to distract them.

    Conclusion For Corona Virus Update From Research

    Summary on Eye Symptoms of Covid 19 Positive Patients

    Finally, even though fever, cough, and respiratory symptoms still seem to be the most common associated symptoms of COVID 19. Furthermore, these studies provide further evidence that symptoms can vary quite for every person quite significantly. Since we still have much to learn about the corona virus. We advise not to believe fake news.

    Especially with the presence or absence of any single specific symptom which can rule in or out COVID 19. Also, do not assert or assume that any eye symptoms and problems that you may have are signs of coronavirus. They could still be a result of common causes of eye conditions such as allergies and other types of infections. Just stay safe at the comforts of your own home for now.