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The Dangers of Driving at Night

Every driver has tactics while driving on the road. We should consider lessening the risk and The Dangers Of Driving At Night. Truckers maintain their health to keep them going and energized while delivering goods. Their driving schedule revolves around different business demands such as delivery deadlines, pick up times and other requests from a vendor, producer or logistics provider. They face potential distractions and obstacles while driving, especially at night.

Night Driving Glasses
Night Driving Glasses

Lessen the Dangers of Driving at Night

According to National Safety Council research, the possibility of a fatal vehicle crash is three times greater than any other time of the day during the night.  Here are the dangers at night that challenge every driver like you and taking precautionary measures can protect you and your family:

Top 3 reasons for Common Car Accidents

The next 3 highlights are the common reason why accidents are prone to happen especially at night. Be sure to read and avoid these habits to keep away from the Dangers of Driving at Night.

Alcohol Impairs Your Driving Ability

Parties are usually at night and drinking alcohol could be part of the celebration. Alcohol is known as a depressant. Drinking alcohol can negatively impact your driving ability because it induces fatigue and can impede your night vision. A lot of car accidents are brought by a lack of disciple and impaired driving. If you need to drive at night, be responsible and refrain from drinking liquor.

Oncoming Lights from Other Vehicles

If your car has a high-beam headlight, its visibility is restricted to approximately 500 feet compared with standard headlights that are limited to 250 feet. The gleam of lights from an approaching automobile can momentarily blind a motorist. Maintain a proper pace and observe your surroundings so that you can avoid distracting other drivers.

avoid headlight less The Dangers Of Driving At Night

Accidents for Older Drivers

Older individuals combat age-related issues attention, and rapid response. The number of older drivers involved in vehicular accidents continues to increase yearly, and one of the noteworthy facts about fatal crash rates starts at age 70. Our vision begins to fail long before we notice it as we get old. Extra safety measures are necessary.

Compared with a 20-year-old driver, a 70- the to-80-years-old person driving at night receives far less light. The aging lens in their eyes becomes less vivid resulting in light to scatter inside the eye that intensifies glare. That’s why anti-reflective eyewear is highly recommended for them to have the best night vision.

age older drivers higher The Dangers Of Driving At Night

Things That Can Be at Risk While Driving in the Dark

  • Your depth view: When you’re driving at high speed, there’s less chance to respond to something on the road. It’s hard to see things from a distance when it’s dark.
  • Your color detection: Various lights may face your way while driving, and the intensity of beams can distract you.
  • Your side vision:  Without turning your head, you could still see things all around you. As you age, your vision deteriorates, especially at night.

What You Should Do While Driving in the Dark

  • Prepare yourself for night driving and make sure that you have taken enough rest to maintain your alertness and wear night driving glasses.
  • Always ensure that the signal lights, taillights, headlights, and windows of your vehicle are clean.
  • Your headlights should still be in the proper position and are always in order.
  • Have your windshield dirt-free to avoid windshield glare at night.
  • Dim your car dashboard while driving.
  • Don’t look at nearing lights.
  • Keep your vehicle light on low beams when following other vehicles to avoid distracting them.
  • Wear the necessary eyewear with an anti-reflective feature.
  • Don’t over speed to combat limited visibility on the road.
  • Slowing down can help you to inhibit stopping time.
  • If you’re exhausted to drive, rest for a while before moving on.
  • And lastly, don’t drive when you’re drunk.

Twilight is a difficult time to drive. Consider the points described above as ensuring that you’ll reach your every destination safely is vital. If you’re equipped, you can manage to avoid complex situations.

How to Keep Away from the Dangers of Driving at Night

You can guarantee a safe and considerable journey when you wear specialized eyewear while tracking the dark road. Here are the exclusive features of Blupond night driving glasses to enhance your performance:

safety preventive measures at night
  • With a beautiful design and can fit different head shapes for maximum comfort, the night driving glasses can help you prevent drowsiness.
  • A lot of users are fond of using these polarized spectacles when they need to be in front of a computer.
  • These sharp-looking glasses have flexible and durable metal frames that can survive unexpected drops and dings.
  • It has a 100% UV400 Ultra Glare feature that provides you a clear HD night vision.
  • These blue blocker glasses can safeguard your eyes from the blue light.
  • The eyewear adjusts the contrast from bright light, white glares, and flashes and allows maximum brightness to inhibit distortion.
  • For optimal form factor, the night driving glasses are super-light with a weight of 26 grams and the available colors are black, brown, gold, and titanium.
  • These protective glasses are built to last, and they come with nose pads and rubberized support scheme for additional security for both men and women.

Simple Test to Check Your Polarized Eyewear

When you position your polarized eyeglasses in front of a computer screen (preferably with a white background), typically, you’ll see through the lenses that there’s one color. When you start to turn your lenses at a different angle, you’ll notice that the color shade becomes different compared to what you saw from the original perspective. The polarized night glasses will change the darkness of the color (from a darker shade to a lighter shade and vice versa) as you turn eyeglasses around. This is precisely the same thing that happens while you’re driving. If your glasses let you see various shades as you look from different angles, your eyewear has authentic polarized lenses.

Nighttime Drive Experience

A reminder of the Dangers of Driving at Night

You need to take extra care when you’re on the road because driving at night is more dangerous than any other time of the day. Turn your headlights on to let see your way better. In this way, it will make other drivers see you. Another critical thing to remember is to equip yourself to enhance your performance in the twilight.  

Through a plethora of high-quality products, choose the best that provides you the utmost convenience to have the best night vision glasses for driving. A comprehensive list of helpful products is available on the website for your comfort in every adventure. Lessen the prone of accidents and The Dangers of Driving at Night by using precautionary measures.

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